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West Side Business News & Notes

11/29/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Ohio EPA recognizes companies with environmental excellence awards

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified the first award recipients for Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3), a new program to recognize organizations committed to environmental excellence at all levels.

E3 awards those who reduce waste, improve efficiency and work continuously to improve as an environmental steward, according to Ohio EPA officials. E3 provides different recognition levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

“I am happy to recognize these companies because they are a great example of the kind of environmental ethic Ohio companies need to have, not only to bring about significant improvements to Ohio’s environment, but also to allow them to reach a new level of competency in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally.

Five companies have been recognized as Bronze Level participants in the program. Local companies receiving this recognition include:

• GOJO Industries Inc., Cuyahoga Falls. In 2011, GOJO achieved a 13 percent reduction in water usage, 20 percent reduction in hazardous waste generated, 12 percent reduction in solid waste generated, 15 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 15 percent increase in solid waste recycled, according to Ohio EPA officials. GOJO also is implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) driven by an organizational sustainability policy.

• Multibase-A Dow Corning Co., Copley. In 2011, Multibase replaced conventional fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures, including several equipped with occupancy and motion sensors. The updated lighting uses 59 percent less electricity and has reduced energy consumption by 16 percent and carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, by more than 200 tons per year, according to Ohio EPA officials. Changes save the company an estimated $40,000 per year.

Multibase also recycles 14,500 pounds of plastic, 1,900 pounds of cardboard, 2,100 pounds of plastic film and 180 pounds of office paper each month.

• Main Street Gourmet LLC, Cuyahoga Falls. Main Street Gourmet recycled nearly 80 tons of paper, plastic and metal in 2011, which reduced its solid waste generation by 50 percent, according to Ohio EPA officials. Main Street Gourmet uses proceeds from recycling to add to and improve the recycling program.

Virtually all of its organic waste, approximately 2,000 pounds per month, is composted and eventually sold as fertilizer, according to Ohio EPA officials.


Ohio’s scrap metal online registry now available

COLUMBUS — Senate Bill 193, which created a mandatory online registry for scrap metal and bulk merchandise container dealers, is now available on Ohio Homeland Security’s website at ext.dps.state.oh.us/ScrapDealer/Pages/Public/Login.aspx.

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety (DPS), the online registry aims to create an infrastructure within the industry to crack down on scrap theft, thereby protecting Ohio’s infrastructure by focusing on the end point — the dealers and recycling facilities.

In addition to the online registry, the DPS continues to offer training for both law enforcement officers and representatives from the scrap metal industry. The training provides an overview of the bill. Attendees also will receive information on how and where to register, what penalties can result for failure to comply with the revised law and ways to determine if someone might be attempting to scrap stolen property.

For additional information regarding the training dates and locations, visit homelandsecurity.ohio.gov/scrap_metal.stm.


Stephanie Kist contributed to these reports.

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