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Kaderly Foundation expanding faster than imagined

7/25/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

Shown from left are Jamie Kaderly, Rick Kaderly Jr., Clayton Miller (2013 recipient of the Richard J. Kaderly Memorial Scholarship), Jon Mitchen, Cheryl Kaderly and Michelle Anderson at the Manchester High School Academic Awards Banquet in May.
Photo courtesy of Rick Kaderly Jr.
NEW FRANKLIN — Rick Kaderly Jr., president of The Kaderly Foundation, said the charitable organization was created as a way to honor the memory of his father, the late Richard J. Kaderly. And while the foundation’s primary goals haven’t changed, the organization is expanding bigger and faster than the family imagined it could.

Kaderly described the foundation as a nonprofit organization focused on helping out the community by continuing down a path paved by his father.

“People say that he gave so much to this town, and he did. But he received just as much back from it,” Kaderly said. “Through the hugs, the handshakes, the old stories or just saying ‘hi, coach’ some 40 years later, the people of this community made his, and our, life full. He loved this area. He served on the Manchester and Portage Lakes Career Center school boards for 19 years; he was on the [New Franklin] City Council up until the day he died; and he coached here for three generations of players. So this is just our small way of saying thank you to the community that he loved so much.”

According to Kaderly, the basis for the foundation started on the day his father passed away.

“I remember him lying in front of me in the hospital, and I turned back toward my wife and said that this foundation was something that I think we should do,” he recalled. “It was devastating for us, but we thought that there was an opportunity to make something good out of a bad situation.”

Originally, Kaderly said the foundation planned to give out “one small $500 scholarship” each year.

“We thought that would be a good gesture and something that we could maintain for many years,” he said. “Before we had even given out our first scholarship, we had already raised the amount to $1,000 and added a second $1,000 scholarship. That came about, in large part, because of Mike Ankrom, a teacher at Manchester High School. I’ve never told him this, but he gave us the nudge that we needed to make this bigger by simply asking, ‘What would it take to make the scholarship $1,000?’ He wasn’t really inquiring. He was giving us the OK to take the next step out on the limb, the same way he does with his students every day. It was probably the biggest moment to date with this foundation.”

According to Kaderly, the foundation has already outgrown its 10-year goals in less than two years.

“It’s very exciting, and we owe it all to the support that we have received from the folks of this area. In 2012, we had five board members made up of immediate family. We now have 12 members who bring distinctly different aspects to the foundation,” he said. “The one thing we don’t want is to become complacent. We have plans to raise the value of the Richard J. Kaderly Memorial Scholarship. It is currently a $1,000 scholarship. We will be taking that to a $1,000, four-year scholarship ($4,000).”

However, Kaderly noted the foundation is focused on more than just scholarships.

“Most of our focus is around the kids. We have and will be donating items to the youth sports organizations in the area. The most recent donation will be a new sign marking the entrance of Lockhart Field. We donated items to Manchester Youth Football in 2012 and have allocated money to make donations to the other two levels of football that Rick Kaderly coached — high school and middle school — in the near future,” he said. “Something new for 2013 is that we formed a partnership with the New Franklin Police Department and F.O.P. We will also be partnering with them again this fall to present the D.A.R.E. program at Manchester Middle School.”

One of the most noteworthy events for the foundation is its annual golf outing. The 2013 Kaderly Classic is taking place today, July 26, at the Raintree Country Club in Green.

“We have some exciting new things planned for this year’s Kaderly Classic,” Kaderly said. “Toth Buick is going to be parking a car on [the] course for one of our proximity champions to win the use of. The D.J. Crew will be playing music and entertaining afterward. That alone really gives us the chance to almost turn this one event into two. There will be much more time after the awards to play cards, throw cornhole and enjoy the evening. There will be hole-in-one contests, prizes given away and other games available during golf to make things a bit more enjoyable.”

And building on the success of the Kaderly Classic, Kaderly said the foundation is adding a second, nongolfing annual event.

“We had so many folks that asked us to do something other than a golf outing that we just finalized plans to host another event on Feb. 15, 2014,” he said. “It will again be at Raintree Country Club with a fantastic buffet dinner, open bar and some truly remarkable live entertainment. We’ll take the same approach with this one that we take with the golf outing. It comes down to the value that the people feel they walked away with. If you don’t get your money’s worth, you won’t be back. We hope to deliver far more than their money’s worth and have gone to great lengths to make sure that if you come to our golf outing, you feel like you were treated much better than the norm.”

For more information on The Kaderly Foundation, go to www.kaderly.org.

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