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Community News

Fairlawn service crews busy filling in potholes

3/7/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

The winter weather has created potholes throughout Fairlawn, and members of the Fairlawn Service Department are currently busy filling them up.

“The service crews are all out patching potholes throughout [the city] due to all the freezing and thawing,” said Deputy Service Director Ernie Staten during the March 4 Fairlawn City Council meeting.

He explained there are “well into the hundreds” of potholes throughout the city.

“The general cause of the potholes is freezing and thawing, which causes the pavement to lift up and down,” he said. “We generally take care of them in the wintertime with a temporary asphalt mixture. Then, in the spring, we do the permanent repairs.”

Staten said the temporary mix costs $120 per ton.

“We generally go through 5 tons per time,” he said. “We normally take two crews out for three days. They are out running the entire city, street by street. We go out and check for the immediate potholes, which are 1 foot by 3 inches deep, and then the smaller ones we do after that. The first day we’re out is when we generally do the bad ones.”

Each pothole takes approximately two minutes to repair, Staten said.

“They’re moving right down the road and filling as we go,” he said.

According to Staten, the city will move to fix the potholes in a more permanent way once the weather starts to hit “temperatures that are over 50 [degrees F] consistently.”

“At that point, we’ll start doing the repairs with hot mix asphalt,” he stated.

Also during the meeting:

  • Council heard the second reading of an ordinance that would award Fairlawn’s 2013 street repair program to Karvo Paving Co. based on a lowest qualified bid of $984,629.
    “Hopefully, Council will pass it at the next meeting (March 18) and then we will set up a preconstruction meeting for the end of the month,” said City Engineer Nick Spagnuoulo.
    In addition, Council heard the first reading of an ordinance authorizing Mayor William Roth to enter into an agreement with KCI Associates of Ohio for “construction supervision and inspection in conjunction with the 2013 street repair program” for a sum not to exceed $65,640.
  • Council unanimously approved a resolution giving the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) the authority to mow the grass on Interstate 77 that falls within the city of Fairlawn.
    “This resolution just allows ODOT to maintain the right of way on I-77 through the city limits,” Staten said. “With any city limits, they need the permission of the municipality to maintain those areas.”
  • Roth was not in attendance at the Council meeting. Roth headed to China Feb. 27 with a delegation from Summit County that includes numerous other local mayors. He is expected to return to Fairlawn March 10.
  • An ordinance establishing an annual budget for 2013 and appropriating funds for it was given a second reading by Council.
    “We are putting the finishing touches on the exhibit, and we expect to discuss it with Council at the next Committee-of-the-Whole meeting,” said Financial Analyst Jacob Kaufman.

The next Committee-of-the-Whole meeting is scheduled for March 11 at 6 p.m. in City Hall, 3487 S. Smith Road.

The next Fairlawn City Council meeting is set to take place March 18 at 6:30 p.m., also at Fairlawn City Hall.

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