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Bath trustees hear update on projects from county engineer

11/7/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Julia Kazar

During the Nov. 4 Bath Board of Trustees meeting, Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker reported on the state of several road projects that either are going on in Bath or have been completed this year, including the current resurfacing of North Cleveland-Massillon Road.

According to Bath’s website, the project includes milling of the surface and installation of new pavement starting just north of the Ghent and North Cleveland-Massillon roads intersection and extending to the Ira Road intersection. It is expected to be complete by Nov. 15.

Brubaker said he is sorry to see North Cleveland-Massillon Road in the state it is in now, and he will have it fixed as quickly as possible.

According to Brubaker, when a road is milled as Cleveland-Massillon has been, there are a few options for how to keep dust to a minimum until asphalt can be laid. A piece of fabric can be laid across the road or rocks can be packed down.

“The rocks shouldn’t be loose, however,” Brubaker said. “They should be tightly packed, not rolling all over the place hitting cars.”

Brubaker assured trustees the issue would be fixed as soon as possible, and the township would not be responsible for the cost.

Brubaker also addressed trustees’ concerns about safety issues at four intersections in the township: Bath and Hametown roads, Hametown and Granger roads, Granger and Crystal Lake roads, and Granger and Timberline Drive. Brubaker said his department was looking into what it could do to increase safety in these areas but noted with the small number of accidents at these locations, getting state funding to take care of any issues would not be possible.

According to Brubaker, Bath and Hametown has had only five accidents in the past three years, as has Hametown and Granger. Granger and Crystal Lake has had one, and Granger and Timberline has had none.

Brubaker said his department is now looking into property lines at these intersections to determine if trees and other shrubbery can be cut back or removed all together to increase visibility in these areas.

Also during the meeting, trustees unanimously approved two resolutions to remove structures in the township, one located at 2078 Glengary Road and one at 4458 Granger Road.

The resolutions stated the trustees have found these properties unsecured, unsafe, unsanitary and unfit for human occupancy, and in addition they present a potential fire hazard. The trustees will provide for the removal of the structures, and all expenses incurred by the township will become a lien against the property and collected as taxes.

“Property ownership is something that is very dear to most peoples’ hearts,” said Trustee James Nelson. “We, as trustees, take these actions extremely seriously; this is something we do with a heavy heart. But, it’s not fair to the safety and happiness of the neighbors of these properties to not take this action.”

In other business, trustees:

  • agreed to place John Paul Paxton, a part-time fire department employee, on a leave of absence, and accepted the resignation of seasonal park laborer Nicholas Critchfield.
  • accepted a quote from Cementech Inc. in the amount of $6,338 for a recycling enclosure at Herberich Elementary School; and
  • were reminded of the upcoming Bath Steeplechase event taking place Nov. 9 at noon at the Bath Nature Preserve and Bath Community Activity Center. [For more on that event, see “Unique running event in Bath set for Nov. 9” in the Oct. 31, 2013, issue or visit the archives at www.akron.com.]

The board’s next meeting is set for Nov. 18 at 4 p.m. in the trustees’ meeting room of the Bath Administration Building, 3864 W. Bath Road.

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