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Community News

Council selects ‘tool’ for future land reutilization

9/26/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Emily Chesnic

GREEN — Green City Council now has a way to move an unutilized property toward a more effective use for the city.

At the Sept. 24 meeting, Council approved implementing procedures to facilitate effective reutilization of nonproductive land in the city.

Councilman Gerard Neugebauer (at large) said the measure simply adopts a provision in the Ohio Revised Code. He explained the procedures would allow the city to force the foreclosure of a property with delinquent taxes and then acquire it. The property then could be cleaned up and sold for a better purpose, Neugebauer said.

Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said the goal is to capture properties in foreclosure to produce more productive pieces of land in Green.

“This is a tool if the situation arises,” he said.

Council also adopted a resolution accepting the final plat and performance bond for Creekside Subdivision. Wiethe explained Creekside would be a seven-lot subdivision, complete with sidewalks, curbs and lighting, off Heckman Road. He said the subdivision would be served by sanitary sewers and private wells.

In addition, Council agreed to amend the rules of procedure to eliminate the position of president pro tem. Council President Dave France (Ward 2) said Council discussed the matter last month and agreed the position is not necessary, as the president pro tem has never been called upon to lead a meeting. The purpose of the president pro tem was to lead a meeting in the absence of both the president and vice president, he added.

Council also approved a resolution awarding a contract to H.M. Miller Construction for the Hightower Estates/Melanie-Royce Storm Water Improvements Project. The project will help remedy the flooding at the intersection of Melanie Road and Royce Avenue, as water accumulates at the bottom of the hill, said Councilman Ken Knodel (Ward 3).

In addition, Council approved an approximate $59,000 contract with Dura Mark for a 2013 paving marking project.

Also at the meeting, Council voted down a measure to narrow the unnamed, unimproved right-of-way known as Tim Drive, which abuts Berna Road. The request was made by an adjacent property owner.

Council discussed the issue during a 50-minute executive session, which also focused on pending and future litigation matters.

At the meeting of the Finance Committee, held prior to the regular meeting, Council agreed to submit the 2014 Council budget to the city Finance Department for further review. Councilman Chris Humphrey (at large) said the Council budget for 2014 is projected at $248,176. He added the 2013 budget was set at $261,980.

“I like the budget as it is presented and that it is less than last year,” said Councilman John Summerville (Ward 4).

In other business, Council heard from resident Ronald Schultz, of Cherry Wood Way, regarding his desire to see additional tennis courts added to the city in financial partnership with Green Local Schools.

Mayor Dick Norton also announced at the Sept. 24 meeting a steering committee has begun to work on the Central Park plan, which would involve community involvement in the planning stages.

In additional city news, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Steese Road Wetland was held Sept. 25, with local students, school board and Council members present.

The next regular Council meeting will take place Oct. 8, starting at 5 p.m. with committee meetings and followed by the regular meeting at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Central Administration Building, located at 1755 Town Park Blvd.

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