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Revere student arrested after incident on school bus

10/4/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Maggie DeMellier

BATH — Police investigated an incident that occurred on Revere Local Schools’ Bus No. 15 the afternoon of Sept. 19,and arrested a 16-year-old Revere High School student at the school the following morning.

According to Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely, a fight involving a cell phone broke out between the youth who was arrested and another student in the back of the bus. The suspect allegedly struck the other student several times before the student turned and began defending himself. The suspect pulled out a 9-inch pocketknife and threatened to stab the other student. The scuffle, which was captured on the bus surveillance video footage, ended when the bus driver separated the two combatants. As the suspect was exiting the bus at his stop, he stuck the knife into the back of a bus seat, according to McNeely.

McNeely said several students moved from the back of the bus to the front following the scuffle. He said the investigation was unable to prove the suspect had the intent to use the knife for any purpose other than to puncture the bus seat. The youth was charged with delinquency by reason of possession of a deadly weapon, a felony; and delinquency by reason of criminal damaging, a misdemeanor. He was suspended from school, McNeely said. The knife was confiscated as evidence.

“The school acted responsibly in notifying us of this situation,” McNeely said, “and as usual, the administration was very cooperative. Everything went as it should have gone following the incident. The bus driver acted responsibly, and the other students on the bus cooperated with us. We gathered the information and presented it to the prosecutor, who authorized the charges.”

He said the parents of the juvenile, who lives in Bath, were very cooperative and there is nothing more to do, as the matter is now in the hands of the juvenile justice system.

“We just need to allow the system to work through the process,” he said.

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