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Revere grad’s film in international festival

10/25/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Kathleen Folkerth

Richfield native Alex Wilson was part of a short film that premiered during the International Cycling Film Festival in Herne, Germany, Oct. 6.
Photo courtesy of Alex Wilson
RICHFIELD — A Revere High School graduate is behind a short film that was recently accepted into an international festival.

Alex Wilson, who graduated from the school in 1995 and grew up in Richfield, stars in and co-wrote “Fin de Siecle.” The nine-minute comedy was accepted into and premiered at the International Cycling Film Festival in Herne, Germany, Oct. 6.

“It’s still kind of small as far as international presence, but they got submissions from 60 countries last year,” Wilson said in a phone interview from his home in Carrboro, N.C., where he’s lived for a decade. “It’s pretty neat. There’s a very excited fan base of people interested in cycling and interested in films.”

The film is the story of a husband who struggles to keep up with his cyclist wife as she rides in her first century (100-mile) ride, and she depends on him less and more on her attractive young trainer.

Wilson, whose mother, Dolly Powers, is a teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School, said he became interested in acting and film while a high school student.

“I did my first plays with the Revere Players and played Jacob Marley my first year,” he said. “Then I did a few plays like ‘Godspell’ through the Bath United Church of Christ youth group.”

After he graduated, he headed to Ashland University to study journalism and English.

“In college, I thought I’ll do this for fun, and then they kept offering me money to do more, so I added a theater minor and I really enjoyed it,” he said. “But I didn’t think I would pursue acting beyond that.”

He and his wife, Jen Wilson Orr, who is from Bath, have lived in North Carolina since 2002.

Wilson said the stage was set for the short film when he met Jeremy Pinkham and the two hit it off. Pinkham wrote some of the film with Wilson in mind, and they got Steve Milligan to direct.

The short film was a long time in the making, Wilson said.

“We were shooting on weekends and around everyone’s schedule,” he said. “It’s a passion project for all of us. It was never a priority.”

He remembers that filming was completed in 2007 because soon afterward he headed back to Akron for Christmas and was in a car accident. The film was edited and completed in 2008, he said.

Wilson also writes prose and short scripts, he said. This year, he won the MCM Expo Award for New Visionaries at the 2012 Eagle Awards for a five-page comic book he wrote. The comic was published in a convention program at the London Comic Con, and now Wilson is conducting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of the comic, “The Time of Reflection,” in its entirety. Kickstarter is a website that allows the public to pledge financial support for creative projects. Wilson already has surpassed his fundraising goal.

Wilson also continues to work in film and TV projects in North Carolina. He has appeared in NBC’s “Revolution” and the upcoming film “Safe Haven.” He also recently did some background acting for  “Iron Man 3,” which will be in theaters in 2013.

“When you look like me, which is decent shape, shaved head and the ability to do a good grumpy face, they don’t stick you in the background of a romantic comedy,” Wilson said. “They hand you a rubber gun and tell you there’s an explosion here and there’s an explosion there.”

And while he likes working on independent projects, he appreciates what he learns on larger-scale productions, he said.

“I wanted to have experience on large sets because I’ve done stage work and commercials,” he said. “It probably won’t help me in my acting career, but I did it and really enjoyed it.”

He said he’s actually surprised at how similar working on a likely blockbuster is to working on a smaller, independent film.

“One’s on a smaller scale,” he said. “[On a big film],  you have a camera team, a lights team, a sound effects team — people you don’t usually have on independent films.”  

For more information on Wilson’s projects, go to www.alexwilson.com.

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