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2012 General Election results rundown

11/8/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

The following is a listing of races and issues in the West Side Leader and South Side News Leader coverage area that appeared on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot. An * symbol indicates an incumbent. In contested races, the highest vote getters are bolded. In partisan races, (C) stand for Constitution, (D) for Democrat, (G) for Green, (I) for Independent, (L) for Libertarian, (R) for Republican and (S) for Socialist.
The numbers listed are unofficial results from Summit and Medina counties’ boards of election and the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

FEDERAL (Ohio results)
President and vice present

Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza (S) 2,861
Susan Daniels/Jerry Veneskey (write-in) 1
Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson 12,099
Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer (C) 7,857
Gary Johnson/James Gray (L) 47,191
Nelson Keyton/Jay Jennelle (write-in) 1
Barack Obama/Joe Biden* (D) 2,691,861
Jill Reed/Tom Cary (Write-In) 2
Platt Robertson/Scott Fall (write-in) 0
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) 2,584,620
Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (G) 17,814
Randall A. Terry/Cathy Lewis (write-in) 1
Mike Vargo/Jeff Angeletti (write-in) 3

U.S. senator
Sherrod Brown* (D) 2,640,957

Josh Mandel (R) 2,362,235
Scott Rupert 240,496

11th District congressional representative
Marcia Fudge* (D) 243,387

13th District congressional representative
Marisha Agana (R) 86,269
Tim Ryan* (D) 227,076

14th District congressional representative
Dale Virgil Blanchard (D) 127,467
David Joyce (R) 179,704
David Macko (L) 11,088
Elaine Mastromatteo (G) 12,546
Erick Donald Robinson (write-in) 0
Steven Winfield (write-in) 0
Aaron Zurbrugg (write-in) 2

16th District congressional representative
Jim Renacci* (R) 181,137

Betty Sutton* (D) 165,638

Ohio Supreme Court justice

Term commencing Jan. 1, 2013
Terrence O'Donnell* 2,715,916
Mike Skindell 1,200,971

Ohio Supreme Court justice
Term commencing Jan. 2, 2013
Robert Cupp* 1,854,924
William O'Neill 2,034,984

Ohio Supreme Court justice
Unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2014
Yvette McGee Brown* 1,697,438
Sharon Kennedy 2,275,195

State Issue No. 1
Yes 1,459,707
No 3,142,530

State Issue No. 2
Yes 1,721,466
No 2,987,853

District 28 state senator

Robert Gregory Roush (R) 39,979
Thomas Sawyer* (D) 100,310

34th District state representative
Ronya Jeanette Habash (R) 8,949
Vernon Sykes* (D) 38,351

35th District state representative
Zack Milkovich* (D) 27,033
Kevin Mitchell (R) 10,972

36th District state representative
Paul Colavecchio (D) 25,276
Anthony DeVitis* (R) 28,113

37th District state representative
Kristina Daley Roegner* (R) 31,878
Tom Schmida (D) 26,960

38th District state representative
Michael Kaplan (D) 24,587
Marilyn Slaby* (R) 29,504

Summit County executive
Frank Larson Jr. (R) 86,385
Russ Pry* (D) 146,603

Summit County prosecutor
Candace Kim Knox (R) 77,608
Sherri Bevan Walsh* (D) 159,594

Summit County clerk of courts
Daniel Horrigan* (D) 139,970
Kandi O'Connor (R) 88,888

Summit County sheriff
Steve Barry (D) 147,068
Randy Rivers (R) 83,569

Summit County fiscal officer
Ron Antal (R) 81,092
Kristen Scalise* (D) 151,244

Summit County engineer
Alan Brubaker* (D) 137,014
Bruce Robinson (R) 87,517

Summit County Council, at large
Jane Davis (R) 87,784
Sandra Kurt* (D) 132,367

Summit County Council, District 1
Nick Kostandaras Sr.* (D) 18,020
Greg Roemer (R) 13,399

Summit County Council, District 2
John Schmidt* (D) 16,817
Nancy DeLambo (R) 8,633

Summit County Council, District 3
Russ Iona (D) 13,065
Gloria Rodgers* (R) 20,041

Summit County Council, District 4
Frank Comunale* (D) 19,894
Mike Hoover (R) 7,522

Summit County Council, District 5
Tamela Lee* (D) 22,065
Lance Reed (R) 8,377

Summit County Council, District 6
Faith Bennetts (R) 8,211
Jerry Feeman* (D) 16,596

Summit County Council, District 7
Larry Ashbaugh (R) 9,164
Tim Crawford* (D) 16,149

Summit County Council, District 8
Paula Prentice* (D) 15,367
Tom Wolfe (R) 12,519

State Board of Education, District 5
Marianne Gasiecki 113,039
Rich Javorek 74,769
Bryan Williams* 139,035

