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5/3/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 100 block of North Valley Street between Jan. 15 and April 24; the 300 block of Bacon Street between April 17 and 24; the 100 block of Hurlburt Avenue between April 17 and April 24; the 100 block of Aqueduct Street April 20; the 900 block of Hereford Drive between April 20 and 21; the 100 block of Hawthorne Avenue between April 24 and 25; the 700 block of Grace Avenue April 25; the 600 block of Crosby Street April 25; the 1600 block of West Market Street April 26; the 1500 block of West Market Street between April 26 and 27; the 1800 block of Brookwood Drive between April 26 and 28; the 1200 block of Frederick Boulevard April 27; the 900 block of Jefferson Avenue April 27; the 700 block of Ardmore Avenue April 27; the 200 block of North Portage Path April 29; and the 500 block of Glendora Avenue May 1.

A 23-year-old Storer Avenue man was charged with having weapons under disability, possession of dangerous ordnance, defacing ID marks of a firearm and possession of marijuana April 23. The man allegedly threatened a victim, who got away from the man and called police. When the officers took the man into custody, they found a sawed off .22 caliber rifle with the serial number scratched off. He also was found to be in possession of drugs.

A West Akron man was charged with grand theft auto, felony theft, tampering with evidence and uttering April 24. The man allegedly took the victim’s certificate of title and forged the title into his name and took possession of the victim’s vehicle.

On April 25, a Greenwood Avenue man was charged with obstructing justice after police determined the man lied to police detectives during interviews about his knowledge and involvement in a felonious assault investigation.

Police arrested a Bye Street man April 26 for attempted burglary of a home on Hereford Drive. The man was charged with attempted burglary, criminal tools, receiving stolen property and obstructing official business. Officers observed the man walk out from behind a Hereford Drive home and then attempt to hide from them and then not obey their orders. He was then arrested and searched, and police found a key that was stolen from a burglary on a previous date at the home. He also was found to be in possession of a flashlight, latex gloves and a black T-shirt that was found in the driveway. According to the report, the man admitted to the burglary.

On April 27, a 22-year old Wildwood Avenue man was charged with domestic violence after allegedly slapping a pregnant woman in the face.

On May 1, a 36-year-old Rhodes Avenue man was charged with domestic violence. According to the report, he has a prior conviction for domestic violence.

BATH: A Bath Road resident called police the afternoon of April 24 to report a giant bird was loose in the yard. Police responded and found that an emu, which belonged to a neighbor, had found its way into the yard. Officers worked to protect the animal from sprinting into the roadway or getting lost and contacted the county animal control officer and an expert from the state wildlife office. They were told those offices were not equipped to handle a situation involving an emu. A representative of the wildlife office advised police they could contact the bird’s veterinarian to have it tranquilized and safely moved. Officers worked for more than 90 minutes before being able to return the bird unharmed to a fenced area in its owner’s yard, according to the police report.

Employees of a Montrose coffeehouse reported April 20 that a female took two coffee presses from a display and attempted to return them for a cash refund. When the transaction was declined, she left with the items and drove off in a vehicle, which police spotted at a gas station. Officers interviewed the suspect, who provided false identification and eventually admitted to the theft. She was arrested for obstruction of official business, and the presses were returned to the coffeehouse, with the management declining theft charges.

Detectives are investigating the theft of $10,000 cash from a Medina Line Road residence April 23.

A resident at a Medina Road facility reported April 24 that a credit card was stolen from her room and used at several area locations.

Police responded to a vehicle accident on Interstate 77 April 25, when the victim and an independent witness told police the driver of a pickup truck had been driving aggressively and intentionally struck the victim’s vehicle, breaking a side mirror. The witness followed the driver as he exited I-77 and notified officers, who located the suspect on North Cleveland-Massillon Road and charged him with menacing, reckless operation of a vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident.

Employees of a Montrose beauty store reported April 25 that a white female with long brown hair and wearing pink pants and an orange-striped shirt loaded a shopping tote with merchandise, left the store without paying and fled in a brown SUV.

A Pebble Beach Drive resident reported a suspicious person outside the home April 25. Officers located a vehicle belonging to the resident’s daughter’s ex-husband and began towing the vehicle from the property when the man attempted to get into his vehicle. He struggled with police, who arrested him for violating a protection order, resisting arrest and obstruction of official business, and took him to the Summit County Jail.

