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Manchu Café now in Green

10/4/2012 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Manchu Café has relocated from the Belden Village area to 4195 Massillon Road in Green Plaza.
Photo courtesy of Manchu Café
GREEN — Manchu Café recently moved to Green from the Belden Village area. Now located at 4195 Massillon Road in the plaza opposite Steese Road, the 22-year-old restaurant is owned and operated by Jeffrey and Jennie Yang.

The Manchu Café serves popular Chinese cuisine, Philippine and Chinese-American dishes and bubble teas, and is open for lunch and dinner Mondays through Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“We make everything from scratch, and we can cook to suit a customer’s need,” said Jeffrey Yang. “We offer healthy choices, such as our daily special — grilled chicken with lots of vegetables and brown rice. We also have the best egg rolls.”

The menu also includes: traditional favorites such as moo goo gai pan, sesame chicken and hunan or szechuan beef. Signature dishes at Manchu Café include Malaysian chicken, island grilled pork steak and Mandarin orange and pineapple chicken.

Appetizers such as crab rangoon also are in the menu, as well as fries, shrimp chips and jumbo provolone cheese sticks. Soups, such as wonton and hot and sour, also are available. Chicken or shrimp and fries baskets are also on the menu.

Manchu Café has several vegetarian dishes and a gluten-free menu as well. Limited delivery service is available.

For a more detailed menu, visit www.manchucafe.com. The restaurant can be reached at 330-899-8889 or 330-494-5889.

Jeffrey Yang also is owner of Kong Han Kung Fu School, located at 58558 Fulton Road in Jackson. He said he takes part in national competitions, is the only Kong Han Kung Fu instructor in the country and has earned the seventh level after 39 years of continuous training in the martial art.

The school offers classes in Five Ancestors Fist, which Yang said is the old traditional form of Kung Fu started in the 1800s. Yang advised potential students to “learn from the root, not the fruit,” meaning it is better to learn from a master than a teacher.

The school can be reached at 330-353-4453. For more information about the school, visit konghankungfu.com.

Yang also teaches tai chi, qi gong, weapons and self-defense classes for women. He also offers acupressure and consultations on traditional feng shui, which he defined as Chinese metaphysics.

Yang said traditional feng shui focuses on the energy coming into the home or office and involves examining the direction the front door faces, birthdates and the influence of qi (cosmic energy), unlike new age feng shui, which focuses on color and furniture arrangement.

“Good feng shui can make you healthy and happy,” said Yang.

For more details, visit www.ifengshuiyou.com.


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