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Copley trustees place levies on ballot

7/10/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

COPLEY — At the July 2 Copley Board of Trustees meeting, a resolution to place replacement fire/EMS and road bridge levies on the Nov. 4 General Election ballot was unanimously approved.

“We received the yield estimates for the renewals and the replacements of the fire levy and the road and bridge levy,” said Fiscal Officer Janice Marshall prior to the vote.

According to Marshall, the following yields would be expected: $1,630,057 for a replacement of the 3.3-mill fire/EMS levy; $1,622,813 for a renewal of the 3.3-mill fire/EMS levy; $1,234,892 for a replacement of the 2.5-mill road and bridge levy; and $1,229,404 for a renewal of the 2.5-mill road and bridge levy.

Marshall said the trustees had until Aug. 6 to decide which version of each levy to put on the ballot. After Council President Dale Panovich noted the trustees were not scheduled to meet again until Aug. 6, there was a discussion regarding whether the trustees should call a special meeting before that date. However, all three trustees agreed they were sufficiently prepared on the issue to vote during the July 2 meeting.

“The only thing to decide is replacement or renewal,” said Trustee Helen Humphrys. “They’re the same, basically. I will say for the record we’ve always done replacement levies, although last time we did not because it was exactly the same dollar amount, but I do believe that replacement keeps up with inflation.”

Panovich agreed the trustees should go with the replacement levies, noting “every little dollar helps.”

In other business:

  • Marshall received unanimous approval from the trustees to submit Copley’s 2015 budget proposal to the Summit County Fiscal Office.
    “It’s based on conservative estimates that carry over figures from 2014 and also conservative estimates of revenues to be received in 2015,” she said. “This budget will not include revenues received from the fire/EMS and road and bridge levies, because those levies will not have been approved by voters before July 15.”
    The county requires the township to submit the estimated budget prior to July 20, Marshall said.
  • The trustees approved the promotion of Jim Logsdon from firefighter/paramedic to chief fire inspector for the Copley Fire Department.
    Fire Chief Michael Benson said the promotion will become effective Aug. 2.
    “That will give us time to transition him from the shift he’s on to the day shift,” he said.
  • The Copley Fire Department has received a grant award of $4,250 from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Medical Services to be utilized for training and equipment.
  • Copley Police Chief Michael Mier’s request to purchase software for the mobile data terminals used in the police cruisers was unanimously approved by the trustees.
    “This software will provide for AVL, which is automatic vehicle locator,” the chief said. “With the new dispatch system, if we have this feature on the laptops in our cruisers, the dispatch center will be able to locate the cruisers on a map at all times. It enhances the officers’ safety, as well as efficiency as the dispatch center, which will be able to identify where our cruisers are as they assign them to go to calls.”
    The program’s cost for one year is $1,800, said Mier, who noted the software is already being utilized in Barberton and Norton.
  • A request for Keith Moore, Copley’s assistant fire chief, to attend the 2014 Ohio Fire & Rescue Officer Development Conference in Columbus July 25-28 was unanimously approved by the trustees.
    “The cost is estimated at about $1,400 for all the workshops, meals and lodging while he’s there,” Benson said.
  • The trustees approved an expenditure of up to $1,500 to show an outdoor movie at Copley-Fairlawn Middle School Aug. 1 in conjunction with the Copley Heritage Days celebration.
    “This is something through the police department, yet it’s a township-wide program,” said Mier. “The movie will be geared toward the children in our community, and obviously we are hoping their parents will come as well. It should be a family event.”
    The estimated cost includes a movie license, refreshments and a portable screen, Mier noted.

The Copley trustees canceled the July 16 meeting. The next will be Aug. 6 at 6 p.m. at Copley Town Hall, located at  1540 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road.

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