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Community News

Lakemore applies for flooding mitigation funding

7/18/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Emily Chesnic

LAKEMORE — Lakemore residents flowed into the July 15 regular meeting of Council to flood village officials with questions regarding the July 10 rainstorm.

Homes on Lakeview and Chelsea roads took on significant amounts of water during the inclement weather, and the occupants asked if something could be done to ensure a similar event does not take place in the future.

“I feel for you,” said Mayor Rick Justice. “There was lots of damage.”

He said personnel from the Fire and Public Service departments and auxiliary police responded to the scene and worked to alleviate some of the flooding. Justice further explained the trenches along Lakeview were opened after the storm and photographs were taken to document the hazardous conditions.

“People pulled together and did some good work,” he said.

According to Fire Chief Barry Saley, those who experienced flooding live along a flood plain that recently was accepted into the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s hazard mitigation plan. He is hopeful this designation eventually would provide the village with the funding needed to address the issue.

Some of the residents said they were getting tired of waiting for the necessary money to fix the problem.

Justice said money is tight, as the village continues to operate in fiscal emergency.

However, he did announce two grant applications just were sent in, and, if approved, the funding specifically would be used to mitigate flooding in the Lakeview Road area. Justice said he is confident one of the grants would come through.

“We are going to solve the problem as soon as possible,” he said.

Saley explained his crew spent the weekend assessing and documenting flood damage. However, if anyone was not reached, he or she is asked to contact the department as soon as possible so the appropriate paperwork can be filled out.

The flooding brought about even more mosquitoes in the area, Justice said. For that reason, he announced Summit County Public Health sprayed for mosquitoes July 17.

[For more on the July 10 storm, see related News & Notes item on Page 1.]

A portion of the meeting also was spent discussing unsightliness in the village. Some residents complained of high grass, hanging tree limbs and trash around numerous properties.

Council President Tammie Coontz said the village has gotten aggressive on nuisance-abatement issues and is working to clean up Lakemore as quickly as possible.

Also during the meeting, Council accepted the resignation of several members of the Fire Department and agreed to hire six new volunteer firefighters for a one-year probationary period. Saley explained some of the employees found full-time work elsewhere, but new, highly trained talent was being brought in.

Council will be on summer recess during August. The next regular Council meeting will take place Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 1400 Main St.

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