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Community News

Coventry seeking grant to address flooding

7/18/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Emily Chesnic

COVENTRY — Everything was not “coming up roses” for homeowners on Buttercup and Cosmos avenues during the significant rain event July 10.

Many of the houses flooded, just as they have during past storms.

Coventry officials are hopeful the township’s drainage issues could be resolved in time, however.

Several residents were present at the July 11 Board of Trustees meeting to discuss the damage at their properties and to thank township employees for their assistance during the heavy rainfall. [See related News & Notes item on Page 1.]

In addition to Buttercup and Cosmos, Penguin Avenue also experienced flooding.

Board Chairman Dave Calderone said he personally assessed the damage around the township July 10 and took photographs to document the seriousness of the situation.

He announced the township is seeking a Community Development Block Grant to mitigate a great deal of the flooding.

If the grant application is approved, Coventry would receive about $185,000 specifically to help fund the next two phases of a flooding mitigation project for Cosmos Avenue and Killian Road, Calderone said.

He explained the grant is a 20 percent match so Coventry would have to add about $37,000 for the work.

Calderone said Cottage Grove Park may serve as a water collection site to temporarily relieve flooding until a permanent solution could be identified and put into place. He added this measure could make Killian Road safer to travel during a heavy rainstorm.

The board also discussed plans to identify an action plan to mitigate the flooding issues on Penguin Drive. Calderone said the township has been documenting the progression of the problem to help the township receive future funding for the project.

“Our goal is to completely solve these issues,” he said.

Once a plan is in place, Calderone said applications for funding would be filled out at all levels, possibly even with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Additionally during the meeting, the board discussed the negative impact garbage trucks are having on the township roads during the summer heat.

Trustee Tom Seese said tar is sticking to the tires of the garbage trucks and affecting the quality of the township’s gravel roads. He said the issue was discussed with Republic Waste. To alleviate some of the problem, garbage would be collected an hour earlier than usual during the remainder of the summer, Seese explained.

Calderone pointed out having a single hauler makes it easier for the township to address the issue. Republic Waste is more than willing to do their part to save Coventry’s roads, he said.

Also during the regular meeting, the board:

  • discussed the monitoring of speed on Portage Lakes Drive to keep motorists traveling at a safe speed;
  • accepted a heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems maintenance agreement with the Gifford Co. for $2,250 a year for the maintenance of the systems at all township buildings twice a year;
  • approved the purchase of a deckover trailer for $7,900 so the Road Department could retire a 1982 deckover trailer and obtain a safer and more efficient model; and
  • accepted several grants that would help provide the fire department with needed supplies, including personnel protective equipment for divers, firefighter uniforms, a hydraulic cutter and an inflatable boat.

The next regular Coventry trustees’ meeting is set for Aug. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 68 Portage Lakes Drive.

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