Police are investigating the burglary of two residences on Olentangy Drive. Someone broke into both residences between 11:15 a.m. and 7 p.m. April 27 and stole jewelry from two bedrooms in one residence, where they smashed a glass door to enter, and other items from the second residence, where they broke a window to enter.

On April 27, officers observed a panhandler holding a sign stating she needed to feed her family. As she stood at the intersection of Springside Drive and Medina Road, a motorist drove up and gave her a box of packaged and canned food from the trunk of his vehicle. When he left, the panhandler threw the food into a nearby trash receptacle. Police confronted her about throwing away the food she said she needed, and she became indignant and left the scene, according to the police report.

COPLEY: A Rothrock Road man reported April 9 that someone stole three tires and rims from a shed on his property.

On April 12, a Brookledge Lane man reported someone used his identity to open credit accounts with two airlines and charge three tickets from Dallas to San Francisco totaling $995.

An unknown person stole a $100 lawnmower from a Pebble Creek Drive residence April 12.

A Kirkwall Drive man reported someone damaged a $50 garage door keypad, which he found lying on the ground the morning of April 14.

A motorist reported April 14 that he followed an erratic driver who pulled into a Copley Road gas station and sat motionless in her vehicle. Officers approached the vehicle, and a female driver lit a cigarette and had trouble opening the window. She showed signs of intoxication, and officers asked her how much she had to drink before driving. She replied “too much.” She began taking a field sobriety test, but became uncooperative and stopped the test. Officers observed a 3-year-old child in the back seat of the vehicle without restraints, and the child seat was not strapped into the vehicle or restrained in any way. They also found an open bottle of liquor beside the child seat and one sitting on the center console. The Copley woman was charged with DUI and endangering children. She and the child were released to the child’s father.

Someone crawled through an open window to enter a vacant house on Goodenough Drive April 14 and steal two $300 welders.

The manager of a Montrose West Avenue hotel reported April 15 that a guest trashed a room and left with three other males. Police photographed the damages, which are estimated at $1,000, and were seeking the suspect.

Police were called to a Knox Boulevard residence April 15, where a Canton woman who was injured and muddy reported she and her live-in boyfriend had been drinking at a Copley Road bar and argued. She said he assaulted her and dragged her into a wooded area near Columbus Avenue and Knox Boulevard. When they emerged from the woods, he forced her into a vehicle parked outside a Columbus Avenue residence and sexually assaulted her. When he fell asleep, she escaped and ran to the Knox Boulevard residence, where a man let her inside and called police. The victim was transported to St. Thomas Hospital, and police found the suspect lying exposed in the vehicle. When officers woke him, he fled and was apprehended after a foot pursuit. He was charged with domestic violence, escape and unlawful restraint. Additional charges are pending completion of an investigation.

A Columbus Avenue man reported April 16 that someone stole a $1,500 rotary cutter from his property.

On April 16, police reviewed video surveillance footage at a Montrose home improvement store that showed a man removing two rifle scopes from boxes, leave the store without paying for them and drive off in a white SUV.

A Medina Line Road man reported April 16 that he ordered computer parts and had them delivered to his neighbor’s address. The parts were delivered but never received by the neighbor, and the victim said he believes they were stolen.

Police are investigating a report of felony theft outside a Montrose West Avenue restaurant April 18, when someone broke the window of a vehicle in the lot, stole a bag of jewelry from a Copley Road store and a bag of electronic items from another store. The stolen items total more than $18,000.

A Northledge Court female reported April 18 that someone in California made a withdrawal of $2,000 from her bank account, forged a check for $4,500, signed her name to endorse it and cashed it, creating a total loss of $6,500 to her account.

Officers patrolling Rothrock Road April 19 checked the registration on a vehicle outside a motel and determined it had been reported stolen from Akron. A female in a nearby room was arrested on a warrant for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and released to the Akron Police Department.

A Conestoga Trail woman reported April 20 that someone used her deceased husband’s Social Security number to file a fraudulent federal income tax return.

FAIRLAWN: On April 24, police were called to a West Market Street grocery store where a Cleveland man reportedly loaded a shopping cart with merchandise totaling $291 and pushed it out of the store without paying. When employees confronted him, the suspect fled and was apprehended by police, who charged him with theft and released him to the North Olmsted Police Department on a warrant.

