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Neighborhood Watch

West Side Neighborhood Watch

1/17/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported in the following locations: the 500 block of Diagonal Road between Jan. 5 and 6; the 1700 block of Cromwell Drive Jan. 7; the 1200 block of Delia Avenue Jan. 7; the 800 block of Rocky Brook Drive Jan. 7; the 700 block of West Market Street between Jan. 7 and 8; the 100 block of Hall Street Jan. 8; the 800 block of Stoner Street Jan. 8; the 800 block of Fried Street Jan. 9; the 1100 block of West Market Street Jan. 9; the 100 and 200 blocks of South Balch Street Jan 10; and the 300 block of Storer Avenue Jan. 10.

A Jefferson Avenue man reported damage to his vehicle occurred between Jan. 7 and 8. The man stated that his vehicle, which had been parked on the street in front of his house, would not start Jan. 8 and was towed to a service garage. A mechanic informed him that the catalytic converter had been cut from the exhaust system and other damage had been done to the system as well, he reported.

On Jan. 9 around 9:30 a.m., a 14-year-old female was arrested for assaulting a teacher and a 12-year-old male student at Litchfield Middle School. The female was observed yelling and screaming as she was chasing the male student down the hallways, according to officers. She reportedly then threw a notebook binder at him and missed, and the male student ran into a classroom. The female then allegedly knocked the classroom teacher over in an attempt to get to the male student. According to the report, as the teacher was trying to protect the male student, the female student shoved the teacher and ran out of the classroom. No injuries were reported. In October of last year, the female also was involved in an altercation with a school resource officer at Jennings Community Learning Center, officers reported.

On Jan. 9, a legally blind West Akron woman shopping at a West Market Street grocery store reportedly asked a stranger for assistance. According to her police report, while helping, the unknown person reached into her purse and stole pain medication and $30 cash.

A warrant was issued Jan. 9 for a 23-year-old North Hawkins Avenue man for violating a protection order and menacing. The man allegedly called the victim, a Shanabrook Drive woman, numerous times between Dec. 30 and the date of the report. The woman has an active civil protection order, according to officers. During one of the calls, the man reportedly threatened to shoot the woman. She reported that she was concerned for her safety and the safety of her children. According to police, the man and woman are acquaintances who have never been married, never lived together and do not have any children in common.

The following day, the same North Hawkins Avenue man was charged with auto theft, theft without consent, weapons under disability and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. Officers reportedly attempted a traffic stop for speeding on South Arlington Road when the man fled and ran into a building and tree. The car was stolen, and a stolen gun was found inside the vehicle.

A 30-year-old Nome Avenue man was charged Jan. 11 with aggravated burglary, felonious assault, weapons under disability and discharging a firearm within city limits. The victim, a 29-year-old Frederick Boulevard man, reportedly was shot in the chest following an argument with the suspect. The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. The suspect was taken into custody near the intersection of South Hawkins and Copley Road and booked into the Summit County Jail.

Also Jan. 11, a 32-year-old South Rhodes Avenue man was charged with breaking and entering, vandalism and obstructing official business. The man was allegedly found inside a commercial printing business on South Broadway Street in Downtown Akron. According to the police report, when the owner arrived, he found damage had been done inside the business.

Detectives are investigating a shooting that occurred Jan. 12 shortly before 4 a.m. The victim reported he had just dropped off a friend at Garth and Hoye avenues. As he was backing out of the driveway, he noticed three males and two females walking down the road, according to the report. As he passed the group, someone fired a shot through the back window of the victim’s car. The victim was not injured and returned home and called police. The suspects were three black males and two black females, all between the ages of 18 and 23 years old. Most of the suspects were reportedly wearing dark clothing.

Officers charged a 23-year-old Cliffside Drive man with improper handling of a firearm and weapons under disability Jan. 12. The man was a passenger in a vehicle during a traffic stop and reportedly told officers he had a gun in his possession. Officers noted the man has a prior conviction for felonious assault.

A 40-year-old Seward Avenue man was charged with domestic violence and weapons under disability Jan. 13 for an incident that occurred at his residence the previous day. Officers noted the man has a prior conviction for domestic violence.

Also Jan. 13, a 32-year-old Orlando Avenue man was charged with weapons under disability, carrying a concealed weapon, drug abuse (ecstasy), improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, failure to comply, obstructing official business and drug paraphernalia. Officers were called to an East Tallmadge Avenue strip club for a man with a gun. The man, who was driving out of the parking lot, was stopped by officers in the Chapel Hill area. According to officers, the man refused to follow orders and had to be physically removed from his vehicle. He was found to be in a possession of a loaded gun and had drugs and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

BATH: Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Hametown Road residence Jan. 4 and determined it was a verbal argument between a male and a female, who agreed to leave for the night.

