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Revere district seeking team coaches

1/24/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Ariel Hakim

Among several routine items on the Revere Local School District Board of Education’s agenda for the regular meeting Jan. 15, the board accepted resignations for two athletic coaches, effective immediately.

As a result, the district will be seeking new softball and volleyball coaches.

Lisa Simpson, varsity high school softball coach, resigned due to other employment obligations, according to Superintendent Randy Boroff. She will be moving on to a new position with the professional women’s softball team the Akron Racers, and district officials are moving as quickly as possible to find her replacement, he said.

The team’s junior varsity and assistant coaches will be continuing as far as he knows, he added.

Mark Uhrich is stepping down as the varsity high school volleyball coach, due to other obligations, he noted.

Athletic Director Bill Schumacher said the district is conducting interviews for head coaches for softball and volleyball, as well as for football.

Revere High School Social Studies teacher Phil Heyn served as head varsity football coach for three years before resigning in November.

On Treasurer David Forrest’s agenda, the board approved employing McGown, Markling and Whalen for investigating and filing both original tax complaints and counter tax complaints as proactive steps in defending the district’s tax base.

A transfer of $75,000 from the General Fund to the Permanent Improvement Project fund to pay for future contingencies also was approved. The primary obligation will be the replacement of turf, according to Forrest.

Additionally, the board approved a wage increase for the initial hiring rate for student workers, to comply with a statewide minimum wage increase.

Student workers will be hired in at a rate of $7.85 per hour, according to Forrest.

The board also authorized, on Forrest’s recommendation, Ohio Schools Council to advertise and receive bids for up to three conventional school bus chassis and bodies for a fee of $325. The action does not commit the board to purchase buses, he noted.

Forrest’s report also included comments on anticipated casino revenues.

“We will receive an estimated $53,000 this fiscal year from casino revenues,” which is about one-tenth of 1 percent of the district’s general operating budget, he said.

“In the context of our overall financial needs, that is a very small percentage of our general operating budget,” he noted.

The board also accepted, with appreciation, donations to the district, including $50 from Michael and Marie Parker, $50 from Jennifer Vari, $300 from Margaret Alfieri and $3,000 from Moira and Anthony Alfieri, all to be added to the Patrick Alfieri Lives Scholarship Fund, as well as various books valuing $38 to be added to the Revere High School Library collection from the Gay Straight Alliance.

In other business, board members were recognized by Boroff, as he pointed out that January is Ohio School Board Appreciation Month, with a proclamation and individual certificates of appreciation.

An in-service day for district staff is planned for Jan. 28, said Boroff. Police officers from Richfield and Bath police departments will provide safety and security training. A.L.i.C.E. (alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate) training for school intruder situations also will take place, he added.

The evening’s meeting also featured a presentation by students from Bath Elementary, demonstrating how they are incorporating the use of iPads into their lessons.

Principal Dan Fry reported a second iPad cart is now in use at the school as part of a mobile lab, courtesy of Bath PTA, and there are now 60 iPads available for students’ use.

Fifth-grade students of Kimberly Van Fossen and Julie Sterpka used the Keynote application to create presentations of nonfiction book reports on places. Van Fossen noted that though the task was optional, 80 percent of students chose to complete it.

In Sandy Kahoe’s fifth-grade class, students showed off song and skit parodies they created using iPads to promote recycling.

Fry also reported the school’s new computer lab, which was finished over winter break, is now open, providing other technological opportunities for students.

The board will meet for a special meeting Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. in the Administration Building at 3496 Everett Road and for its regular meeting Feb. 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the Revere High School Library at 3420 Everett Road.

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