The night of April 25, someone used a landscape rock to smash the windshield and damage the hood of a vehicle parked outside a Calderwood Drive residence. Another vehicle parked in the driveway was not damaged.

Two Akron women were arrested for theft of merchandise totaling $919 from a mall department store April 26.

An Akron man reported April 26 that he found two speakers stolen from his Akron residence April 19 at a Montrose music store. The store manager said a sales associate purchased the speakers, and that person provided police with the identification of the seller. The speakers were turned over to detectives, who are investigating.

A Fairlawn man holding a sign asking for donations at the entrance to a West Market Street shopping plaza April 27 was charged with panhandling. He had been given a warning regarding soliciting without a permit.

Two men who were landscaping property on Owasso Avenue April 27 observed suspicious males walk around a corner and enter the garage of an unoccupied house on Abington Road. The men recorded the license number of a vehicle that was sitting on a nearby street. The driver of that suspicious vehicle pulled it up to the house, and the two suspects ran from the garage and entered the vehicle, which sped away. Police determined the suspects broke a window on the garage and entered the house through another broken window. The homeowner reported  $200 cash was stolen from a bedroom and he is compiling a list of other missing items. Police are seeking the owner of the vehicle.

A sales associate at a mall department store told a security officer a man concealed $98 jeans under his sweatshirt and left the store April 27. The suspect fled across West Market Street to a hotel, where officers lost sight of him. Another officer spotted him on Trunko Road walking from the rear door of the hotel. He did not have the jeans, but police located them behind a clothes dryer in a hotel laundry room. The Akron man was charged with theft, banned from the store and released to Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies on a warrant.

A woman reported her wallet, containing $150 and identification, was stolen from a shelf outside a fitting room while she tried on clothing in a mall specialty store April 28.

Police reviewed video surveillance footage at a mall department store April 28 that showed two males enter the store and go to separate sections of a sportswear department store April 25. Within 30 seconds, one man picked out 10 shirts and the other chose 10 ball caps. The two left together. Police were working to identify them from the video footage.

NORTON: On April 20, a Brookside Drive resident reported someone vandalized his property and broke a $50 glass globe on an outside light post.

Police patrolling South Cleveland-Massillon Road at 3 a.m. April 21 stopped an Akron man for lane violations. He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI and released on bond. His BAC tested .234.

A Watkins Road couple reported April 21 that a  male approached a vehicle in their driveway. When the male resident opened the front door, the suspect grabbed a $100 decal from the vehicle, causing $500 damage to the hood, and fled in a waiting vehicle.

A Creston man was charged with DUI and released on bond April 21, when police on Interstate 76 stopped him for speeding 92 mph in the 65-mph zone. He failed a field sobriety test. His BAC tested .09.

A motorist reported he was following a truck on Clarkmill Road April 22 outside a gravel business, and a loose stone flew against his vehicle’s windshield, damaging it.

A Berry Road woman reported April 22 that someone shot a projectile at her property, damaging a floodlight attached to her home.

The mother of a Norton Middle School student reported April 26 that a classmate has been bullying the student for more than a year, and on this day, the bully stabbed her child in the back with a fork. Police contacted school officials, who investigated the incident and said the suspect would be suspended from school. The victim’s mother declined criminal charges.

A Norton woman reported April 26 that she has been receiving repeated, harassing phone calls from a collection agent who claims she owes $800 to his client and instructs her to purchase a credit card in that amount and call him with the numbers. Police attempted to contact the caller but were unsuccessful.

PENINSULA: On March 3, a Peninsula Police officer and a National Park Service unit assisted a Metro Parks, Serving Summit County ranger with a traffic stop on Stanford Road involving five juveniles. The ranger stopped the vehicle for a parking violation and reportedly detected the odor of marijuana. The ranger searched the vehicle but did not discover any contraband. The parents of the five juveniles were contacted prior to their release.

A woman reported March 3 her vehicle was damaged and her purse was removed from the vehicle while it was parked outside a business on Riverview Road. The purse was located near the car, but various credit cards were missing. The victim canceled all activity for the missing cards.

