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2/7/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 1200 block of Seward Avenue between Dec. 17 and Jan. 28; the 200 block of Kenwick Drive between Jan. 6 and Feb. 3; the 100 block of Ross Drive between Jan. 19 and 25; the 1000 block of Nome Avenue between Jan. 22 and 28; the 100 block of Grand Avenue Jan. 28; the 900 block of Nome Avenue Jan. 29; the 100 block of North Portage Path between Jan. 29 and 30; the 1000 block of Middlecoff Drive Jan. 30; the 1000 block of Valdes Avenue Jan. 30; the 800 block of Bye Street Jan. 31; the 1700 block of East Waterford Court Jan. 31; the 400 block of Woodland Avenue between Jan. 31 and Feb. 2; and the 900 block of Delia Avenue Feb. 1.

A 47-year-old West Market Street woman was apprehended at Hazel and Jewett streets in the Middlebury neighborhood and charged with theft Jan. 29. The woman reportedly asked the victim for a ride, and when she left the vehicle, the victim’s wallet was missing. Police officers were able to recover the wallet from the West Market Street woman.

A North Hawkins Avenue woman reported that a friend, a 50-year-old Zahn Drive man, was visiting her apartment Jan. 30, and after he left, she noticed several packages of frozen food missing from her freezer, including frozen sausage, chicken, steak, hamburger and pizza. The woman stated that she left the man unattended during part of his visit, and she strongly believes he stole the items.

On Jan. 31, officers responded to an anonymous call regarding a burglary in progress at a vacant house in the 800 block of Bye Street. A 36-year-old Work Drive man was charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools after being found inside the home hiding in an upstairs closet with tools, including a crowbar and pliers. The man admitted to “scrapping” and said this was not his first time doing so, according to officers.

Officers responded to a call from a bakery in the 1700 block of West Market Street Jan. 31 regarding a man locked inside a restroom. After knocking loudly on the door with no response, they forced entry into the restroom to check the welfare of the individual inside. They observed a man lying on his back, unresponsive, with a hypodermic needle, spoon with apparent brown residue and needle caps in plain view. The man, a 30-year-old from Brewster, became conscious and was handcuffed and transported to a hospital for medical treatment. Upon his release from the hospital, the man was arrested without incident, according to officers.

The same day, a 21-year-old Himelright Boulevard man and a 30-year-old Summit Lake neighborhood man were both charged with carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. The Summit Lake man was additionally charged with drug abuse. During a traffic stop in the Firestone Park neighborhood, the men were found to be in possession of a loaded gun and drugs. Neither would admit to possessing the firearm, according to officers. The Himelright Boulevard man also had two checks that did not belong to him, officers noted.

Officers reported they ran a random registration verification on a vehicle as it was sitting at a stoplight and then pulled over a 49-year-old Chapel Hill neighborhood man at South Hawkins Avenue and Vernon Odom Boulevard Feb. 1. The vehicle was found to be stolen from a person in Pennsylvania, and the man was driving on a suspended driver’s license, according to officers. During a tow inventory, officers recovered a bag of three pills in the center console, according to the police report. The man was charged with receiving stolen property and drug abuse.

Officers responded to a call regarding a fight between a 45-year-old woman and 53-year-old man in the 900 block of Peerless Avenue Feb. 1. The argument took place at the man’s residence, and the woman reported that it was over 50 cents that belonged to her that went missing. The man reported the argument was that his 11-year-old daughter did not like the woman nor want her to continue visiting. During the argument, the woman allegedly scratched the man on his face and poked him in the eye. The man allegedly hit the woman in the face, causing her nose to bleed. Emergency medical services were refused by both parties.

A 26-year-old Noble Avenue man was charged with felonious assault, weapons under disability, discharging a firearm in the city, child endangering and possession of a defaced firearm Feb. 2. Officers were called to the 300 block of Noble Avenue to respond to shots fired. According to the police report, the victim stated that when she pulled into the driveway to pick up her sister’s children, the man began shooting at them, and he continued shooting as they pulled away. Officers, with consent to search the house, found a loaded .45-caliber Hi-Point with the serial number scratched off. Children were present in the house during the shooting, officers noted.

