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Mock crash brings safety message to Buchtel students

5/22/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

WEST AKRON — Buchtel Community Learning Center officials hosted a presentation of a mock crash to warn juniors and seniors about the risks of drinking and/or using drugs and driving May 15, just before prom.

The event involved student actors and volunteers, and officials from the Akron Police and Fire departments spoke about driving while impaired.

Shown at right top is makeup artist Kayla Ludle, at right, working to prepare Breanna Manley, one of the student actors involved in the presentation, while Terrell Burks watches.

Police Officer H.R. Vaughn Jr. is shown below discussing the accident. Manley and student Kayla Wilson are pictured as “victims” in the accident.

Shown at right bottom, Buchtel senior George Johnson gets in place as the driver of the sedan.

Firefighters and first responders are shown above right talking about how they would handle a real accident.

— By Maria Lindsay

Photos: Dale Dong

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