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Akrosteam cleans up outside and in

4/25/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Akrosteam Carpet and Hard Surface Cleaning uses a truck-mounted hot water system to clean a variety of surfaces. One of the company vans is shown.
Photo courtesy of Akrosteam Carpet and Hard Surface Cleaning
GREEN — Akrosteam Carpet and Hard Surface Cleaning offers a variety of interior and exterior cleaning services.

The 36-year-old business is located at 3592 S. Arlington Road and owned by Lee Lewis.

Sales and Marketing Manager Dave Manderine said what sets the business apart is its strict cleaning system.

“We don’t cut corners,” he said. “We adhere to industry standards to produce the best results. We also use a truck-mounted hot water system, which is much more powerful and does a much better job of cleaning than rental products.”

Interior cleaning services focus on carpets, including Oriental and area rugs, as well as upholstery, tile and grout, and stone and marble. Pet odor removal and treatment is available, as well as emergency water removal. Manderine said the business uses neutral cleaning products that are safe for all fabrics.

In addition, Manderine said fabric protection for carpet and upholstery application is available to protect against stains, everyday wear and tear and fading.

A cash and carry discount is offered for Oriental rugs, which require a different cleaning process, that are brought in for cleaning, but pickup and delivery service also is offered.

Exterior service cleaning is available for windows (inside and out), vinyl siding, roofs, concrete and gutters.

“We hand-clean the windows and do detail work afterward to prevent streaks and dry frames to eliminate drips,” he said. “The roof cleaning is aimed at the black stains, which is mold, doesn’t look nice and damages roofs.”

Manderine said cleaning gutters involves eliminating sludge found, flushing downspouts to ensure proper flow and doing minor repairs, if necessary.

Manderine stated the company’s mission is to offer each client an unmatchable service experience through quality service and communication.

“We do a reminder phone call, confirmation email and follow up afterward to make sure all went well,” said Manderine. “We want to make sure everyone is well taken care of before, during and after the work is done.”

Manderine said Akrosteam offers a 100 percent guarantee.

“If a customer is not satisfied, we come back to make sure everything is done to a customer’s satisfaction,” he said. “We also have an on-time everytime policy, and for every 15 minutes that we are late arriving, we offer $10 off the invoice.”

For more information or to make an appointment for a price quote, contact the business at 330-899-9772 or visit www.akrosteam.com.


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