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West Side Police News & Notes

3/14/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Barberton Court holding unclaimed money

SUMMIT COUNTY — Barberton Municipal Court Clerk Diana Stevenson announced that more than $4,500 in unclaimed funds is available at the Court.

“Each year, checks issued as refunds, restitution payments or judgment payments fail to get cashed by the payee,” said Stevenson. “People and organizations lose track of money that is rightfully theirs.”

In an effort to return those unclaimed funds, Stevenson has sent letters informing payees of the money. She added that to date, only five people have claimed their payments. On April 1, all unclaimed funds must be turned over to the city, she added.

“I encourage people to check the unclaimed funds list for their name so we can make sure they get their money,” she said.

The unclaimed funds listing can be viewed at www.cityofbarberton.com/clerkofcourts or at the court, located at 576 W. Park Ave.

The Barberton Municipal Court serves the communities of Barberton, Copley, Norton, Clinton, Coventry, Green and New Franklin.


Failing to yield caused more than 30,000 crashes in 2012

COLUMBUS — Running red lights and stop signs and failing to yield to traffic were the second-highest cause of fatal crashes in 2012, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP).

The OSP urges all motorists to take their time, ensure that cross traffic is stopped or clear and obey all traffic signs and signals.

In 2012, 37,475 crashes in Ohio were caused by a driver failing to yield, killing 187 people and injuring 23,353. Young drivers, ages 16-25, were at fault in 30 percent of these crashes. This is nearly twice as high as those ages 26-35, with 16 percent, according to OSP officials.

“Drivers are urged to pay close attention to stop signs and signals when traversing Ohio’s roadways,” said Col. John Born, OSP superintendent. “They need to ensure the intersection is clear before entering it.”

The OSP said drivers can avoid failure to yield crashes by slowing down and taking their time, looking both ways before entering an intersection, signaling every turn and lane change, making a complete stop at stop lights and stop signs and yielding to other drivers and being courteous.

To view the entire statistical analysis regarding failure to yield crashes and citations, visit www.statepatrol.ohio.gov/doc/FTY_Bulletin_2013.pdf.


Maria Lindsay and Stephanie Kist contributed to these reports.

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