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Green students shine at Flower & Garden Show

10/24/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Students entered these sunflowers in the Green PTA Garden Show.
Shown above are some of the winning entries in the herbs category of the first Green Primary and Intermediate PTA Flower and Garden Show, which took place Sept. 12 and 19.
Photos courtesy of Green Primary and Intermediate PTA
GREEN — Green Local Schools’ elementary students were able to share the fruits of summer labors during the first Green Primary and Intermediate PTA Flower & Garden Show.

The event was held Sept. 12 at Green Primary School for students in first through third grades and Sept. 19 at Green Intermediate School for students in fourth through sixth grades.

Preparations for the show began in February with students ordering seed packets from a selection of six vegetables, four flowers and two herbs, according to Green PTA Flower & Garden Show Committee Co-Chairs Beth Bauer and Eileen Santiago. The seed packets, sold at 50 cents per package through an agreement with Livingston Seed Co., included beets, carrots, gourds, corn, pumpkins and sunflowers; cleome mix, marigolds, teddy bear sunflowers and zinnia; and sweet basil and curly parsley.

“This was an introductory horticulture program for children that encouraged kids to grow plants from seed,” said Bauer. “Librarians set out books on gardening to help the children, as this is part of their science curriculum.”

The students took home the seed packets in May, along with planting tips and judging criteria for the fall show. During the summer, children planted and nurtured their seeds, and when they returned to school, they were invited to enter the results of that effort in the Garden Show.

“The excitement of accomplishment and pride on the children’s faces and listening to them tell how they planted, watered and cared for their horticulture was priceless,” said Santiago.

Students were allowed to enter plants in all categories, and the plants were judged on criteria such as appearance, size, freshness and more. According to Bauer, two Master Gardeners served as judges, and prizes of first- through fourth-place ribbons were awarded in each of the six categories in each school.

In addition, there was a creativity category where children were invited to create something from anything they grew in the summer. In that contest, children could take a cucumber, for example, and create a canoe. Among the entries in the show were an alligator pineapple, a shark zucchini, a turtle apple and cauliflower sheep, according to event organizers. All entries received a Green Thumb ribbon.

One Blue Ribbon prize and multiple second-, third- and fourth-place ribbons were awarded at this year’s event.

The Blue Ribbon winners from Green Primary included: Luke Belcher, Allison Hlad, Alexa Renner, Brycen Hosey, Luke Ludrosky, Gabriel O’Brien, Ciara Santiago, Slena Santiago, Jason Hill, Mykaela Alabakovski, Eli Noirot and Haley Hilgert.

The Blue Ribbon winners from Green Intermediate included: Emily Kolesar, Emma Ludrosky, Willow Garfield-Jackson, Nathan O’Brien, Sarah Kolesar and Mason Doerrer.

Bauer said the PTA plans to present the Garden Show again next year.

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