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12/6/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations and dates: the 1300 block of Neil Evan Drive between Nov. 15 and Nov. 26; the 1400 block of Hardesty Boulevard Nov. 19; the 500 and 600 blocks of Orlando Avenue between Nov. 23 and Nov. 27; the 1000 block of North Portage Path between Nov. 23 and Nov. 28; the 1000 block of Greenwood Avenue Nov. 24; the 700 block of Copley Road between Nov. 24 and Nov. 27; the 900 block of Thorndale Drive Nov. 27; the 500 block of Noble Avenue Nov. 27; the 50 block of Charlotte Street Nov. 29; and the 500 block of West Exchange Street Nov. 30.

A Victory Street man was charged Nov. 26 with having weapons under disability and carrying a concealed weapon. The man was the rear passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic violation when officers reportedly observed part of an assault rifle sticking out from under a mat directly behind him.

A suspect allegedly involved in thefts from area funeral homes and a church was identified Nov. 28 and multiple warrants for receiving stolen property and forgery were signed by the Akron Police Department, Fairlawn Police Department and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. On Nov. 29, an Akron man was taken into custody without incident near the intersection of South Arlington and East Exchange streets and booked into the The Summit County Jail. The man was charged with felony theft after being positively identified from store surveillance photos at several gas stations in Summit County using a credit card allegedly stolen from the purse of a woman while she was at an Akron funeral home.

Police charged a Blaine Avenue man with tampering with evidence, obstructing official business and carrying a concealed weapon, a knife, Nov. 29. The man was the driver of a vehicle that had left the scene of an accident. During his arrest, he threw a knife onto the ground that he had reportedly concealed in the sleeve of his coat.

A Bloomfield Avenue man was charged with having weapons under disability and obstructing justice Nov. 30. The man reportedly fired off at least five rounds in the backyard of his home. He was apprehended with shell casings that were found inside and outside of his home.

A Memorial Parkway man was charged with burglary Nov. 29 after he allegedly admitted to a Kathleen Street burglary in which he took two guns that he sold to a local merchant.

Also on that day, a Cleveland man was charged with a rape that reportedly took place Nov. 25 at a West Market Street location. The man was arrested by the Cleveland Police Department and transported to Akron.

Police are seeking information on a Dec. 1 stabbing. The incident involved a 22-year-old man who went to a hospital with a knife stuck in his upper right arm. He explained he was at Madison Avenue and Work Drive when a fight broke out and someone came up behind him and stabbed him with a knife. His injuries did not appear life threatening. No suspect has been identified. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 330-375-2490.

Police charged a Storer Avenue man with willful fleeing, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and drug abuse (marijuana) after the man was apprehended at the conclusion of a high-speed chase through West Akron Dec. 2. The chase ended on South Rose Boulevard, where the man ran into a backyard and was apprehended. Police determined he was driving on a suspended license and had ammunition inside a jacket pocket and a bag of marijuana in his vehicle.

BATH: Police patrolling Medina Road Nov. 17 stopped a driver for a traffic violation at Springside Drive. The driver’s operator’s license had been indefinitely suspended in Florida, and she was charged with driving under suspension and released to her sister. A passenger was arrested on two warrants and released to the Akron Police Department.

An Olentangy Drive woman reported Nov. 20 her son smashed items in the home during a rage that began with an argument. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail.

On Nov. 21, an Ira Road woman reported someone tampered with lawn furniture on her property and re-arranged holiday decorations.

Police contacted the ex-boyfriend of a Glengary Road woman Nov. 23 and advised him to have no contact with the woman or her children after she reported he was sending her unwanted text and voice messages. He agreed to comply.

A man reported he was running on Bonnebrook Drive Nov. 23 when he was bitten by a dog that was running loose. Police located the dog’s owner, who pointed out a hole in a fence where the dog got out, and he agreed to repair it. He said the dog’s vaccinations were current.

On Nov. 24, officers responded to reports of an erratic driver on Interstate 77 northbound and located the driver at a rest area. Police stopped him as he attempted to re-enter the highway. The driver exhibited signs of intoxication, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI. He was placed in the back seat of a cruiser, where he became combative and was handcuffed and additionally charged with obstruction of official business and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A Stillwood Spur man reported Nov. 25 that someone opened credit accounts in his name, used them to make purchases and attempted to open other accounts, which were declined.

Motorists on I-77 Nov. 25 reported an erratic driver. Police located the driver, observed him commit several lane violations and stopped him. He appeared intoxicated, failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI and released to family members. His BAC tested .195.

A Ranchwood Road man reported he awoke during the night Nov. 26 when he heard dogs barking. He discovered the door to his garage was open. His pick-up truck had been parked in the driveway, unlocked, with the garage door opener inside. He reported nothing missing at the time.

