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Antique and Classic Boat Show winners selected

7/3/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

The 39th annual Portage Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show offered visitors a peek at more than 50 vintage boats June 28. Shown above are some of the visitors and boats, which were judged at On Tap at the Harbor and Nicoletti’s at Park Place.
Shown above, from left, is Coventry resident Dave Rosenberger’s 1989 Boston Whaler Mischief, which won first place in the Late Classic Outboards category, and Ed Beringer’s 1971 Rubbermaid Hellion “Big Foot.”
Shown at left is “Sashay,” a 1959 Chris Craft Runabout owned by Green residents John and Kim Vorhies that won a second-place People’s Choice Award.
“Gigi,” a 1963 Chris Craft Holiday owned by New Franklin resident Sandy Neidert, won the Most Original Boat Award. It is shown above cruising the waters before the show.
Photos: Lew Stamp
COVENTRY — More than 50 boats participated June 28 in the 39th annual Antique and Classic Boat Show, hosted by the North Coast Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, at the docks at On Tap at the Harbor and Nicoletti’s at Park Place.

The event offered visitors a close-up look at entries and included awards in various categories.

According to show officials, the following awards were given:

  • Non Powered Category: first place — 1913 B.N. Morris Deluxe Canoe, “Lena,” owned by Jerry Welch, of Green;
  • Classic Outboards: first — 1966 MFG Niagara, “Little Blue,” owned by Dave and Liz Nau, of Shaker Heights; second — 1950 Century Imperial, “Sleek Antique,” owned by Terry Egert Jr., of Green; and third — 1959 Glasspar G3, owned by Andrew Johnson, of Copley;
  • Late Classic Outboards: first — 1989 Boston Whaler  Mischief, owned by Dave Rosenberger, of Coventry;
  • Contemporary Classics: first — 1940-2009 Homebuilt, “Dad’s Legacy,” owned by Larry and Ginny Otermat, of Ashland; and second — 2004 Antique Launch Replica, owned by Greg Chaplin, of Chippewa Lake;
  • Antique Runabouts: first — 1942 Century Seamaid, “Double Barrel,” owned by Larry and June Prebis, of Seville;
  • Classic Runabouts: first — 1955 Chris Craft Capri, “Rendezvous,” owned by Sandy Neidert, of New Franklin;
  • Utilities Under 20 feet: first — 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat, “First Date,” owned by Bud and Ginger Long, of Green; second — 1956 Chris Craft Sportsman, “Caddy,” owned by Lynne Blinco, of Canton; and third — 1962 Chris Craft Holiday, owned by Steve Dunn, of Park Ridge, Illinois;
  • Utilities 20 feet and over: first — 1954 Chris Craft Sportsman, “Miss Hallie,” owned by Jim and Char Denning, of Dalton; and second — 1956 Chris Craft Continental, owned by Walt and Kathy Stashkiw, of New Franklin;
  • Late Classic Runabouts: first — 1985 Elite Craft Riviera, owned by Dave and Connie Owen, of Green;
  • FiberGlassics: first — 1972 Sea Ray, “Tiki Tub,” owned by Brian Bielinski, of Akron;
  • Race boats: first — 1946 Speedliner Water Cobra, owned by John and Betty Scheurer, of Mansfield;
  • Best Amateur Restoration: 1955 Lyman, owned by John Krupp, of Avon;
  • Best Century: 1956 Century Coronado, “Katie Bug,” owned by Ray and Rose McFarland, of Newton Falls;
  • Best Lyman: 1961 Lyman Runabout, “Class of ’61,” owned by Bob and Ann Susick, of Akron;
  • Best Chris Craft: 1948 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout, “E-Z Money,” owned by Joe Nemes, of Coventry;
  • People’s Choice Awards: first — 1942 Century Seamaid, “Double Barrel,” owned by Larry and June Prebis, of Seville; second — Chris Craft Custom Runabout, “Sashay,” owned by John and Kim Vorhies, of Green; and third — 1957 Homebuilt Runabout, “Sure Is,” owned by Joe and Amber Eiber, of Akron;
  • Antique and Classic Boat Society’s “Most Original Boat Award” — 1963 Chris Craft Holiday, “GiGi,” owned by Sandy Neidert, of New Franklin; and
  • Ned Mohrman Memorial Trophy: 1956 Chris Craft Sportsman, “Driftwood,” owned by Ken and Judy Gerstenslager, of Coventry.

— Maria Lindsay contributed to this report.

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