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Bath trustees conduct business for Revere students

4/24/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Stephanie Kist

Bath Township Fire Chief Walter Hower gives his department report at the April 22 Bath Township Board of Trustees meeting, which was conducted at Revere High School for the Advanced Placement U.S. Government class.
Photo: Stephanie Kist
The Bath Township Board of Trustees met April 22 at Revere High School for its annual meeting conducted in the presence of the Advanced Placement U.S. Government class.

The regular business of the meeting was complemented by explanations along the way for the benefit of the students. Each department head gave a brief overview of his position, his department and its functions.

At the meeting, Trustee James Nelson swore in part-time Bath Police Officer Lane Watson. The trustees also approved the hiring of several individuals for seasonal employment:

  • Leah Blachaniec, returning for a third year at $9.50 an hour, and Stephen Troike, returning for a second year at $9.25 an hour for the Service Department summer season; and
  • Nicholas Critchfield at $9.25 an hour and Anthony Kelly and Stephen Telepak at $9 an hour for part-time seasonal employment with the Parks Department.

In other legislative action, the trustees approved an amendment to the Akron-Bath-Fairlawn Joint Economic Development District (JEDD). With the approval of the resolution, Bath supports the addition of the property on which Bath Elementary School is situated into the JEDD so that it can tie into the city of Akron’s sanitary sewer. The three communities within the JEDD must approve the change before the amendment is final.

The trustees also approved a resolution honoring the Bath Grange on its 125th anniversary. The resolution notes the good work and deeds of the Grange over the decades, which continues today.

Grange members Lee Darst and Hazel Broughton, with 50- and 65-year memberships in the Grange, respectively, were present to receive the proclamation. Both told the high schools students they were 17 when they joined.

During department reports, Police Chief Michael McNeely shared 2013 crime statistics with the students, noting that most crime in Bath takes place in the Montrose area and the most likely place for a car crash in Bath is in the parking lot of Acme, where there were 28 accidents last year.

McNeely introduced School Resource Officer Eric Shaffer, who shared about his position.

“My job is to maintain a police presence on campus here at the schools,” he said, adding he also works at the Board of Education office and the bus garage. In the event of an emergency, he would be the first responder, he noted.

His presence serves the purpose of providing security and also forming a bridge between the youth of the community and the township safety forces, he said.

Once the business of the meeting was completed, about 15 minutes remained for the students to ask questions. Most were for McNeely, including how he and Shaffer knot their uniform ties so nicely.

“I’ll share a secret with you,” McNeely responded, as he removed his clip-on tie.

McNeely also fielded several serious questions from the students about heroin use and drug arrests.

After the meeting, social studies teacher Jason Milczewski explained the meeting taking place at Revere is an opportunity for his students to be exposed to local government during a class whose curriculum is primarily focused on federal government. It is also a chance to strengthen a relationship between the school and the township officials, he added.

The next Bath trustees’ meeting will take place May 5 at 7 p.m. in the Trustees Meeting Room at Bath Center, 3864 W. Bath Road.

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