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Community News

Lakemore mayor commends public services employees

2/6/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Pam Lifke

LAKEMORE — Lakemore Village Mayor Rick Justice at the Feb. 3 Lakemore Council meeting commended members of the Lakemore Department of Public Services for their persistence in repairing water lines and roads damaged by this winter’s severe weather.

“We continue to have some extreme weather, and it’s been really wreaking some havoc on our water system,” Justice said. He said he wanted to commend the workers for repairing the water line breaks while keeping up with snowplowing and other duties.

The village, which is in fiscal emergency, was forced to make cuts from seven to three workers, Justice said.

“These guys have just been doing a tremendous job,” he said.

Justice said the village experienced 16 water line breaks through December and January, with some occurring outside normal working hours in subzero temperatures.

Water main breaks also were a concern of Sanitarium Road resident Mike Caprez. He appeared before Council to ask if some method of communication could be developed to inform residents when the water supply would be shut off while water line breaks are being repaired. Caprez said a recent shutoff and the subsequent water line debris damaged his tankless hot water heater. He told Council he expected tankless hot water heaters to become more common and in the future more people will be affected by the problem.

It was suggested by a representative of the Springfield Police Department that a reverse 9-1-1 message could be used to inform residents of such situations.

Justice said Council would discuss the issue in an upcoming workshop.

Harsh winter weather also has taken a toll on village roads, Justice said.

“It’s going to be tough,” he said. “We’re going to patch as best we can until we’re out of fiscal emergency.”

The Public Service Department will continue to patch major holes through the winter, he said.

Justice said the village has applied for a grant to reconstruct Sanitarium Road, a $3 million project. Justice said he hoped the village would be able to rebuild the road within two years.

In other action, Council:

  • passed a resolution allowing the village to request an advance on anticipated tax receipts from the Summit County Fiscal Office;
  • passed a resolution appointing Councilmen Tom Wolfe and Josh Timko, two members of the Fire Department, and Clarence Bittner to the Volunteer Firefighter’s Dependent’s Fund Board for 2014; and
  • passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to contract with the Summit County Public Defender’s Commission for defense of indigent persons at a cost of $160 per case for 2014.

The next regular Council meeting will take place Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building, located at 1400 Main St.

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