On Nov. 27, police responded to a call from an employee of a Medina Road gas station where a woman was seen on video surveillance footage as she stole liquor. Officers located her at a Copley motel and observed the stolen liquor in her room. She was charged with theft and released with a court summons.

COPLEY: An off-duty police officer reported an erratic driver on South Cleveland-Massillon Road Nov. 20. Police found the vehicle in the driveway of a Cloverfield Drive residence. The car was occupied and the engine was running. The driver failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released to family members. Her BAC tested .191.

A Westwick Way woman reported Nov. 20 that several credit accounts were opened using her personal information without her permission or knowledge.

An Akron man was arrested for stealing merchandise from a Montrose home improvement store Nov. 20. He was charged with theft, released with a court summons and banned from all stores in the chain.

On Nov. 21, a Devonshire Court man reported his son’s $450 cell phone was stolen while he was at Copley-Fairlawn Middle School Nov. 19. He said he used a tracking device in the phone to locate it at a Norton government facility, which was closed for the weekend. He was told to call the facility as soon as it opened Nov. 23.

Police investigated a Nov. 21 report filed by a Singleton Drive man who said someone in Illinois opened a department store credit account in his name and charged merchandise worth $300.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a Kirkwall Drive residence Nov. 21, when a woman reported her live-in boyfriend was behaving suspiciously and she feared for her safety. The man agreed to leave, and he was transported to a relative’s home for the evening.

On Nov. 24, police patrolling Hametown Road observed a vehicle turn on Spruce Run Road, pull off the side of the road and turn off the vehicle’s lights. The driver appeared intoxicated. He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI and released with a court summons to a family member. His BAC tested .160.

Police responded to reports from the Norton Police Department at 3:15 a.m. Nov. 25 stating a driver was heading north into Copley in the southbound lanes of state Route 21. Norton officers followed the vehicle until he exited the highway on Medina Road and stopped him at Brookmont Drive. He was disoriented and showed signs of intoxication. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released with a court summons.

FAIRLAWN: Security agents at a Montrose discount store reported Nov. 27 that a shoplifter was fleeing toward another store. The employee caught the Akron man and held him for police, who charged him with theft of a $370 laptop computer, released him with a court summons and advised him he is banned him from the store.

An Akron woman was charged with theft of merchandise worth $138 from a mall department store Nov. 27 after she allegedly concealed items in a baby stroller and left the store without paying.

Police investigated the burglary of a Baker Boulevard dental office Nov. 27, when an employee arrived for work and found the outer doors to the building were locked, but an interior door to the office had been pried open. Nothing was reported missing at the time.

The manager of a mall clothing store reported Nov. 28 that someone entered an office and stole her purse, which was later located in a fitting room. Her wallet and its contents were missing, and she learned two of her credit cards had been used to make purchases.

On Nov. 28, security agents at a mall department store reported a shoplifter left the store without paying for $90 jeans he wore under his clothing. He was charged with theft, banned from the store and released with a court summons.

A mall security officer called police Nov. 28 after a manager of a clothing store reported a woman stole merchandise. In the parking lot, the security agent confronted the person, who ran toward her in an aggressive manner and made threats to find her and harm her. The Akron woman was arrested for menacing and taken to the Summit County Jail on a Fairlawn Police Department warrant. Police recovered items stolen from three mall stores in her possession. She was advised she is banned from the mall indefinitely.

Also on that day, the manager of a mall restaurant notified mall security agents that a woman was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Officers located her outside a mall store, and mall security agents asked police to advise her she is banned from the mall. After advising her, police told her to call a family member to pick her up. The New York woman continued to walk away from officers and was un-cooperative. She was charged with disorderly conduct and released with a court summons.

A nurse at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road medical facility reported Nov. 29 an employee took three narcotic tablets from a patient’s medication card and swallowed them. Witnesses confirmed the information. When the patient was discharged, there were 15 doses of medication on his card, which was to be returned to a pharmacy. The card was not returned and could not be located. Witnesses said the suspect had access to the medication because she is a supervisor. Police are investigating.

Loss-prevention agents at a mall department store reported Nov. 29 a shoplifter was leaving the mall parking lot in a vehicle. Police located the vehicle and found the person wearing pants with a price tag attached under his clothing. The Akron man was arrested for theft of the $50 pants, released with a court summons and banned from the store. The merchandise was returned.

On Nov. 30, a woman reported she has power of attorney for a man who is staying at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road medical facility. She said she cashed his retirement check and gave him $800 cash Nov. 6 to pay his November bill. He said he placed the money in a drawer in his room, and the following day he was unable to find it. The woman asked an administrator about the issue, and she was told he never paid his November bill. Another employee followed the woman out of the administrative office and admitted the man did pay, but she cashed his check and kept the money.

NORTON: Employees of a Wadsworth Road bar reported Nov. 21 a customer was behaving aggressively toward other patrons. When she was asked to leave, she reportedly shoved a bouncer. She was banned from the bar and restaurant.

