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4/25/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 100 block of Kenilworth Avenue April 9; the 900 block of West Market Street April 10; the 800 block of Seward Avenue between April 12 and 16; the 200 block of Crosby Street between April 15 and 18; the 700 block of Orlando Avenue April 16; the 700 block of Mercer Avenue April 17; the 100 block of Metlin Avenue April 17; the 100 block of South Rhodes Avenue between April 17 and 18; the 1300 block of Weathervane Lane April 18; the 100 block of Westwood Avenue April 19; and the 900 block of Cuyahoga Street April 20.

A 24-year-old Cuyahoga Falls man was charged with receiving stolen property April 11 for an incident April 2 during which the man allegedly took two stolen guitars and sold them to a music store in North Olmsted. The guitars, valued at $8,800, were reported stolen from a home in the 1600 block of Canyon Parkway, according to police officers.

A 19-year-old Copley Road man was charged with felonious assault after being identified as the person who shot a victim in the 700 block of East Avenue April 12.

Aggravated robbery charges were filed April 17 for a 30-year-old Cuyahoga Falls man suspected of being involved in the robbery of a restaurant in the 2500 block of Romig Road Jan. 28. The man, with a 29-year-old Norton man and a 27-year-old Kenmore man, allegedly robbed restaurant employees at gunpoint.

A convenience store in the 800 block of West Market Street was robbed April 17. According to the police report, a man entered the store and asked for two cartons of cigarettes. After the clerk put the cigarettes on the counter, the man grabbed the cigarettes and left the store. The incident was recorded on the security camera, according to the report.

On April 18, a 23-year-old East Akron man was charged with felonious assault after being identified by the victim, a 24-year-old Payne Avenue man, as the person who shot him in the arm and wrist around 5 p.m. that day while driving near the intersection of Hammel and Corice streets in South Akron. The victim stated he was shot following an argument that occurred earlier that day. The victim was transported to a hospital, where his injuries were not life-threatening. Officers arrested the suspect and took him to the Summit County Jail April 20.

Officers charged a 31-year-old Frederick Boulevard man with aggravated robbery April 18 after a victim reported the man robbed him at gunpoint in the 800 block of Jenkins Boulevard in Firestone Park.

A West Market Street woman reported that after breaking up with her boyfriend April 19, the 24-year-old Nome Avenue man messed up her apartment, broke the door and posted comments on Facebook about those actions.

A 46-year-old Neal Court man was charged with domestic violence April 19. Officers noted the man has a prior conviction for domestic violence from 2007.

A sixth-grader at Litchfield Middle School was arrested April 19. According to officers, the student was very agitated and swore and made veiled threats to staff members, and he was arrested to ensure the safety of others.

Also that day, a Green man reported he drove to a store near Copley Road and Storer Avenue, where he ran into an old friend, who asked for a ride to her residence in Goodyear Heights. The man went into the store to buy lottery tickets, and when he came out, the woman and his car were gone, according to his report. Moments later, the man stated he saw the woman driving his vehicle eastbound on Copley Road and then northbound on Maple Street. The vehicle was recovered the next day from the 600 block of North Main Street.

Officers responded April 20 to two separate calls about stolen vehicles from the 400 block of South Hawkins Avenue. The first victim, the owner of a 2000 Dodge Neon, stated that his car was parked in his usual parking spot at his apartment complex before it went missing. The other victim’s car was a 2002 Dodge Caravan that had been parked on the street, which was recovered from the 1000 block of South Hawkins Avenue, with damage, the same day.

On April 22, around 11 p.m., four victims were robbed during a home invasion in the 1800 block of South Arlington Street, in Ellet. The victims reported the suspect(s) knocked on the apartment door, then entered armed with handguns. A 2013 Dodge Charger belonging to one of the victims was recovered later in the evening at Bruner and Ackley streets, resulting in a 23-year-old Noble Avenue man being charged with receiving stolen property. Detectives are following up on his arrest to see if he is involved in the home invasion.

BATH: At 3 p.m. April 11, a Revere Local Schools bus driver called police to the intersection of Ira and Revere roads for two juveniles fighting on the bus. Officers determined both parties were responsible for the fight and charged them with disorderly conduct. One male complained of pain and was transported to Akron General Medical Center. The other was released to his parents.

Police were called to a gas station on the corner of North Cleveland-Massillon and Medina roads April 11 after employees reported a man was soliciting people for money. Officers located the suspect at a nearby bookstore and advised him of new laws regarding soliciting.

