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Community News

Residents concerned over alleged assault rifle discharges

10/17/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Scott Kriska

Several frustrated Medina Line Road residents attended the Granger Board of Trustees meeting Oct. 14 to express their concerns about a problem in their neighborhood.

They reported a new resident in their neighborhood with a narrow property has been allegedly firing an AK-47 assault rifle at a dirt mound on his property. Residents explained this is a problem because AK-47s shoot hundreds of rounds per minute, and the bullets can very easily go through the homes and condominiums in this neighborhood.

Two of the residents also reported this resident allegedly made threats against them, their neighbors and the dogs of one of the neighbors. In addition to the concern of stray bullets, the neighbors also related the amount of noise caused by the firing of the assault rifle, often early in the morning. One resident complained he can not use his own property as he did before because of the potential hazard.

The trustees said they have found there is nothing they can do to solve this problem based on their past experiences with similar situations.

Medina County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Pries also weighed in on the issue, explaining there are strong limits on what the Sheriff’s Office can do in this case. He said residents are allowed to fire guns outside of their homes, but they should be responsible and safe when doing so. Pries said there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that bullets have traveled into neighbors’ properties.

After more discussion on the issue, Trustee Richard Pace said he plans to call the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office to find out what can be done.

In other business:

  • Residents Christine and Jeff Smith, who previously requested approval from the board to make the cul-de-sac at Brenelle Lane permanent, discussed the issue further at the meeting. Christine Smith said she believes the extension of the street is not essential to growth and planning in the township. She said a new aspect of the request recently emerged as a letter of intent to put the land into a land conservancy has been issued by the property owner.
    Pace said until the trustees know the result of the letter and until there is further research about the conservancy, nothing can be decided. He then said he would have the Medina County Department of Planning Services and the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office look at the issue further.
  • Chris Szelag, of the Medina County Auditor’s Office, announced the 15th annual Top Dog Essay Contest is open to all fourth-graders in Medina County. She said the deadline for essay submissions is Nov. 18 and further information is available at medinacountyau ditor.org.
    Szelag also reported a meeting regarding reappraisal evaluation concerns will be held Oct. 24 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Hinckley Administration Building, 1410 Ridge Road. In addition, she said residents can submit their concerns online, call the Auditor’s Office or stop by the Auditor’s Office.
  • Zoning Inspector Annie George reported there are two requests that will be addressed at the next Board of Zoning Appeals meeting — Parrish-McIntyre, requesting a larger sign for their business out of the right-of-way on Medina Road; and Crown Trophy, requesting to display a banner outside of the business.
    George asked the board if the township has any solicitation guidelines relating to a food truck that will visit the soccer field at the Granger Township Park.
    Trustee Teri Berry replied she does not believe the township made a solicitation policy on that particular situation.
  • Sexton Rita Feess reported several monuments were delivered to the township cemeteries in September and no burials or sales were made during the month.
  • Service Director Mark Novak reported the paving projects on Wilbur Road and in the Granger Township Historical Society parking lot have been completed.
    Novak also said Dan Becker, of the Medina County Engineer’s Office, will survey a ditch line on Wilbur Road and will also inspect a culvert at Remsen and State roads.
    Novak reported work on a culvert on Boneta Road will be postponed to spring of 2014, and the replacement of signs throughout the township will take place throughout the next few weeks.
  • Fire Chief Jim Paulett reported six fire calls and 25 EMS calls were taken in September. He also reported inspection of the township’s fire hydrants has been completed.
    Paulett also announced the Granger Fire Department received a $3,000 reimbursement grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety as a partial reimbursement for the department’s recent updates to heart monitors.
    He reported after the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the department’s specifications for a new EMS unit, the department will make adjustments and present the board with recommendations at the next trustees’ meeting.
    Paulett reported two Fire Department members, Allison Justice and Andrew Jones, will attend a mandatory volunteer firefighter class in November at a cost of $420 each plus the cost of books.
    The board approved a $1,207 payment to Stonewall Uniforms for uniforms for Justice and Jones, and new shoes for Paulett and firefighter James Kuruc.
    Paulett said the Fire Department’s appointment with Best Buy to repair the broken audio/video equipment has been rescheduled for today, Oct. 17.
  • Fiscal Officer Donald Baker recommended having a representative from Time Warner Cable inspect the wiring in the township’s defective Internet connection. He said he suspects there could be a problem with the software.
    Baker reminded the public Halloween trick-or-treating is scheduled for Oct. 27 from 2 to 4 p.m.
    He also announced voting on Nov. 5 will take place in the Administration Building, 3717 Ridge Road, and the Granger Fire Department, 3737 Ridge Road.

The board approved the following:

√ a resolution accepting amounts and rates from the budget committee; and

√ a resolution to appoint Burnham and Flower Insurance Group as business associates.

The next Granger Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. at the Granger Township Administration Building, 3717 Ridge Road. An Ohio Department of Transportation meeting open to the public to discuss the proposed roundabout at Granger and Ridge Roads will take place at 3:30 p.m. before the board meeting.

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