An Ira Road resident reported Jan. 4 an iPod and book bag were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in his driveway the previous night.

Two employees of a Montrose restaurant reported Jan. 4 money was stolen from their wallets, which were stored in their lockers while they worked. The victims said the thefts occurred on different days.

On Jan. 5, an Ira Road woman reported she found the sliding door of her van open and determined the inside had been ransacked, documents strewn around the interior and money was missing. The same day, another Ira Road resident reported a GPS unit was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in her driveway.

A woman reported she was standing outside a Medina Road shopping plaza near the road on Jan. 6 when the driver of a silver Jeep Cherokee pulled up beside her and offered her $500 to get into his vehicle. She declined his offer, and he asked several more times before he drove off and entered Interstate 77 northbound.

Officers notified the Ohio Department of Transportation Jan. 6 that someone painted graffiti on both sides of the Shade Road bridge over Interstate 77, damaging the length of the bridge on both sides.

Police responded to a two-car crash on Ira Road Jan. 6 and spoke to a driver who admitted he struck a vehicle that was parked along the road. He exhibited signs of intoxication, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. His BAC tested .150.

On Jan. 6, police responded to a structure fire at a playing field on Ira Road. Firefighters arrived and cut a gate to allow officers entry. Police investigated a set of tire tracks on the property and provided traffic control while firefighters extinguished the blaze.

An employee of a Montrose grocery store reported receiving a counterfeit $20 bill Jan. 7. A customer who had the bill told police she had just received it from an ATM in Medina. She paid with other currency and police took the bill.

A customer of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road bank reported Jan. 7 diamond earrings were stolen from a safety deposit box at the bank. Police interviewed the bank manager, who said the customer is the only person who has a key to the safety deposit box. The bank does not have duplicate keys.

Someone entered and ransacked several unlocked vehicles outside a Tee Drive residence Jan. 8. Nothing was reported missing from any of the vehicles.

COPLEY: Police are investigating a report of identity theft filed Dec. 26 by a Bosworth Drive man who said someone in California used his personal information and Social Security number to create a fake driver’s license, which the suspect used to open a Bloomingdale’s credit account and charge a $1,886 purse.

A Sumner Parkway couple reported Jan. 3 their grandson in Missouri has been making harassing phone calls to them seeking his father’s phone number, and he threatened to come to Ohio and confront them. Police attempted to contact the grandson and advised the couple not to answer his calls.

Police responded to a call that a 16-year-old male was standing along Ridgewood Road at 2:30 a.m. Jan. 5 and questioned him. He said he had been riding his bike to an Everett Road location. He was advised of curfew violations and released to his mother, who said she was unaware of the incident.

A Ridgecrest Drive resident reported Jan. 6 someone moved patio furniture from a deck to the front lawn.

At 1 a.m. Jan. 6, police investigated the theft of a four-wheel, off-road vehicle from a garage on Medina Line Road. The owner said the vehicle was last seen at 7 p.m. the previous night.

A Kirkwall Drive woman reported Jan. 7 her ex-boyfriend had been making unwanted calls and sending text messages following an incident Jan. 5 at an Akron grocery store, where he allegedly shoved her during a confrontation. Police called the Akron man and advised him to have no contact with the woman, who was also advised to avoid contact with him.

Officers responded to a fight between two males at a gas station at the corner of Copley and Jacoby roads Jan. 9. Police arrived to find a Barberton man in a vehicle and a Copley man standing outside the gas station. Each man accused the other of assault, and their sons supported their statements. Police reviewed video footage, which showed that the Barberton man was the primary aggressor and the Copley man was defending himself. The Barberton man became irate, and his son explained that the two were fighting over a business deal, which police advised was a civil matter. The Barberton man said he would go to the prosecutor’s office to file charges.

An Akron woman arrested by Akron police on a Copley Police Department warrant for obstruction of official business was charged and taken to the Summit County Jail Jan. 9.

A Northledge Court woman reported Jan. 10 someone in Indiana used her department store credit account to charge two $50 gift cards. She said other residents of her development have had similar problems.

FAIRLAWN: A man reported his wallet was stolen from his pocket while he was trying on clothing at a mall store between 8 and 8:30 p.m. Jan. 4, and his credit card was used for three transactions before 9 p.m. Two more unauthorized credit transactions were declined.

At 2:30 a.m. Jan. 5, the manager of a Montrose discount store reported a man stole merchandise, left the store without paying and fled in a vehicle bearing temporary plates. With assistance from Bath and Copley police officers, police located the vehicle in the parking lot of a Bath grocery store and observed him place something under another vehicle. The Akron man admitted stealing two laptop computers totaling $966. His wife was driving the vehicle and allegedly had knowledge of the crime. Both were arrested for theft and banned from the store.