A Smith Road man reported April 11 a man was attempting to get into his house. The suspect told police he is a former resident and he was attempting to retrieve his belongings he left at the residence. The owner said he took possession of the home two months ago. The man was permitted to retrieve his belongings and was advised he was not welcome on the property.

On April 12 in unrelated incidents, police arrested two people on warrants from the Akron and Fairlawn police departments. They were transported to the Summit County Jail.

The mother of a Revere Middle School student reported April 12 her daughter’s iPhone was stolen from her book bag. Police used the phone’s GPS to trace the phone to a location on Oak Hill Road, but they were unable to find the phone.

Police were called to a fight at a gas station on the corner of North Cleveland-Massillon and Medina roads April 13 and found two males fighting over which one of them would use the location to solicit people for money. One male, who pulled a knife during the altercation, was charged with aggravated menacing and released with a court summons.

Also on that day, officers responded to a report of shoplifting in progress at a store and arrived to find the store manager in the parking lot pointing out a driver who was fleeing the lot in a vehicle. Police stopped the driver, retrieved stolen DVDs and video games totaling $215 and arrested her for theft. A second female was detained for questioning and released with no charges.

A Bath Hills Boulevard man reported April 13 an unknown person filed an application for credit in his name and used the address of a vacant house in Fairlawn.

Employees of a Copley restaurant reported April 13 that intoxicated people in a vehicle created a disturbance in the drive-through lane. Bath officers spotted a vehicle fitting the description of the suspect’s vehicle and stopped the driver for lane violations as he pulled out of another restaurant. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released to a friend. His BAC tested .124.

Police are seeking the person who broke into a vehicle on Springside Drive April 13 and stole money from a purse.

On April 14, Fairlawn police officers arrested a man on a Bath Township warrant for theft. He was charged and taken to the Summit County Jail.

The property manager of a Rolling View Drive residence reported April 15 she found five trash bags filled with adult diapers and human waste in a creek behind the residence. She said she believes the bags were dumped in a storm sewer in front of the residence and they traveled along the stream. She said this is the second time she has found this type of waste on the property, and similar trash has been dumped in a drain on Autumn Leaves Drive, causing flooding. The property owner expressed concern that the stream and surrounding area could be polluted.

Officers were called to a Medina Road bar at 2 a.m. April 16 when two males who had been drinking together got into an argument, which escalated into a physical confrontation that spilled into the parking lot. Police determined one man was the primary aggressor and arrested him for disorderly conduct. The victim was treated and released by EMS.

COPLEY: Police patrolling Copley Road around midnight April 11 observed a vehicle off the road in a grassy area. The driver was attempting to extricate the vehicle, which was stuck in mud, by spinning the wheels. Officers told him to stop spinning the wheels, put the vehicle in park and exit. He was confused and appeared intoxicated. He made reference to a female in the vehicle, but there was no one else in the car. He failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a BAC test, but due to two previous DUI convictions, he was advised he could not refuse, and his BAC tested .224. He was arrested for DUI and driving under suspension and transported to his residence.

On April 12, officers went to the Summit County Jail to pick up a man who was being released. He was charged on a Copley warrant for failure to pay fines and transported to Barberton Municipal Court.

A Lawnshire Drive man reported his family returned from a Cleveland Indians game at 11 p.m. April 12 and discovered his 9-year-old daughter’s bedroom had been ransacked and money had been stolen from her wallet. No other rooms in the house were disturbed, and police found no sign of forced entry.

Police responded to reports of an erratic driver on Copley Road April 13 and stopped the driver for lane violations on Jacoby Road. She allegedly told officers she had been texting while driving. A passenger in the vehicle was arrested on a Barberton warrant for criminal trespassing and charged with possession of narcotics found in his pocket during his arrest. He was taken to the Summit County Jail. The female was given a warning about texting while driving and released.

Employees of a Medina Road gas station reported April 14 a male was soliciting money from customers and attempting to sell a vehicle he had been driving. Police determined the license plates on the vehicle had expired, and the vehicle was registered to another person. The suspect had no proof of ownership, and the vehicle was towed to an impound lot. The man was charged with having fictitious plates.

The owner of a Copley Road salon reported April 15 she argued with an employee over money, and the employee accessed some customers’ information and threatened to call them regarding the dispute. Police contacted the employee and left a message advising her of the penalty for telecommunication harassment.