A physician at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road medical facility reported Nov. 21 his $400 cell phone was stolen from an exam room.

Police are investigating a Nov. 21 report filed by a truck driver who said he has been storing his belongings at a Pikeview Road residence while he is working, and a woman at the residence stole his checks and cashed one for $600.

Officers arrested an employee of a Greenwich Road automotive business for theft Nov. 21 after he reportedly admitted to the owner that he had been making false returns in order to steal more than $2,000 from the business since September.

A Givens Drive man reported Nov. 23 his house was egged the previous night, and this has been an ongoing problem.

Officers patrolling South Cleveland-Massillon Road Nov. 23 stopped a Hartville woman for lane violations. She sped away from the traffic stop, but officers stopped her on Wadsworth Road. She failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and failure to comply with police orders. Her BAC tested .253.

Police investigated a report of burglary at a Fair Oaks Drive residence Nov. 23 and found the side garage door and the door to the house open. The owner said nothing was missing, but police found evidence that someone had been living there in the owner’s absence, and they confiscated drug abuse instruments, including syringes, spoons and other paraphernalia.

On Nov. 24, police patrolling Barber Road observed a female urinating on the road from the driver’s side of a vehicle. She appeared intoxicated and had an open bottle of wine on the seat beside her. She failed a field sobriety test, and the New York woman was charged with DUI and disorderly conduct and released on bond.

An Akron man stopped for lane violations and traveling 91 mph in a 65-mph zone of Interstate 76 Nov. 26 before tailgating another motorist, forcing him to move to the other lane, was stopped at Easton Road. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and traffic violations and released on bond.

Employees of a Wadsworth Road gas station reported Nov. 27 that a short, blonde man fueled a white, Ford F-150 pick-up truck with $61 in gas and left without paying. Police were reviewing video surveillance footage to identify the person, who also reportedly stole merchandise from a Greenwich Road specialty store Nov. 29. An employee chased but did not catch the suspect.

RICHFIELD: The manager of a Brecksville Road business reported Nov. 1 that an employee has been receiving harassing messages from her significant other at her workplace, and the man was outside the business peering into windows. Police searched the area and located the man outside the rear of the building. The employee was outside talking to him. He told police he did not send the messages and he was looking in the window to see if she was at her desk. The woman said she does not want any contact with him, and the business manager said he does not want him on the property. The man was advised of that.

Police responded to a Wheatley Road residence Nov. 17 after a man reported a male was on his property after he had been told he was not welcome there. The victim refused to let the suspect into his home. The suspect was on the victim’s property earlier in the week and had taken his vehicle without permission, and the victim filed charges for unauthorized use of a vehicle, and police signed a warrant for his arrest. The Richfield man was arrested on the warrant and taken to the Richfield Jail.

On Nov. 19, the manager of a Brecksville Road business reported he received numerous harassing calls at the business from a male who sounded intoxicated, used profanity and refused to stop calling. When police arrived, the calls ceased and the manager said no police action was necessary.

A Deer Creek Circle woman called police to her residence Nov. 21 after going to the rear deck of her home and hearing the sound of fireworks or a gunshot, followed by the smell of gun powder. Police searched the area but were unable to locate anyone.

Olmsted Township police asked Richfield police to check a Columbia Road business Nov. 23 for a person they were seeking on a warrant for domestic violence. Officers located the man’s trailer on the property and determined he was inside. He was arrested on the warrant without incident and released to the Olmsted Police Department.

Police responded to reports from police in Medina, Brunswick and Hinckley Nov. 22 about a reckless driver heading east on Streetsboro Road. Police observed the driver commit several lane violations, nearly run over a mailbox and then sit in his car at an intersection through two green lights. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI. The Medina man told police he suffers from a medical condition, and he was told to bring documents supporting that condition to court with him.

Officers patrolling Brecksville Road at 1:47 a.m. Nov. 24 observed the driver of a pick-up truck commit several lane violations. He reportedly told police he “had a few,” and he failed a field sobriety test. He was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. His BAC tested .132.

On Nov. 24, police responded to a complaint at a Kings Forest Drive residence and spoke with a juvenile regarding unruly behavior and discussed disciplinary measures with the juvenile’s father.

Following a traffic stop on Interstate 77 Nov. 26, a Maryland man was released to Belmont County sheriff’s deputies on a warrant.

Police responded to a report of road rage on I-77 Nov. 30. A woman reported she and her husband were threatened by a male passenger in another vehicle waving a gun at them. Police located the vehicle and stopped the driver. The male passenger told police he did not have a weapon, but when questioned further he reportedly admitted he did have a gun and said it was in a bag on the vehicle floor. Police located the loaded revolver and pair of brass knuckles and a knife. He was charged with aggravated menacing and carrying concealed weapons and taken to the Summit County Jail.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Maria Lindsay, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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