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Green district superintendent resigns

4/25/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

District also eyeing changes to student standards, how teachers are evaluated

GREEN — Green Local Schools Superintendent Mike Nutter resigned as head of the district, effective July 31.

Nutter, 44, who was hired in 2009, submitted his resignation at the April 22 Board of Education meeting and read a letter explaining his decision at the end of the meeting.

“I am exploring private sector offers both in and out of the state of Ohio while coordinating those offers with my own consulting business,” he said. “After more than two decades in education and more than a decade as a superintendent, I am taking a different career path and leaving the field of education.”

Nutter would not elaborate on the offers.

He thanked the district on behalf of his family for “taking us in and making us feel welcome,” and said the move to the private sector was made to provide “more flexibility and more time with my family.”

He added, “As I leave education, I am not necessarily leaving Green.”

The board approved his resignation as part of the consent portion of the agenda without comment and did not discuss the effort to search for a new superintendent for the district.

At the end of the meeting, board members commended Nutter for his work during the past four years and for helping the district pass two levies.

Board member Lynn Wiggins said Nutter “made us stronger and a better district.”

Board member Mark Herdlick credited Nutter with “cleaning up the mess.”

Board member Bob Campbell acknowledged Nutter’s dedication and the district-wide changes he made.

Board President Steven Foster thanked Nutter for his leadership and “making a lot of tough decisions.”

Also at the meeting, Kimberly Brueck, director of learning and teaching, presented an overview of the district’s efforts to implement new learning standards for students and educator evaluations for teachers.

Brueck said the new standards and evaluations are being adopted to address the education system in Ohio, which was ranked 11th among the 50 states in quality, earning a C+, as well as to address higher education’s concern that students are not prepared for college-level work.

Adoption of the new more demanding learning standards in math, English language arts, science and social studies for students begins this fall. Brueck added changes mean they will study only important and useful concepts, drill deeper into each area and learn to apply the knowledge and skills. Brueck said the changes mean less memorization and more collaboration, cognitive work and problem-solving.

“We are in a good position in this district,” said Brueck. “If Green can’t do it, no one can.”

Adoption of the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System has been delayed from this fall until 2014, per the Green Education Association contract, according to Brueck.

Brueck said changes also would be made to student assessment and district report cards.

The new student assessments will use computers instead of bubble answer sheets in which students fill in a dot with a pencil, and rely less on multiple choice questions and more on students demonstrating knowledge through critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. The changes are effective this spring through next fall.

The report cards will grade schools and districts using A to F letter grades instead of ratings ranging from Academic Emergency to Excellent With Distinction. Schools and districts will be judged on student achievement, closing the gap in reading and math among demographic groups, student progress in learning, kindergarten to third grade literacy and whether students are prepared for college and careers. The changes are to be adopted in increments beginning this August through August 2016.

“We are not just changing education, we are transforming it,” Brueck said about the coming changes. “This transformation is monumental in scope.”

In other business, the board approved:

  • numerous contract renewals ranging from one to three years and continuing contracts for both certificated and classified personnel, as well as spring sports supplemental contracts;
  • an $18,000 contract with ComDoc to design and build a web-based form collection and storage solution that integrates annual record-keeping, new student registration, annual student data verification, annual student data update and annual parent consent forms; and
  • to accept $50,000 from an anonymous donor and $1,425 in tickets, food vouchers and T-shirts from Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving, both to Green Primary.

The board also recognized the following students of the month:

√ for March: Ella Marochino, from Greenwood Early Learning Center; Thomas Rooney, from Green Intermediate; and Megan Woods and Eddie Janini, from Green High School; and

√ for April: Ty Schaub, from Greenwood; Rachel Dickey, from Green Primary; Collin McClure, from Green Intermediate; Yongyee Vue, from Green Middle School; and Emily Howerton and Eric Merryman, from Green High School.

The next meeting date is scheduled to change from its original date set back in January. District officials stated they would announce the new meeting date at a later time.

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