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Community News

Fairlawn to market city-owned lot for sale

10/4/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

During the Oct. 1 meeting, Fairlawn City Council unanimously approved an ordinance approving the transfer of 12,326 square feet of city-owned real estate on South Cleveland-Massillon Road to Fairlawn’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) for the purposes of economic development.

“It’s a piece of vacant land off Cleveland-Massillon Road,” said Mayor William Roth. “The city acquired it when Cleveland-Massillon was widened, right by West Market Street. This real estate will now be transferred to the CIC, and the CIC has already retained a Realtor to sell real estate and that Realtor is going to market the property. There are already two buyers that have approached the city. The Realtor — Warren Blazy with Jones, Lang, LaSalle — will market the property and obtain the best price for the city that he can. When the real estate is eventually sold, the proceeds will be placed in the CIC.”

The mayor said the potential buyers have asked they not be disclosed.

“The Realtor has agreed to a reduced fee of 3.5 percent vs. the 7 percent for marketing this,” Roth said. “He’s aware of the two potential buyers and he wants to seek more.”

Also at the meeting, Council unanimously approved an ordinance amending and/or supplementing sections 285.01 “establishment and composition” and 285.02 “records retention and disposal procedures” of the codified ordinances of the city.

“Basically, it’s updating our code to comply with the requirements of the state code,” said Law Director Ed Riegler.

A first reading was given to an ordinance “approving the editing and inclusion of certain ordinances as parts of the various component codes of the codified ordinances; providing for the adoption of new matter in the updated and revised codified ordinances; providing for the publication of such new matter; [and] repealing ordinances and resolutions in conflict therewith.”

“This is an annual ordinance we do to update our code based on changes we have made over the past year, as well as changes made by the state legislature with the state code,” Riegler said. “Basically, we did not make that many changes in our code during this period of time, but there were some substantial changes made in the traffic code by the state. This is to bring our code into compliance with the state code.”

In other business:

• Zoning, Housing and Residential Building Commissioner Chris Randles noted the Ahern’s Florist building at the corner of West Market Street and Trunko Road was demolished last week. [See related photo feature on Page 14 for more on that.]

“Construction has officially begun on the new GetGo gas station, so we’ll look forward to seeing how that progresses,” he stated.

Roth said construction on the Giant Eagle GetGo gas station was slated to begin at the end of this week.

“It will go up pretty quick,” he said. “It’s worked out really well.”

• City Engineer Nick Spagnuolo said the construction on Haverhill Road is “now complete, including the landscaping.”

He added the construction on Trunko Road also has been completed.

“The signals have been re-timed to effect that change and everything seems to be working well,” he noted.

• Roth said he is going through the 2013 budget process with the city’s department heads.

“I hope to get those before Council shortly,” he said. “Frankly, most of the budgets will have very little change because we’re trying to make it as conservative as possible.”

• Deputy Service Director Ernie Staten said he has received word from the city of Akron that hydrant flushing will begin in Fairlawn beginning Oct. 4.

• Parks and Recreation Director Laurie Beisecker said her department “will be sending out reminders to all of our community gardeners next week that the gardens will be closed Nov. 5 and all of their personal supplies need to be removed.”

• According to Randles, there will not be a Planning Commission meeting this month.

The next Fairlawn City Council meeting is set for Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Fairlawn City Hall, 3487 S. Smith Road. There will not be a Committee-of-the-Whole meeting next week.

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