On Feb. 2 around 10:30 p.m., a delivery driver for a restaurant located in the 1300 block of Copley Road was robbed. The driver reported he attempted to deliver food on the 1200 block of Cordova Avenue, but no one answered the door. As the driver walked back to his car, the man allegedly approached him, pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The driver emptied his pockets, giving the man an unknown amount of money, and the man fled on foot in an unknown direction, according to the report. The man is a black male, 18 to 30 years old, 5 feet, 5 inches to 5 feet, 9 inches tall, weighing between 130 and 170 pounds and wearing a black hat and black coat, according to the report. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Akron Police Department at 330-375-2552.

On Feb. 3, a 25-year-old Dodge Avenue man was charged with felonious assault and domestic violence after officers were called to the 100 block of Dodge Avenue regarding a stabbing. The man allegedly cut the victim in the hand with a knife during an argument, and he was apprehended on the 100 block of South Rose Boulevard.

Officers responded to a call regarding a stolen car at West Market Street and South Highland Avenue during the early morning of Feb. 4. The victim, a West Akron man, told officers that he parked his car on the street and went into a bar Feb. 3 around 11:30 p.m., and when he left the bar two hours later, his car was gone. The victim reportedly told officers that the vehicle, a gold 2001 Honda Accord, was unlocked, and the keys were left under the seat.

BATH: Police and firefighters responded to a structure fire on the second floor of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road residence Jan. 24. Police provided security and traffic control while firefighters contained and extinguished the blaze.

A woman requested assistance from police to retrieve her car keys, which were locked inside her vehicle at a Medina Road location Jan. 24. When police opened the vehicle, they noticed the odor of marijuana, and the woman surrendered a marijuana cigarette. She was charged with its possession.

Following a registration check of a vehicle on Bath Hills Boulevard Jan. 25, police determined the vehicle had been reported stolen from Cleveland. The driver was arrested for receiving stolen property and driving under suspension and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A woman who concealed items in her purse and pockets and left a Medina Road grocery store without paying Jan. 25 was arrested for theft as well as criminal trespassing when police determined she had been banned from the store due to a previous incident.

Employees of a Medina Road card store reported Jan. 25 a woman attempted to make a purchase with a counterfeit $100 bill. An employee refused the bill and canceled the transaction, and the woman left in a vehicle driven by another person.

A Beechnut Hill Drive woman reported Jan. 26 someone disconnected wires under the hood of her vehicle while it was in her driveway.

On Jan. 27, police responded to an erratic driver heading west on Medina Road and stopped him as he pulled out of a Montrose parking lot. He was unsteady on his feet and unable to complete a field sobriety test. He was arrested for DUI and released with a court summons. His BAC tested .260.

A woman who locked her keys in her car at a North Cleveland-Massillon Road location Jan. 27 requested assistance from police. She was charged with driving under suspension and released with a court summons.

Police responded to a Yellow Creek Road location at 2:30 a.m. Jan. 28, when a vehicle went off the road and the driver’s airbag deployed. There were no injuries, but officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol, and the 19-year-old driver was charged with DUI when his BAC tested .1.

A woman reported Jan. 29 she parked her vehicle outside a Medina Road restaurant and returned to find two windows of the vehicle were open several inches.

On Jan. 29, a woman reported prescription medication and $20 were stolen from her purse at a Medina Road location.

Officers shot and killed a raccoon that was sick and suffering outside a Fryman Drive residence Jan. 30.

Following a registration check of a vehicle behind West Market Plaza Jan. 30, police arrested the driver for driving under suspension and released her with a court summons.

COPLEY: Officers arrested a Minor Road woman for domestic violence Jan. 25 after her ex-boyfriend reported he allowed her to stay with him for a few days and asked her to leave when she became intoxicated and aggressive. She reportedly struck him in the face and tore his jacket. She was taken to a hospital for evaluation and released to the Summit County Jail.

On Jan. 26, police were seeking the person who broke into a Brookwall Drive automotive business and stole cash and four tires.

Police were called to a Fox Hollow Drive residence Jan. 26, when a resident reported she was babysitting for a neighbor and she went home to see people inside the residence. She went back to the neighbor’s home and called police, who were unable to locate anyone inside the residence. Police believe the people were the homeowner’s son and his girlfriend, who are not permitted to be in the house.

