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Boston trustees discuss zoning violations

7/3/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Julia Kazar

Boston Township officials discussed zoning violations at the June 25 Boston Board of Trustees meeting.

For several months, Zoning Inspector Larry Sulzer has reported to the trustees that two property owners within the township have zoning violations and are not responding to his attempts to contact them to resolve the issues.

This past October, Sulzer reported speaking with the potential owner of 5649 Akron-Cleveland Road, Daniel Bridle, about zoning permits needed for the property and existing conditions that needed to be remedied, according to the minutes of the Oct. 23 trustees meeting.

After several attempts to contact Bridle and John Pagano, from whom Bridle is purchasing the property by land contract, according to the Dec. 23, 2013, meeting minutes, a notice of violation was sent to both parties in February. Sulzer reported meeting with the two parties in March and informing them they need a valid business permit and a zoning application must be filed.

In April, Sulzer reported, an incomplete business corridor application was submitted to the zoning department by Bridle, with the indication the rest of the application would be forthcoming. When no further information was submitted, Sulzer sent certified letters to both Bridle and Pagano, neither of which were accepted. At that time, trustees gave the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) permission to use a personal service courier to deliver the citations and a request for both parties to appear at the next BZA meeting.

According to Sulzer, neither Bridle nor Pagano appeared at the most recent BZA meeting June 24, and after much discussion, the board decided to approve the trustees moving forward with legal counsel on this issue.

Trustees voted 3-0 at the meeting June 25 in favor of having a certified letter sent to both parties from the trustees requesting their presence at the next trustees’ meeting to discuss and correct violations or further action would be taken. Legal Counsel Ed Pullekins said he would draft and send the letters.

The second violation discussed concerned the property of Linda Griffith and Ron Tishma, of 244 Kendall Park Road. This past November, Sulzer reported he instructed Tishma he needed to file an accessory building application for a hot tub shelter, and at the same time he realized there were two other structures on the property that did not have zoning applications, a fence and a pavilion. In January of this year, Sulzer reported that a notice of violation had been sent to Tishma for failure to obtain necessary permits, according to the minutes of the Jan. 8 trustees’ meeting.

Five months after the initial conversation between Tishma and Sulzer, at the end of April, Sulzer reported receiving applications for the fence and pavilion, pending further information, which Sulzer received June 24, but no application for the hot tub shelter was received at that time. Tishma and Griffith also were asked to attend the BZA meeting June 24 and discuss these issues, and they were present at the recent meeting, according to Sulzer.

Sulzer reported receiving an application for the hot tub shelter June 24, but it needed rewording before it could be accepted. According to Sulzer, the application stated “the proposed structure,” but the structure already exists. There was also some confusion about the size of the structure.

According to Sulzer, Griffith paid a portion of her zoning fees at the BZA meeting and will be charged the remaining balance once the fees have been calculated by the Zoning Department.

In other business:

  • Police Chief Joe Varga reported policing the stop sign at Hines Hill and Boston Mills roads. Officers wrote several tickets to violators.
  • Trustee Amy Anderson reported receiving noise complaints from residents on Main Street about music playing at the Stanford House.
    Police Chief Joe Varga said he would look into the issue.
    Anderson also said the Valley Fire District is reviewing options for repairing the road that leads to the fire station.
  • Sulzer reported no visible change at the Bob Pruitt property.

The next regular Boston Board of Trustees meeting will be July 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the administrative offices at Boston Township Hall, located at the corner of Main Street and Riverview Road in Peninsula.

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