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Community News

Boston trustees discuss new sign for Township Hall

10/31/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Julia Kazar

The Boston Township Board of Trustees discussed possible new signage to be placed in front of Boston Township Hall at the meeting Oct. 23.

According to Todd Clarke, a member of the Boston Township Hall Committee, trustees have two options for the new sign. The first would be an 8-foot, 8-inch sign placed next to the lamppost in front of the building. The sign would list all the proprietors in the building on 8-inch signs, and there would be room for expansion, if needed, in the future.

“There are a few variances with this proposal, however,” Clarke said. “The first for the height of the sign, the second for there only being one support post.”

“Clarke also added that if this design is selected, there would be an extra $350 variance fee the Boston Township Hall Committee would have to pay. He said even with the variances needed, this is the design the Hall Committee recommends.”

The second design is similar to the first, although it is only 8 feet high and would have two support posts. This design, if selected, would have no variances associated with it.

Trustees said they would look over the designs and make a decision at a future meeting.

Trustee Amy Anderson also asked Clarke why there have been so many delays with other aspects of maintaining and improving the Boston Township Hall building. According to Anderson, requests have been made for several items, including new paint and light bulbs, as well as fixing toilets, replacing floor mats, trimming/removing trees and more, none of which have been addressed yet, she said.

Clarke apologized for the delay in response and said it was at least partially due to communication issues. He promised to bring all the issues to the rest of the Hall Committee as soon as possible, and bring a timeline of when the requests would be completed to the next trustees meeting.

Trustees also discussed the new address markers they had voted to purchase at the last meeting.

According to Road Superintendent Tim Tesmer, the price he originally quoted, of $600, was incorrect. The actual price for the markers is $1,600.

Tesmer proposed the township order fiberglass posts or metal posts instead of the plastic they had originally decided to use, which would cost about half as much. Neither the fiberglass nor the metal posts were available in black, the color trustees wanted.

“The markers we have now have definitely stood the test of time,” said Trustee Randy Bergdorf, referring to the fact the current markers were installed in 1999, and the township is only replacing 40. “I don’t think either of the other options would give us these kinds of results.”

Trustees unanimously voted in favor of ordering the address markers as originally planned in spite of the extra cost.

In other business, trustees:

  • decided to move forward with the process of removing vehicles and other debris from the property of resident Bobby Pruitt. Pruitt once again failed to clear his own property in the time allotted by trustees resulting in this action, according to the trustees;
  • received three different proposals from the Peninsula Police Department regarding a contract for services next year. According to Peninsula Mayor Doug Mayer, Boston has three choices if they choose to renew the contract. They can opt for the same amount of coverage currently provided, a slight increase to include coverage during “prime hours” on nights and weekends, or 24-hours-a-day seven days-a-week coverage. Trustees agreed to look over the proposals and discuss them at an upcoming meeting; and
  • unanimously approved the purchase of a new electronic box that controls the spreading of salt from a township truck. The new box will cost $900.

The next regular Boston Township Board of Trustees meeting will be Nov. 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the administrative offices at Boston Township Hall, located at the corner of Main Street and Riverview Road in Peninsula.

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