A Westwick Way man reported Jan. 28 he received a call from a man claiming to represent his cable provider. The man told him he could get 121 additional channels if he would purchase a prepaid credit card and give him the numbers. He did so, and later received a bill from the company, which never received the payment and told him it was a scam. He did receive the 121 channels, and the company does not understand how that could have been done unless he hacked into the company’s equipment. Two days earlier, a woman reported she received a bill, supposedly sent by the same company, for $768, but she has never done business with the company. Police are investigating.

Police located an Akron woman at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road church Jan. 28, arrested her on a Fairlawn Police Department warrant for failure to complete house arrest and took her to Barberton Municipal Court, where she was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

A Bosworth Drive man reported Jan. 28 someone opened two credit card accounts in his name without his permission and used them to make large purchases.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a Rothrock Road motel, where a male and female were engaged in a verbal altercation Jan. 28. The male agreed to leave for the night. 

A Rothrock Road man reported Jan. 28 a 21-speed, Diamondback Wildwood mountain bike was stolen from his residence.

The neighbor of a Redfield Lane residence reported Jan. 29 the door to the garage was open and water was spilling out of the foundation. Police looked in the windows and determined water was leaking into the basement from the ceiling. Officers forced entry into the residence, shut off the main water supply, had the house boarded up and attempted to locate the homeowner.

A Copley Road woman reported Jan. 30 someone was using her garage for shelter over the previous two weeks. She said she found blankets from the trunk of her car in the back seat and the vehicle ashtray filled with cigarette butts, when neither she nor her husband smokes. On the day she filed the report, she came home to find someone had defecated in the garage behind a vehicle.

The night of Jan. 30, firefighters extinguished a fire that destroyed a pick-up truck and snowplow in the driveway of a Mina Avenue residence.

A Minor Road resident reported Jan. 30 someone broke into the home and removed copper piping worth $2,000 from the basement and garage. This was the second such incident at the house.

FAIRLAWN: Security agents at a Montrose discount store reported Jan. 23 a woman paid for some items she had in a shopping cart and left without paying for items she concealed in her pockets. The Akron woman was charged with theft and released with a court summons.

A Cleveland woman was charged with theft of undergarments worth $318 from a mall department store Jan. 25, released with a court summons and banned from the store.

An employee of a shopping club store was arrested for theft Jan. 26 after a shopper used two $100 gift cards to make a purchase of $152, leaving a balance of $48 on one of the cards, which was to be returned to the customer. The clerk gave the shopper the empty gift card and kept the card with a balance. At the end of her shift, the clerk reportedly went to another store and used the gift card to make a purchase.

Employees of a mall department store observed a woman conceal two shirts and leave the store without paying for them Jan. 26. Police retrieved the merchandise, returned it to the store and charged the Akron woman with theft.

On Jan. 26, security agents at a West Market Street store reported a woman concealed DVDs in her handbag and left without paying for them. The Akron woman was arrested for theft and banned from the store.

Police are seeking the person who broke the rear window of a vehicle outside a Kenridge Road residence between 7 and 8 p.m. Jan. 27.

Officers patrolling South Cleveland-Massillon Road Jan. 28 stopped the driver of a vehicle for an equipment violation. She reportedly lied about her identity, was charged with furnishing false information to police and released to the Copley Police Department on a warrant.

Security agents at a mall department store reported Jan. 30 a woman concealed items and left the store without paying for them. Police retrieved the $491 in merchandise, charged the Munroe Falls woman with theft, released her with a court summons and advised her she is banned from the store.

Police were called to a mall store about a shoplifter Jan. 30. Officers stopped the woman as she left the mall and entered a vehicle. A store employee identified her, and the Akron woman was charged with theft and possession of criminal tools after police found merchandise taken from another store and a booster bag in her car.

Department store security agents reported a shoplifter fled from the store Jan. 30 and left in a vehicle. Police stopped the vehicle, and the driver and passenger fled on foot. The two were apprehended and charged with obstruction of official business. The passenger was additionally charged with theft and possession of criminal tools. Both men were from Akron.