State Board of Education, District 7
James Collum 86,022
Sarah Fowler 200,749
John Sans 48,085

9th District Court of Appeals judge
Clair Dickinson* 174,938
Jennifer Hensal 185,092

Summit County Pleas Court judge
Unexpired term ending Jan. 1, 2015
Kathryn Michael 82,089
Tammy O'Brien* 102,292

Summit County Pleas Court judge
Term commencing Jan. 1, 2013
Paul Gallagher* 120,458
Dave Lombardi 74,236

Summit County Pleas Court judge
Term commencing Jan. 2, 2013
John Fickes 80,262
Amy Corrigall Jones* 112,150

Summit County Pleas Court judge
Term commencing May 17, 2013
Eddie Sipplen 46,602
Thomas Teodosio* 151,961

Probate Court judge
Unexpired term to end Feb. 8, 2015
Alison McCarty 92,571
Elinore Marsh Stormer 104,211

Issue No. 3 Akron proposed charter amendment
Yes 46,945
No 26,298

Issue No. 12 Green proposed charter amendment
Mayoral terms
Yes 5,626
No 6,929

Issue No. 13 Green proposed charter amendment
Full-time mayor
Yes 9,910
No 2,415

Issue No. 14 Green proposed charter amendment
Filling City Council vacancy
Yes 9,035
No 2,803

Issue No. 15 Green proposed charter amendment
Civil Service Commission rules
Yes 5,678
No 5,630

Issue No. 16 Green proposed charter amendment
Income tax for parks and recreation
Yes 6,668
No 5,471

Issue No. 17 Green proposed charter amendment
Allow Council to correct typographical errors in charter
Yes 9,816
No 2,204

Issue No. 18 Green proposed charter amendment
Casino gaming, horseracing, scheme of chance, game of chance or gambling device shall not be allowed or operated in Green
Yes 7,388
No 5,170

Issue No. 27 Norton fire and EMS levy
For the levy 3,456
Against the levy 2,592

Issue No. 28 Norton proposed charter amendment
Change the way vacant seats on Council are filled
Yes 2,825
No 2,588

Issue No. 29 Norton proposed charter amendment
To require Council meetings to be televised
Yes 2,951
No 2,529

Issue No. 30 Norton proposed charter amendment
Revise how contracts are approved in the city
Yes 2,802
No 2,522

Issue No. 52 Peninsula Village income tax increase
For the income tax 161
Against the income tax 195

Issue No. 54 Richfield Village proposed gas aggregation
Yes 1,397
No 495

Issue No. 55 Copley police levy
For the levy 5,824
Against the levy 2,605

Issue No. 56 Coventry fire and EMS levy
For the levy 3,545
Against the levy 1,391

Issue No. 58 Richfield Township road and bridge levy
For the levy 779
Against the levy 732

Issue No. 60 Springfield police levy
For the levy 4,034
Against the levy 2,203

Issue No. 61 Akron Public Schools levy
For the levy 43,571
Against the levy 30,479

Issue No. 66 Norton City Schools levy
For the levy 3,719
Against the levy 3,244

Issue No. 70 Coventry Local Schools levy
For the levy 3,697
Against the levy 2,410

Issue No. 17 Woodridge Local Schools levy
For the levy 4,902
Against the levy 3,939

Summit County Children Services levy
For the levy 168,431

Against the levy 77,493

District 22 state senator
Larry Obhof Jr.* (R) 92,722

James Riley (D) 62,819

69th District state representative
William Batchelder* (R) 34,857

Judith Cross (D) 22,533

Medina County Common Pleas Court judge (Domestic Relations)
Mary Kovack* 55,560

Medina County commissioner
Term commencing Jan. 2, 2013
Steve Hambley* (R) 50,545
Elisa Kazek (D) 28,788

Medina County commissioner
Term commencing Jan. 3, 2013
Patricia Geissman* (R) 46,008
Mark Kolesar (D) 33,399

Medina County clerk of courts
Maryann Chandler (D) 37,194
David Wadsworth* (R) 41,786

Medina County coroner
Neil Grabenstetter* (D) 57,724

Medina County engineer
Mike Salay* (R) 59,633

Medina County prosecutor
Dean Holman* (D) 54,441

Medina County recorder

Jill Bell (D) 32,168
Colleen Swedyk* (R) 45,972

Medina County sheriff
John Detchon (D) 36,379
Tom Miller (R) 43,723

Medina County treasurer
John Burke* (R) 49,073
Joan Heller (D) 31,507

Issue No. 25 Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities levy
For the levy 53,439
Against the levy 31,684

Issue No. 16 Sharon road and bridge levy
For the levy 1,751
Against the levy 1,246

Issue No. 22 Medina City School District levy
For the levy 10,566
Against the levy 11,519

Issue No. 23 Wadsworth Library levy
For the levy 7,517
Against the levy 6,052

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