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Community News

Lakemore securing new pot hole solution

4/4/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Emily Chesnic

LAKEMORE — Modern technology soon could allow for smoother travel through Lakemore Village.

At the April 1 meeting, Council approved a lease agreement for a 2002 Duraco Dura Patcher.

“The topic this spring is the condition of the roads,” said Mayor Rick Justice. “While in fiscal emergency, this is an economical way to patch them.”

He said the Dura Patcher is the most cost-effective method of road repair because it uses less expensive materials and reduces labor costs.

According to the approved agreement, the village is leasing the piece of equipment through City and County Financial Corp. for a total price of $25,000.

Justice explained the village has been considering a Dura Patcher for five years, but the cost of a new one is about $65,000, and used ones are not frequently available.

“We just happened to get a call two weeks ago that one was available for the price we could afford,” he said. “Our employees looked it over, and it is a nice machine.”

Justice said the Dura Patcher was made available to the village by Leader Machinery Co. Ltd., and village staff inspected the machine recently in Southern Ohio.

“We all are excited about the Dura Patcher,” he said. “It is a great investment.”

Council agreed the village quickly would recoup the money spent for the machine due to the significant savings on materials and labor that would result. Council members also said they are pleased the Dura Patcher is safer than other road repair methods.

“It is a sound investment and produces results you can see immediately,” Councilman Troy Bradfield said.

The village had a Dura Patcher demonstration five years ago, and those patches sprayed over several pot holes and cracks still are holding up, Justice said.

Council hopes to get the machine working on village roads later this spring, but the purchase first must be approved by the state fiscal board, which is overseeing the village’s attempt to rebound financially.

Justice said an emergency meeting with village officials and the fiscal board would take place before next week.

Additionally during the meeting, Council revised the reconnection fee for sanitary sewers. Per the legislation, the village now would require a payment of $75 in cash or money order for residential and commercial customers to reconnect, which would occur 72 hours after the fee is received.

Council also approved an agreement with Summit County Public Health to provide regulation and/or services for the monitoring of storm water pollution and enforcement of regulations prohibiting illicit discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system of the community.

Before the meeting’s close, Justice reported the village could have a study done this August at the vacant Edwin Shaw property to determine the environmental contaminates present on the site. He said the findings of the study would make the property more attractive to an end user. The cost of the study would be about $100,000, which is being covered through an Environmental Protection Agency Brownfield Grant secured by Summit County, he said.

The next regular Council meeting will take place April 15 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 1400 Main St.

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