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Summit Antenna Service offering digital antenna option for TV

12/6/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Summit Antenna Service owner and operator Rick Boshara is shown at left after having installed a Metro Directional antenna for a customer.
Photo courtesy of Rick Boshara
FAIRLAWN — Summit Antenna Service offers customers an opportunity to install a new digital antenna that eliminates monthly cable or satellite TV bills, according to owner and operator Rick Boshara.

Boshara said the company installs digital antennas for a one-time installation fee. That antenna gives homeowners access to high-definition TV for free forever.

“TV is broadcast free over the air, just like radio,” said Boshara. “People once used large antennas to capture these programs, but today, these antennas are much smaller. They can grab these signals, and people can get TV for free.”

Boshara explained these antennas capture the same channels as those available to basic cable users.

“This area broadcasts about 36 channels, and all you need is the right equipment to capture them,” he added. “You won’t get the premium channels like ESPN, CNN, the History Channel or HGTV, but there are a lot of similar broadcasts available.”

Boshara said most premium cable users “watch few of the hundreds of channels available to them that they are paying for, so this makes sense.”

He said the cost for the typical antenna needed and installation is about $375. He added the antenna, which measures 35 inches long by 35 inches wide by 36 inches high, is placed so that it is pointed over a roof line in a specific direction, and installation rarely requires piercing the roof. He said the antenna can often be placed on a chimney, and installation usually takes less than one day.

“I am meticulous on the installation,” said Boshara. “I take my time and use codes to properly ground the antenna to keep lightning strikes away. I also do some things to amplify reception and tie the antenna into existing wiring. Then I tune the TV to make sure it is working property. The antenna has no moving parts, so once it is calibrated correctly, you are ready to go.”

Boshara said antenna users do not give up quality or reception.

“The picture is perfect — there is no snow because of the digital format, and you get high definition for free,” he said.

Boshara stated once the antenna is installed, users can cancel their cable service and will no longer have monthly fees for TV.

“This antenna can save people money,” said Boshara. “If you run the numbers, this makes sense. Someone with an average $70 monthly bill will see the payback within six months. Why pay for TV when you can get it for free?”

For more information about the antenna, visit www.sum mitantenna.com. To make an appointment for installation, call 330-869-9936.


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