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Peninsula Council sends police contract options to Boston trustees

10/31/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Ariel Hakim

During a special meeting Oct. 22, Peninsula Village Council decided on sending three different potential policing contracts to Boston Township trustees for their review.

Council members voted 4-0 to provide the options to Boston trustees, with Council members Dee Holody and Mary Booth absent.

Boston contracts with the Peninsula Police Department for police service. The current contract expires Jan. 1, 2014, said Peninsula Fiscal Officer John Stiegel.

The Boston trustees were expected to review their options for continuing with Peninsula providing police service Oct. 23.

In August, just prior to hiring Joseph Varga as full-time chief of the Peninsula Police Department and closing a four-year gap without a chief, Council passed a resolution instructing Mayor Doug Mayer to request the village’s acting chief of police ensure contractual obligations with Boston were met.

Mayer told Boston trustees a couple of days later he had only just become aware that not all shifts in Boston were being covered.

Last month, after receiving a report from Varga listing unstaffed hours in October, November and December 2012 and June and July 2013, trustees decided to withhold $6,000 in payment for police services.

According to Stiegel, the renewal options for Boston to consider are: 1) keeping the same hours as the current contract, consisting of 14 hours, five days a week and 16 hours, two days a week; 2) adding an additional 16 hours weekly; or 3) going to 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week coverage.

— By Ariel Hakim

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