On April 15, police investigated a report by the owner of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road gift shop stating a 5-foot-tall sign, which looks like a giant ice cream cone and bears a Hershey’s logo, was stolen from outside the business.

Officers responded to a domestic dispute at a Mull Avenue residence April 17. A male and female told police their argument was verbal only. Both parties denied any violence or threats, and the female agreed to leave for the night.

Police were dispatched to a Copley Road location April 17 and found a disabled vehicle was partially blocking the roadway. The driver was talking on a phone, and police observed a bottle of vodka in the car’s cup holder. The driver displayed signs of intoxication and admitted she had been drinking at a casino before driving. She stumbled while performing a field sobriety test and was unable to complete the test. She had been convicted of DUI in 2006 and 2007. She was charged with having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle and DUI. The vehicle was towed and the license plates were seized and sent to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

FAIRLAWN: Employees of a mall store reported April 15 two females appeared to be shoplifting. The Akron women were stopped as they left the store, and one was arrested for theft of a necklace, released with a court summons and banned from the store.

On April 15, employees of a Medina Road grocery store reported a man entered the store and stated he was a representative of a beer distributor and he was there to check for outdated products. According to surveillance video footage, the man left the store with 10 cases of Corona beer. On April 16, a man entered a West Market Street grocery store in the same chain and stated he worked for the same beer distributor and removed six cases and one six-pack of beer from a cooler. Store employees were advised that both men had pulled the same scam in other stores within the grocery chain. The matter was referred to the detectives’ bureau, along with video surveillance footage from both stores.

A resident of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road residential facility reported she placed $70 in her wallet and left it in an unsecured nightstand in her room April 15. The following day, the money was gone. The victim said she regularly leaves the room for physical therapy treatments.

On April 17, a woman reported she went to her daughter’s apartment on Revere Drive April 12 and found she had packed all her belongings in preparation to move out of the apartment due to a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, who had been staying at the residence. When she went back to retrieve the items, she found them strewn around the apartment. Prescription medication, electronics, clothing and other items were missing. Her daughter believes her ex-boyfriend will sell some of the items at a used clothing store in the Chapel Hill area.

Security agents at a mall department store reported April 17 two males were behaving suspiciously in the store. One male was observed crouched down behind a counter in the men’s fragrance department, loading merchandise into a white bag, and the other was selecting clothing. Both males fled when employees approached them, and one man threw the white bag on the floor. When the Akron man was apprehended, police found four boxes of cologne totaling $336 in the bag. He was charged with theft, released with a court summons and banned from the store.

Two Akron women were arrested for theft and released with a court summons April 17 after security agents observed them take clothing into a fitting room and emerge without it. The two were stopped as they left the store. Police retrieved clothing totaling $89 from one woman’s purse and clothing totaling $135 from the second women.

NORTON: On April 15, police responded to a report by a female who said her ex-boyfriend used a dump truck to crash into her vehicle at a 31st Street bar. The truck was at the scene when officers arrived, but the driver was gone. Police determined the truck had been stolen from Macedonia. The vehicle was towed, and police issued a warrant for the arrest of the ex-boyfriend for receiving stolen property.

A Weber Drive woman reported April 15 her live-in boyfriend struck her in the face during an argument and left the residence. Police attempted to contact the man and signed a warrant for his arrest for domestic violence.

A Roop Avenue man reported April 15 he met a dancer at a 31st Street bar. He went home, and the dancer arrived at his residence in a cab. The two stayed up drinking all night and went to sleep at 6 a.m. When he awoke, the dancer was gone, along with his cash, watch, cell phone, iPhone, briefcase, coins and other items. Police went to the bar and spoke with an employee, who said she did not know the dancer’s last name. She was asked to get the information and contact police.

A Norton Avenue woman reported April 16 she noticed two wallets were missing from her purse after a female visited her residence. Police contacted the female, who denied taking the items. The two were advised to have no contact with each other.

Police investigated the theft of a grader and Bobcat blades valued at $4,500 from the rear of property on Berry Road April 16. The victim was advised to follow up with area scrap yards.

Officers are seeking the people who entered a fenced-in area of a 31st Street automotive business April 16 and used rocks to smash windows and windshields of several vehicles.

An Oak Street man reported April 16 that several rose of sharon trees have been cut and removed from his property. He said he has posted “no trespassing” signs and property stakes and someone has been destroying them.

The owner of a Wadsworth Road business reported April 16 an unknown male has been trespassing on the property riding a dirt bike, and someone caused $450 damage by spray-painting a concrete block on the property.

