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Community News

Boston officials discuss JEDD

6/5/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Julia Kazar

The Boston/Peninsula Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) was discussed at the May 28 Boston Township Board of Trustees meeting.

Trustee Jerry Ritch said he feels it’s time Boston and Peninsula have a meeting and discuss all the issues the township is having with the new JEDD and come up with solutions.

“There seems to be some major confusion here,” Ritch said, “let’s talk about it and get it resolved.”

Boston is still not receiving a detailed list of who pays the JEDD each month and how much is paid, according to Ritch, making it difficult to anticipate how much will be paid in the next month.

“[Fiscal Officer] Joanne [Noragon] gets a call that there’s a check available for $5,000; where’d it come from? Who paid and who didn’t pay? Why is it $5,000 this month and it was $7,000 last month?” Ritch said in regard to what information Boston wants to receive from Peninsula. “Those are things that I think you guys would want to know as well.”

Peninsula Mayor Doug Mayer, who is also Boston’s assistant zoning inspector, said Peninsula is waiting for the Central Collection Agency (CCA) to send the village the information as well. Although it was included in the past, it was not included for the month of May. Mayer noted this is the first time the information was not included.

Mayer also informed trustees the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is working with its employees to begin their JEDD tax payments. Mayer said employees have an option to choose whether they pay monthly, quarterly or one lump sum at the end of the year. The confusion with this, however, is that Boston doesn’t know how many employees are paying in each way, and so the township doesn’t know how much money to expect from them at any given time.

Trustee Randy Bergdorf informed trustees he received a call from a parks employee who was confused about whether she had to pay the Boston/Peninsula JEDD tax or just the Peninsula tax. Bergdorf said many people are probably trying to figure this out and once they do they will, hopefully, begin paying the new tax.

Mayer agreed to a meeting between the key people working on the JEDD in the township and the village to discuss these issues and come up with a solution. The date has not yet been set.

In other business, Zoning Inspector Larry Sulzer reported no visible change on the Bob Pruitt property and that he has had no contact with him since the last meeting. Sulzer said the Zoning Department is continuing to work with Interstate Towing on this issue.

The next regular Boston Board of Trustees meeting will be June 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the administrative offices at Boston Township Hall, located at the corner of Main Street and Riverview Road in Peninsula.

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