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Perfect Power Wash cleans, prevents damage

8/22/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Perfect Power Wash safely and effectively cleans concrete, as shown above, and seals it to prevent future damage. The business also cleans brick, siding, roofs, gutters and decks.
Photo courtesy of Perfect Power Wash
NORTON — Perfect Power Wash cleans residential homes, commercial buildings, gutters, roofs, decks and concrete.

The 13-year-old business, located at 3443 Summit Road, is owned by company President Michael Palubiak.

Palubiak said regular cleanings help maintain a home’s appearance, prevent damage and retain the home’s value.

Cleaning concrete driveways and sealing them also can help homeowners avoid the high cost of replacing or repairing them, he added.

“Cleaning concrete driveways regularly helps to maintain the investment of an expensive part of your home,” said Palubiak.

He explained concrete is porous, and contaminants such as oil, mold, mildew and rust, as well as water and salt in the winter, can infiltrate the driveway. In the winter, when there is freezing and thawing, damage can result, he added.

Perfect Power Wash cleans stained and dirty driveways and then adds a sealant to prevent further stains, as well as the pitting and cracking that can result from the freezing and thawing, according to Palubiak.

The process includes a fresh cleaning after removing the contaminants that cause the discoloration, and applying a penetrating sealer that prevents these contaminants from being absorbed, he added.

“We have our process down to a science,” he said. “We use a surface cleaning unit with a pressured scrubber that cleans the concrete effectively and uniformly. We apply a detergent to kill living organisms and then do a good rinse.”

Palubiak said homeowners can use the driveway one day after a cleaning, and the process should be done every two years to clean and protect concrete.

“Now is the perfect time for cleaning concrete and sealing it — just before winter — which can cause the most damage to concrete,” said Palubiak.

In addition to driveways, Perfect Power Wash also cleans concrete patios, pool decks and walkways.

Palubiak said regular cleaning also can prevent the growth of mold, mildew and dirt on vinyl and aluminum siding, wood, brick, stucco and other materials.

The business also cleans roofs using a soft wash and algaecide to eliminate the black streaks on shingles, which is a mold that actually eats shingles, according to Palubiak.

He said Perfect Power Wash uses biodegradable cleansers that safely remove contaminants that do not harm landscaping, and the cleaning process is certified by Power Washers of North America (PWNA). He added he is a board member of PWNA.

Customers can call 866-331-1410 or 330-697-0131 for a free quote over the phone.

For more information about the business, visit www.perfectpowerwash.com.


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