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Barbera and Sons Landscaping provides lawn care services

9/24/2015 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Jim Barbera, of Barbera and Sons Landscaping, is pictured with a core aeration device.
Photo courtesy of Barbera and Sons Landscaping

UNIONTOWN — Barbera and Sons Landscaping, located at 11345 Grand Valley Drive, offers a variety of landscaping services for residential and commercial customers in Summit, Stark and Portage counties.

The business, owned by Jim Barbera, offers general landscaping work that includes mowing, mulching and planting, as well as fall and spring cleanup. The company also will lay pavers and build retaining walls and decks.

Barbera said the business is now focused on offering core aeration, with services to be offered starting in early October.

Barbera said over time lawns become compacted from walking, playing, mowing, watering or heavy rain. This compaction reduces the air necessary for root growth, and lawns growing in hardened soils do poorly. Core aeration involves using a mechanical device that pulls out finger-size plugs from the soil, leaving 2- to 3-inch holes in the soil, which allows water, air and nutrients such as fertilizer to penetrate and encourages good root growth and a lush lawn. He added the plugs do not need to be raked up, as they will break down to provide nutrients for the grass.

“If you are serious about having a good lawn, core aeration should be done regularly,” said Barbera. “Although it can be done in the spring before grass begins to grow or just at the beginning of that cycle, fall is the best time for core aeration.”

Barbera said most lawns have varying conditions of hardness, and core aeration is done accordingly.

“We customize core aeration service for each customer and in different areas of the yard,” said Barbera.

Barbera said overseeding at the same time of core aeration can help replenish areas of thin grass.

He added core aeration should begin when temperatures are around the 70s and only in certain conditions: not when it is raining or there has been a lot of rain recently. Barbera said core aeration can be done up until temperatures drop, often as late as Thanksgiving, but before the ground freezes.

The cost for core aeration is $65 for half an acre and $100 for 1 acre, and the service takes about 45 minutes for a half-acre lawn. Customers do not need to be home for the service.

Barbera suggested customers leave a message with Pam by calling 330-605-6366 to get scheduled for the service. He added customers will be notified the week before service will take place, and a bill for the cost will be left at the door.

For questions about other lawn services, call 330-835-7496.


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