A Canton man was arrested for shoplifting 15 DVD boxed sets from a West Market Street department store Jan. 30. He was additionally charged with possession of drug abuse instruments after police allegedly found a syringe and spoon in his possession, and he admitted he used them for cocaine and heroin.

NORTON: Police responded to a noise complaint at a Wooster Road residence the evening of Jan. 25 and arrived to find a driver spinning the wheels of his vehicle to extricate it from a snow bank. As an officer exited his vehicle to interview the driver, he drove off and slid into the cruiser, damaging it. The Barberton man admitted he was attempting to elude police because he had been drinking. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI, driving under suspension and failure to comply with police orders. His BAC tested .156.

On Jan. 25, police investigated the burglary of a Swain Drive residence where someone stole three TVs, a computer, game console and games.

Officers patrolling Interstate 76 Jan. 26 stopped a Columbus man for speeding and having an open container of vodka in the vehicle. He told police several different stories about where he was going, and officers determined he was driving a rented vehicle that he was not authorized to drive. A search of the vehicle revealed 31 prepaid debit cards, a magnetic card reader and computer software to run the card reader. Detectives are investigating.

Employees of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road drugstore reported Jan. 27 a woman concealed items in her purse and when an employee confronted her, she gave back one item, left the store with the other items and got into a vehicle driven by a man. Police traced the vehicle to a Barberton residence. The owner denied anyone had been driving it, but later she said her grandson had driven the vehicle. She was informed she and her grandson were banned from the drugstore.

Police were reviewing surveillance video at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station Jan. 28 after employees reported a man entered the store, picked up a gallon of oil and attempted to return it for a refund. When it was denied, he left with the oil and a can of money collected for a charity and fled in a vehicle driven by another person.

An Easton Road woman reported Jan. 28 an iron, freezer and hair dryer were stolen from her residence.

A woman reported Jan. 28 she went to a pharmacy in a Greenwich Road store to pick up a prescription and learned another woman had retrieved it.

A Wadsworth Road woman reported Jan. 30 that cash, jewelry and a snow blower were stolen from her residence.

Police were called to a McCoy Road residence Jan. 30, when a woman reported she asked a man to leave the residence because she did not want the 20-year-old to be with her 17-year-old daughter. He reportedly spat at her and used vulgar language. The male told police the female does not live at the residence. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and on a Norton warrant and released on a $184 bond.

On Jan. 31, an Akron pharmacist notified police that a prescription had been filled and given to a Wooster Road medical office employee who reportedly stole a prescription pad from his employer and wrote the phony prescription. Officers went to the medical office, and the employee admitted taking the prescription pad, writing several prescriptions and selling the drugs on various occasions. He was arrested for deception to obtain drugs, trafficking in narcotics, theft and illegal processing of drug documents and taken to the Summit County Jail.

PENINSULA: A Peninsula police officer was dispatched to a Whaley Road residence Dec. 1 for a complaint of gunshots. The complainant told the officer that one of her neighbors had been shooting his guns since early in the day and she was unable to put her child down for a nap because of the noise. The officer told her it was legal to discharge firearms in the township, but he would speak to the neighbor about the noise complaint. The officer located the person in question and advised him of the complaints. The man said he was done for the day and did not mean to cause any problems. The officer relayed this information to the complainant and let her know the issue was resolved.

An officer received a call Dec. 3 in reference to a large amount of mud in the roadway and on the bridge on Hines Hill Road in the area of the Krejci Dump land reclamation area. The officer spoke with a site supervisor, who said they were aware of the excessive mud and they had a street cleaner en route.

On Dec. 6, an officer took a report of telephone harassment from a Major Road resident who said a Florida-based telemarketing company selling home security systems has been calling him for three to four months. The man said he repeatedly asked them to stop calling. On Dec. 5, the man said, a call from the company was threatening in nature. The man stated the caller cursed at him and said he wanted to fight after the man said to stop calling. The officer investigated the matter.

An officer was dispatched to a location on Everett Road Dec. 8 in reference to a report of a car in a ditch. Further investigation resulted in an arrest of the driver for OVI, prohibited blood alcohol content and failure to control his vehicle.