On April 16, a Doylestown woman reported she purchased a tanning package from a salon on South Cleveland-Massillon Road from a female employee the previous day. When she went to the salon to tan, a male told her she could not use a tanning bed due to a company policy that prohibits the use of the beds by people who are overweight. She said she felt humiliated and left. She returned and asked to speak to the owner and requested a refund of her money. The male to whom she spoke is listed as the company owner, according to the police report, but he told her he did not know who owned the business and denied her a refund, saying the company does not provide refunds. The following day, a Barberton woman filed a report about the same tanning salon, stating the same male and another male employee made derogatory comments about her weight and reportedly set a timer on a tanning bed at 16 minutes, when it should have been set for 8 minutes. When she sustained a burn, she said the males made comments about barbecued chicken. Both females were told to contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau, and that the cases were civil matters, which might require legal representation.

Police responded to a vehicle in a ditch on Hametown Road April 17 and spoke to a witness who said the driver was picked up by a person in a vehicle and left the scene. The vehicle was inventoried and towed. There were open containers of beer in the vehicle. Police determined a Doylestown man had picked up the Doylestown woman who was driving the vehicle. Officers arrested her for DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle and driving without a license.

A Creekside Drive juvenile was arrested for possession of marijuana and two drug pipes found in his bedroom April 17.

A Wadsworth Road man reported April 18 his wife pushed him down the stairs during an argument. The female said she shoved him in self-defense and he did not fall down the stairs. Due to conflicting information, no charges were filed. The parties declined charges against each other, and they agreed to separate for the night.

Police patrolling South Cleveland-Massillon Road April 18 observed a distraught female behind the steering wheel of a vehicle at a gas station. She attempted to conceal her purse but consented to a search, which revealed two digital scales and a bag with residue that she admitted was methamphetamine. She failed a field sobriety test and allegedly admitted snorting crushed Vicodin and Clonazepam tablets before driving. The Doylestown woman was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia and released on bond.

RICHFIELD: The driver of a vehicle stopped for lane violations on Interstate 77 April 4 was charged with driving under suspension and released to Richland County sheriff’s deputies on a warrant.

On April 5, police impounded a trailer parked in the lot of a Brecksville Road motel after an investigation determined the person who parked it there had retrieved it from a tow lot by using an inactive title. A vehicle identification number on the vehicle had been painted over and was illegible. The vehicle was impounded pending investigation of ownership.

A Townsend Road man reported April 5 he has an ongoing problem with helicopters flying low over his property. On a previous occasion, police advised him the helicopters were checking gas and power lines near his property. He requested the report be investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and was advised that after he completes a report with the Richfield Police Department he is free to contact the bureau.

A Forest Run Road landscaper reported April 6 he purchased landscaping contracts from a man who advertised on Craigslist and claimed to own a landscaping business on Brecksville Road. When he began contacting the people whose contracts he had purchased, they were unaware of any landscaping contracts and did not know the seller. When the victim attempted to locate the suspect or his business, he was unsuccessful. When he went to the address of the business, another person lived there and did not know the suspect or his business. Police are investigating.

Police patrolling I-77 April 6 stopped a driver for lane violations and observed an open can of beer between the front seat passenger’s knees. The driver was cited for having expired license plates, and the vehicle was inventoried and towed. The passenger was charged with consuming alcohol in a motor vehicle and released on bond. Two other passengers were released with no charges.

The manager of a Brecksville Road hotel requested that a guest be removed due to a dispute April 6. Police spoke to the man, who said he and a female were at the pool with eight children for a party when he had a disagreement with the woman and went back to the room. He left without incident.

A Berkley Drive man called police from Las Vegas April 8 to report that a woman has his phone and refuses to give it back to him after she determined he was using it to visit dating websites. He said he cancelled service on the phone, but she refuses to give it back. Police contacted the female, who said she has the phone but can’t find it. She called back to say she found it, and officers retrieved it and took it to the police station, where the owner had another person pick it up.

On April 9, a Richfield man reported he was studying at the pavilion in Richfield Woods the previous day when his iPod and headphones were stolen.

Police went to a Southern Road residence April 10 to arrest a woman on a felony warrant for desertion from the U.S. Army. She was taken to the Summit County Jail to await extradition.

A Kiowa Road man reported April 12 he learned of an unauthorized charge of $265 for an online order from a discount store.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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