Police patrolling Interstate 77 Jan. 7 stopped a driver for a traffic violation and arrested the Parma woman on a felony warrant from the Parma Police Department. A passenger was observed stuffing items behind the driver’s seat, and both women were arrested for possession of drugs and drug abuse instruments when officers found syringes and narcotic tablets in the vehicle and in the passenger’s purse. She reportedly admitted using heroin. A Cleveland man in the vehicle was also charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and released with a court summons. Police confiscated clothing items bearing tags from several stores when no one in the vehicle could produce sales receipts for the merchandise.

On Jan. 8, officers were seeking the person who used a pellet gun to damage the rear living room window of a Juno Place residence. The pellet was found at the scene.

Security agents at a Montrose discount store reported Jan. 8 a man took merchandise into a restroom, concealed it and left without paying. Police arrested him for theft and recovered a set of keys to a stolen PT Cruiser in his possession, along with stolen merchandise. Officers located the vehicle, which had been reported stolen from Wadsworth, in the parking lot. The man was charged with receiving stolen property, theft and possession of drug abuse instruments, and taken to the Summit County Jail. The Wadsworth man also was wanted on warrants from the Wadsworth Police Department and the sheriff’s offices of Summit and Portage counties.

Police investigated a report filed Jan. 9 by the manager of a West Market Street financial institution about $1,508 missing from a deposit received at the bank.

NORTON: A Wadsworth Road man reported Jan. 4 that someone used his name and personal information to open an account with a utility company.

A Grove Avenue woman called police Jan. 4 to report that her husband pushed her against a wall during an argument and injured her back. She had no visible injuries, and the man denied the allegation. No charges were filed, and the male agreed to leave for the night.

Officers patrolling Barber Road Jan. 5 stopped a driver for lane violations and noticed an odor of alcohol in the vehicle. The Akron man failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. His BAC tested .162.

On Jan. 7, police investigated the theft of a Pontiac Grand Prix from the driveway of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road residence. The owner said the keys might have been inside the vehicle, which she discovered missing around 3 p.m. Information about the stolen vehicle was entered into a national database.

The manager of a Newpark Drive storage facility was fired Jan. 8 after she allegedly admitted embezzling money from the business. She stated she began taking the money to pay a blackmailer, who threatened to harm her unless she paid him. Police are investigating. The business owner agreed to accept restitution from the woman and declined charges.

Police responded to 9-1-1 calls from several motorists on Interstate 76 Jan. 10, when a large truck was reportedly losing its load and dumping large rocks on the highway. Officers located the truck, which went to a Clark Mill Road business. The driver said he found the rear door was open when he went to unload it. He was charged with driving a vehicle with an unsecured load. A motorist on I-76 reported that day the windshield of his vehicle was damaged by a large rock probably thrown from the truck.

An employee of a Greenwich Road store reported Jan. 10 a male loaded his pockets with candles and left the store without paying. Police officers located his vehicle at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station and saw candles in his pockets and in plain view on the car seat. The Seville man was charged with theft, released with a court summons and banned from the store. The $149 in merchandise was returned to the store.

RICHFIELD: Police investigated a report of a hit-skip accident in the parking lot of a Wheatley Road restaurant at 7 a.m. Jan. 2 and determined no damage had been done to the vehicle that was reportedly struck by the driver, who left the scene. The vehicle owner withdrew her report of a hit-skip accident.

A Richfield Service Department employee reported the morning of Jan. 3 someone drove a vehicle over a baseball field at Richfield Woods Park the previous night, causing extensive damage.

Detectives are investigating the burglary of a Broadview Road residence Jan. 4, when the homeowner returned from work at 3:15 p.m. to find a door open and a flat-screen TV, laptop computer, camera, prescription medications and a semi-automatic handgun had been stolen.

Officers responded to several calls of a suspicious person wearing all black clothing riding a bike on Medina Line Road the night of Jan. 5 and spoke to the male, who admitted he had several pellet guns and ammunition. Police took him to the police station and called his parents, who came to pick him up. His bicycle was stored at the police station until it could be retrieved. Officers did not release the weapons to the family.

On Jan. 6, police went to an Appleridge Lane residence in search of a missing Everett Road juvenile and found her vehicle in the driveway, along with 12 other vehicles. Officers returned the girl to her home and returned to the Appleridge Lane residence, where a juvenile was hosting a party while her mother was in Florida. She was supposed to be staying with her father in Parma. Officers contacted her mother in Florida, who asked that police be certain that her daughter’s father comes to pick her up and that all other juveniles are out of her home and it is secured. Officers found two males, who said they were cleaning the residence, and asked them to leave. Officers confiscated trash bags full of beer cans for an investigation by the juvenile division and made certain the house was secured.

On Jan. 11, a trailer that lost its load in Brecksville necessitated the Richfield Police Department to close Interstate 77 northbound at the Ohio Turnpike for several hours. Traffic was diverted onto Brecksville Road.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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