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Woodridge Intermediate principal puckers up for pigs

3/6/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

Photos: Maria Lindsay
PENINSULA — Woodridge Intermediate School students celebrated meeting monthly behavioral goals by watching Principal Gretchen Lawn pucker up and kiss a pig Feb. 28.

Lawn said the smooching was the students’ reward for meeting goals in January.

The principal explained students in the school participate as a whole in a program where they strive to meet four goals monthly, including: no more than 10 reports of bullying incidents; no more than 20 referrals to the office; no more than 10 busing referrals; and no more than 300 referrals for incomplete homework assignments.

“We strive to make those numbers as close to zero as possible,” said Lawn. “They did not meet the goals any month for the first two years, but last year, they met the goals once, and I rapped to the Vanilla Ice song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ on Facebook. This year, they met the goal twice so far, including in December and in January. In December, they got to watch the movie ‘Despicable Me 2.’ This month, I promised to kiss a pig.”

Since they could not find someone to bring a pig to the school, Lawn went to the nearby Trapp family farm to kiss a pig (on its back) and videotaped it to show students. In addition, Michelle Spitzer, of Medina, whose children raise pigs as 4H projects, brought in a 2-week old piglet for Lawn to kiss in front of the students during an assembly Feb. 28, shown above right. Lawn said she had no problem cozying up to the pigs since she loves animals.

Students are pictured at top during the assembly howling with glee during the smooch.

Students failed to meet the goals for February, but they are hoping to be more successful in March for the opportunity to duct tape the principal to a wall.

— By Maria Lindsay

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