An officer was dispatched to an Akron-Cleveland Road address March 10 to investigate a report of a missing golf cart. The officer spoke to a man, who said the golf cart had been missing since at least March 7. The man provided the officer with the golf cart’s make, model and serial number. An investigation is pending.

On March 12, two officers received a radio assignment to investigate an incomplete 9-1-1 call from a motel on Akron-Cleveland Road. No room number was indicated, but further investigation by the officers revealed the origin of the call. The officers visited the room, which was occupied by a male and a female. The female, who had an active warrant from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, was charged with possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, falsification and resisting arrest. The male was charged with possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

An officer responded to a fire alarm call March 13 regarding a fire in the dining hall of a camp on Truxell Road. The officer reportedly found the dining hall to be in OK condition when he arrived. The camp ranger told the officer the fire was accidental.

On March 15, an officer responded to an address on Oak Hill Road to speak with the homeowner who said lightning had struck a tree behind her house and the tree was on fire. The officer assisted with traffic control until fire department vehicles cleared the roadway.

An officer was dispatched to Riverview and Everett roads March 18 in reference to a motorcycle accident with injury. The officer discovered the accident was on Everett Road near the covered bridge. The operator of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for OVI.

On March 20, an officer was sent to a trailer park residence in Boston Township to speak with a woman who said her keys were missing. The woman told the officer her vehicle’s ignition keys and her house keys had been missing since the previous evening. The woman said she believed a female acquaintance, who was staying in the residence temporarily, was responsible. The woman said the acquaintance was present in the residence while she was away for personal reasons, and when the woman returned home, the keys were missing, her laptop computer had been sprayed with hair spray and the acquaintance was gone. The woman said she left a message on the acquaintance’s cell phone but had yet to hear back from her.

An officer was sent to a parking lot on Main Street March 21 to check on the welfare of a dog in a parked vehicle. The officer discovered the dog in a black SUV, which was parked in the shade with all of the windows down, and did not appear to be in any distress. No other police action was taken.

On March 22, an officer was sent to a trailer park residence in Boston Township regarding a theft report. The officer spoke with the caller who said she arrived at home at approximately 5 p.m. to discover her unlocked shed was open and three chainsaws were missing. The woman said her shed had been closed the night before. An investigation is pending.

An officer was dispatched to a trailer park residence in Boston Township March 23 to investigate a report that a juvenile had thrown a rock that struck another juvenile. The officer interviewed both juveniles and their parents. The incident concluded with the parents agreeing to keep the juveniles apart. No other police action was taken.

Two officers received a radio assignment March 31 in reference to “suspicious people with flashlights” near a Main Street property. The officers spoke with a resident who said people with flashlights were in his backyard and they had knocked on his door and then ran into the woods. The officers searched the backyard but did not observe anything out of the ordinary. No further police action was taken.

RICHFIELD: Police were called to a Thistle Court residence April 14 by a woman who said her ex-boyfriend was pounding on her door and refused to leave. The Walton Hills man told officers he just wanted to talk to her, and he was advised if he returned to the residence he could be arrested for trespassing.

An Ashby Lane woman reported she heard noises outside her home the evening of April 14 and discovered someone had thrown eggs at the side of the house, a window and a screen.

A service man reported April 14 that he was repairing an elevator at a Brecksville Road motel when his girlfriend assaulted him. A co-worker told police he was a witness but admitted he did not see the assault, which was reported an hour after it happened. The suspect and victim had been drinking, and he declined charges. Both parties, who were staying at the motel, agreed to maintain peace.

An employee of a Wheatley Road restaurant reported April 15 that she received harassing text messages from a former employee at her place of business.

Police patrolling Virginia Drive April 16 observed a vehicle parked on the side of the road and interviewed a woman who said she was on her phone calling for help, and stated she needed oxygen. After EMS responded and evaluated her, the woman was calm and reported she was providing home medical care at a nearby residence and had argued with the homeowner and left the residence. The homeowner confirmed the two had a disagreement, and the woman said she would not return to the home.

A Southern Road resident reported April 18 that someone in a vehicle struck and damaged a newspaper box at the residence.

On April 25, police investigated alleged drug activity at a Brecksville Road residence. The investigation led to a search warrant, which was served with assistance from Metro SWAT. At that time, one adult and three children were found in the home. Police also found evidence of drug activity, and charges are pending, according to police officials.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Kathleen Collins, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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