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Family Wellness Center focused on overall health

4/18/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Michael Medgyessy, D.C.
Brandon Drabek
Photos courtesy of Family Wellness Center
RICHFIELD — The Family Wellness Center, located at 4028 Broadview Road, offers a holistic approach to health.

The practice includes Michael Medgyessy, D.C., and Brandon Drabek, a holistic health practitioner.

“We combine our talents to treat people’s problems,” said Medgyessy. “This is useful because an ailment is not usually isolated to one cause, and solutions often require a multidisciplinary approach.”

Medgyessy said the practice’s holistic approach leads them to look into stress, infections, lifestyle, spiritual views and emotions, in addition to physical problems in order to devise a health plan.

“We work to try to pinpoint where the problem is coming from,” he said. “Sometimes a lifestyle change is required to treat the whole person.”

Medgyessy said he has 35 years of experience in chiropractic care, acupressure and nutrition counseling. He also treats sports injuries, back and neck ailments and metabolic disorders.

“I also see people with chronic spinal ailments who are not getting well, chronic digestive disorders, underlying infections and addictions,” he added. “I like challenges and cases where people have had no luck to finding solutions. I look at them from a different angle and use various techniques to personalize solutions.”

Drabek said his side of the practice focuses on clinical aromatherapy using plant-derived essential oils to “remind the body how to heal itself.”

He added that he is presenting an introduction to aromatherapy session April 23 from 7 to 7:30 p.m. To attend, or to make an appointment with him, call 440-487-8125.

“I see patients of all ages and help to improve total body wellness, manage pain and inflammation, mental and physical fatigue and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress,” said Drabek.

He said his treatments could include efforts to support the immune system, incorporate relaxation techniques into a lifestyle and teach patients about mood enhancement.

“We work to help people regain balance and be healthy and happy,” said Medgyessy.

To make an appointment with Medgyessy, call 440-213-8695. For more information about the practice, visit drmichaelmedgyessy.com.


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