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Community News

Trustees deny rezoning of Broadview, Boston roads intersection

6/27/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Jeff Gorman

A drugstore will not be coming to the corner of Broadview and Boston roads, as the Richfield Township Board of Trustees denied a zoning change at the June 20 meeting.

Petros Family Limited Partnership asked for the zoning change for property on the southeast corner of the intersection from R-1 (Rural Residential) to C-1 (Local Commercial).

Petros sent a letter to the trustees asking for a second 60-day extension while it looked into an alternative idea for the property. However, the trustees decided to give the neighbors closure and deny the zoning change.

Several residents appeared at the public hearing before the meeting to ask the trustees to vote against the zoning change.

Patty Dorsett, of Wakefield Run Boulevard, called the request “spot zoning” and said she doesn’t want to see “a commercial piece in the middle of a residential community.”

Phil Sipos, of Streetsboro Road, said a drugstore was not necessary at the Boston-Broadview intersection, citing there are four drugstores within 6 miles of the township offices.

“It would also add traffic, parking, signage, exterior lighting, noise and litter,” he said.

Rich Fleming, of Columbia Road, urged the trustees not to grant another 60-day postponement and to make a decision.

Before the vote, Trustee Janet Jankura said Petros’ alternative idea was “very innovative,” but the trustees said they could not discuss specifics.

The trustees joined the Zoning Commission and Summit County Planning Commission in voting no on the zoning change. Petros had made a similar attempt to change the property zoning in 1998, but the trustees also turned down that request.

“If the applicant comes back with his innovative idea, I would be more than happy to start the process over again,” said Trustee Laurie Peters Gilmore.

In other action, the trustees:

√ voted to renew the township employees’ health insurance with Medical Mutual at an increase of 4.4 percent over last year’s rates.

√ passed a resolution to join Summit County Council in declaring the month of August to be Summit Kids Month. This effort is designed to promote kindergarten readiness and health and wellness programs for children, according to township officials.
The resolution noted Ohio has the 11th-worst infant mortality rate in the country, and infant deaths in the African-American community are nearly double the rate of other populations.

In other news:

  • Larry Fulton, of the Summit County Engineer’s Office, said the county pavement program is underway and Columbia and Black roads are two candidates for inclusion in the program.
  • Zoning Inspector Laurie Pinney said she has heard Boston Road residents complaining about neighbors who use an outdoor area of their properties to run businesses.
    Two of those neighbors, Tim and Kathleen Davian, gave a set of photos to the trustees that showed trucks from Sal’s Landscaping, allegedly depicting such activities.
    “We’ve called the police three times,” said Kathleen Davian.
    Pinney said that despite the photographs and the testimony of neighbors like the Davians, such a case would not be easy to prosecute, as the property owners could assert they were using the property for an agricultural use.
    “If it ever goes to court,” Pinney said, “we would have to focus on the elements that are not agricultural.”
    Tim Davian agreed.
  • Trustee David Wyatt said the trees that could have damaged the Rising Valley Park pavilion have been removed. He also talked about the possibility of adding new playground equipment to the north end of the park.
    In the ongoing issue of the broken park gate, Wyatt said temporary speed bumps may be the answer to the problem of vehicles driving through the park too fast. They could be placed in the summer for baseball season and removed in the winter to allow plows to go through, he said.
  • Township Administrator Linda Bowmer announced the Akron Zoo is offering free admission to Richfield residents for Sept. 8-12. Tickets are available in the township office.

The trustees will not meet July 4, so the next meeting is scheduled for July 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the township offices, located behind the fire station on West Streetsboro Road.

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