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Terrascape offers work on gardens, lawns

3/20/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Terrascape employees can blow mulch into gardens, as pictured at left, and do light landscaping work.
Photo courtesy of Terrascape
COPLEY — Terrascape works to improve the look of gardens and lawns for homeowners, businesses and industrial sites.

The 14-year-old business, owned by Michael Clar, is located at 1579 Schoolcraft Ave.

Clar said Terrascape uses a blower to apply fresh mulch or composted soil onto garden beds. The company also offers light landscaping and works to strengthen and improve lawns in the fall.

“Our mulch blowing system applies an even layer of mulch to garden beds, protecting delicate shrubs and plants,” said Clar. “We can do it quicker, cheaper and more effectively than someone using a wheelbarrow to spread a pile of mulch that is delivered and dumped onto a driveway. Our application also looks nicer because it is applied evenly.”

Clar said mulch conserves soil moisture and suppresses weed growth. He said laying down mulch as soon as possible is best to beat weed growth, but mulch can be applied at anytime. Clar added homeowners should apply about 2 inches of mulch every year to keep gardens looking good.

Terrascape will pick up the mulch of a customer’s choosing, and Clar said they often work with Mulch Makers in Norton, Woodland Mulch in South Akron and Earth ’n Wood, which has several locations in the area. He added that Terrascape does not subcontract the work out, and he only charges customers for the amount of mulch that is used.

“Mulch application works best when customers prepare the beds,” said Clar. “This means cleaning out old plant material, doing the edging and using a pre-emergent to prevent weed growth.”

Clar added they use a trailer-mounted machine that easily spreads mulch on hard to reach places such as embankments and hillsides. Walkways and driveways are swept clean after the mulch is applied, he added.

Terrascape also can apply composted soil to enrich plants in gardens, offers light landscaping work such as trimming bushes, putting in new beds and repairing existing landscapes in the spring and fall, and uses a vacuum to remove leaves in the fall. Clar said the leaves are composted instead of thrown into a landfill.

In addition, Terrascape will aerate lawns, blow organic topsoil onto them and overseed in the fall to improve them for the next year.

“Aeration is the best nonchemical process you can do for your lawn,” said Clar.

Aeration alleviates compacted soil and creates space for air, water and nutrients; the topsoil improves the growing medium; and overseeding encourages a healthy lawn and improves its ability to resist weeds and insect infestation, according Clar.

For more information, visit www.terrascapemulch.com or call 330-665-1540.


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