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Hearing on park district name change in May

4/10/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

AKRON — Metro Parks, Serving Summit County’s plan to change its name to Summit Metro Parks is proceeding, according to park district officials.

Metro Parks spokesman Nate Eppink said a hearing in Summit County Probate Court on the proposed change would take place in May. In the meantime, the district has rolled out use of its new logo with the new name and started using it in publications, Eppink said.

“The board has said it’s OK to use,” he said. “It’s just that the Probate Court will not sign off officially until the hearing.”

Metro Parks Commissioner Jane Bond made the suggestion to revise the district’s name in February, and fellow Commissioners Mark Spisak and Roland Bauer agreed. Eppink said the park district was established as the Akron Metropolitan Park District in December 1921. The name was legally changed in 1995 to Metro Parks, Serving Summit County, though that name had been used for several years prior, he added.

[Editor’s note: Until the name change is made official in Probate Court, the South Side News Leader will continue to use Metro Parks, Serving Summit County.]


Kathleen Folkerth contributed to this report.

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