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Antique and Classic Boat Show winners announced

7/4/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Maria Lindsay

COVENTRY — The 38th annual Portage Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show was presented June 29 at the docks at On Tap at the Harbor and Nicoletti’s at Park Place.

The free event is presented by the North Coast Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society and sponsored by the Portage Lakes Historical Society.

Participants included more than 55 boats that were judged and awarded prizes in various categories. [For more on the boat show, see related photo feature on Page 1.]

According to boat show officials, the winners in the various categories included:

  • Classic Outboards: first place, the 1950 13-foot Century Imperial “Sleek Antique,” owned by Terry Egert Jr., of Green; second, a 1959 13-foot Glasspar G-3 owned by Andrew Johnson, of Copley; and third, a 1973 18-foot Sidewinder owned by David and Corinne Zinader, of Coventry;
  • Disappearing Propellor Boat: first, the 1953 15-foot Greavette “Loon,” owned by Jack Lynett, of Akron;
  • Fiberclassic: first, the 1988 26-foot Sleek Craft Ambassador “Floating Interest,” owned by John Ashley, of Green;
  • Late Contemporary Wood Classic: first, the 1940/2009 Homebuilt “Dad’s Legacy,” owned by Larry Otermat, of Ashland;
  • Classic Utilities: first, the 1956 20-foot Century Coronado “Katy Bug,” owned by Ray and Rose McFarland, of Newton Falls; second, a 1964 18-foot Chris Craft Super Sport owned by Byron Kruger, of New Franklin; and third, a 1963 18-foot Chris Craft Holiday owned by David and Connie Owen, of Green;
  • Classic Runabout: first, the 1967 Century Arabian “Sweet Jane,” owned by Mike and Jane Matusick, of Hermitage, Pa.; second, the 1953 18-foot Chris Craft Riviera “Mulligan,” owned by Mike and Barb Hillier, of New Franklin;
  • Antique Runabout: first, the 1942 17-foot Century Seamaid “Double Barrel,” owned by Larry and June Prebis, of Seville; second, the 1941 19-foot Chris Craft Custom “Talaria,” owned by Rich Marschner and Wiley Cornell, of Cleveland;
  • Antique and Classic Boat Society’s Most Original Boat: the 1939 22-foot Chris Craft Custom “Sashay,” owned by John and Kim Vorhies, of Clinton;
  • Best Land Display: a 1959 14-foot Yellow Jacket Riviera and a 1960 14-foot Yellow Jacket Capri owned by Jeff Scott, of Doylestown;
  • Best Lyman: the 1961 18-foot Lyman “Class of ’61,” owned by Bob and Ann Susick, of Akron;
  • Best Chris Craft: “Talaria”;
  • Best Century: “Double Barrel”;
  • People’s Choice: first, the 1928 30-foot Hacker Craft Dolphin “Gad-A-Bout,” owned by Eric and Julie West, of New Franklin; and
  • The Ned Mohrman Best Portage Lakes Boat, presented by the Portage Lakes Historical Society: the 1913 17-foot B.N. Morris Deluxe Canoe “Lena,” owned Jerry Welch, of Green, which also was recognized as the Most Historically Significant entry.
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