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Greener Grass offering organic lawn care services

5/16/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Greener Grass, owned by Scott McHenry, offers organic lawn care services.
Photo courtesy of Greener Grass
CANTON — Greener Grass is an organic lawn care business offering a safe and eco-friendly way to create healthy lawns for commercial and residential clients in Summit and Stark counties, according to company owner Scott McHenry.

“Everyone wants to have the best-looking lawn on the block, but, more importantly, everyone wants to keep their family healthy as they enjoy the outdoors,” said McHenry. “Greener Grass is at the forefront of organic lawn care.”

McHenry stated that chemical products found in synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides have been linked to serious health issues and cause weakened plants and soil, thus creating an ongoing need for repeat application more frequently than organic lawn care topical treatments.

Instead, Greener Grass uses innovative, plant-based alternatives to synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides, with programs designed to slowly feed plants and soil with naturally derived nutrients, according to McHenry.

“Our all-natural products are applied in a responsible, consistent fashion to provide optimum growing conditions,” he said. “The nontoxic substances build healthy soils that result in lush, vibrant lawns.”

There are three lawn care programs available at Greener Grass: the basic package with six annual applications, the plus package with core aeration, and the complete package, which includes overseeding with resistance turf varieties to thicken lawns and crowd out weeds.

Other services available through Greener Grass include: liquid aeration to help water and air penetrate into the soil and root zone; organic mosquito control using natural oils to repel pests from the yard; organic weed control for landscaped beds and driveways; and organic flea and tick control for customers with pets.

McHenry said one of the benefits of an organic lawn is that it requires less maintenance to keep it looking fresh and green. Also, an organic lawn’s soil retains more moisture, so it doesn’t require as much watering, saving clients both time and money, he said. In addition, these lawns require less mowing because they grow at a slower rate and have reduced problems associated with insects and pests.

“Organic lawn care is something that few know about, but it’s a great alternative for many families on-the-go,” said McHenry. “In the long run, you are saving money and time, protecting your family and helping the environment.”

McHenry said the company offers convenient online bill paying and notification before each service appointment.

For more information or to request a quote, call 330-353-9105 or visit choosegreenergrass.com.

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