On Dec. 8, an officer received a radio assignment to an Akron-Cleveland Road location in reference to loose goats. Upon arrival, the officer located a pair of goats, and the goats walked up to the officer’s vehicle. Dispatch called the emergency contact person, who arrived on scene and secured the goats. When the officer passed the area again later, the two goats were tied outside of the fenced-in area in the back of a building.

Two officers received a radio assignment Dec. 10 regarding a child who had missed his bus. The boy’s mother called the police station to report her son did not get off the bus, and she requested that an officer check the school to see if he was still there. Upon arrival, dispatch notified the officers that the child had returned home.

An officer was dispatched to an Akron-Cleveland Road location Dec. 12 in reference to a theft from a storage unit. A man told the officer that someone had broken into his storage unit by cutting off his combination lock sometime after Sept. 4. The man said the stolen items were boxes of Christmas ornaments, clothes, books, kitchen utensils and tools. He said his lock had been replaced with a new lock to cover up the theft. A written statement was taken and the key lock was collected for evidence.

On Dec. 13, two officers received a radio assignment to go to a Main Street business to speak to a man who said his phone had been stolen. Upon arrival, dispatch advised the officers that the man had called back and stated his phone had been recovered. He said his family had been playing a joke on him.

An officer was sent to a business on Akron-Cleveland Road Dec. 15 regarding a theft from a storage area. The officer met with the victims, processed the scene and took inventory of the stolen items. The victims were given police department contact information for insurance purposes.

On Dec. 19, an officer responded to a report of a fire on Dell Road. Upon arrival, the officer approached a crew demolishing an old house. The officer advised them that the Valley Fire District was en route due to the fire emanating from a scrap pile. The crew extinguished the fire by smothering it with dirt. Valley Fire arrived, and the officer cleared the scene.

Two officers were dispatched to a trailer home on Keenan Road Dec. 26 to respond to a complaint of an unruly juvenile. Upon arrival, the officers discovered the juvenile to be “unruly and combative.” The juvenile’s mother and younger sibling were locked in a bedroom as the juvenile in question had threatened to stab the younger sibling. The juvenile also was observed to be throwing things at his stepfather. After being placed in handcuffs, the juvenile reportedly become even more combative and tried to bite both officers, while head-butting and pulling away. The juvenile was arrested and transported to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

On Dec. 29, an officer observed an unoccupied vehicle parked at the closed entrance to the Pine Hollow trailhead. After the officer noticed two males walking from the park to the vehicle, he made contact to ask them why they were there. The two males said they were checking out the park for snowboarding. The officer advised them the park was closed and asked them to leave. The males complied.

Two officers responded to an Akron-Cleveland Road residence Dec. 30 for an incomplete 9-1-1 call. Dispatch advised that it sounded as if someone said, “I’m going to kill you.” Upon arrival, the officers met a woman who said her 2-year-old son had been playing on the phone. She said the boy dialed 9-1-1 by accident and the grandmother yelled at the child. The officers went inside and found everything to be fine. The child was advised about calling 9-1-1.

RICHFIELD: A Black Road resident reported Jan. 24 a caregiver was at her residence despite being let go. She said the caregiver walked into her residence without permission, and she wanted to pursue charges for trespassing. Police found the caregiver outside the home and advised her to leave and not return or she would be charged with trespassing. She said she came for her belongings, and police told her they would be sent to her company.

A Streetsboro Road woman reported Jan. 24 that her former boyfriend continues to send her text messages and emails after she requested he stop contacting her. She also said he was asked to remove his belongings from her residence and he has not done so.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a Five Oaks Drive residence Jan. 28, when a man was arguing with a male at the residence over some marijuana he found in the garage. The male denied possession of the marijuana and drug paraphernalia, which police confiscated. He was arrested on a warrant and released to the Parma Police Department.

At 3 a.m. Jan. 30, police were called to meet a motorist at a Wheatley Road restaurant after his vehicle became disabled on the Interstate 77 exit ramp to Wheatley Road. Officers advised him the vehicle had to be moved, as it was a traffic hazard, and he said he had no money to have it towed and police could have it impounded. When officers performed a vehicle tow inventory, they found a syringe and two spoons, which were sent for testing. The motorist was given a ride home.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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