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Neighborhood Watch

West Side Neighborhood Watch

5/16/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 1100 block of West Market Street between May 1 and 8; the 2300 block of Banbury Road between May 3 and 5; the 500 block of Madison Avenue May 3; the 1900 block of West Market Street between May 3 and 4; the 900 block of Mull Avenue between May 3 and 4; the 700 block of White Pond Drive between May 6 and 7; the 700 block of Crosby Street May 7; the 200 block of North Pershing Avenue between May 7 and 8; the 900 block of West Market Street May 8; the 500 block of Mineola Avenue May 10; the 900 block of Orrin Street between May 11 and 12; and the 300 block of Fernwood Drive May 12.

Following an argument between two men in the 300 block of Crosby Street April 30, a 33-year-old Duane Avenue man was charged with felonious assault and aggravated burglary. The other man was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw, according to the police report. Also, the man allegedly ran into the victim’s residence and took a phone from someone there, preventing them from calling police.

Officers are investigating a report of breaking and entering at a vacant home in the 1100 block of West Market Street that occurred between May 1 and 8. Unknown suspects caused $500 in damage to banisters, spindles and hand railings, according to the police report. Previously, between April 26 and May 1, several windows had been broken out of the home, and cabinet doors and chandeliers had been damaged, according to an additional police report.

On May 7, around 2:30 a.m., officers attempted to stop a vehicle traveling at a high speed westbound on Copley Road. The driver of the vehicle turned southbound onto Greenwood Avenue, where the front seat passenger ran from the car, according to officers. After a brief foot chase, a 33-year-old Frederick Boulevard man was apprehended. He was wearing a bulletproof vest and had marijuana and digital scales in his possession, officers noted. Officers later recovered a loaded 9mm semiautomatic pistol in a backyard on Greenwood Avenue found directly in the path the man was running. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, having a weapon while under disability, tampering with evidence, possession of criminal tools, obstructing official business, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

A 19-year-old Zahn Drive man was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and having weapons while under disability May 7 after officers were called to a market in the 1200 block of Newton Street in the Middlebury neighborhood regarding a male with a gun. The man, who was still at the market when officers arrived, admitted he had a loaded gun in his pants pocket, according to the police report.

On May 9, school officials reported that an 8-year-old girl stated a man followed her from a bus stop at Stadelman and Wildwood avenues on her way to school.

On May 11, a 28-year-old Leo Street man was charged with willful fleeing, resisting arrest, child endangering, driving under the influence and obstructing official business. Officers were on Copley Road when they observed a vehicle hit a tree at Copley Road and Mercer Avenue, according to the police report. The driver ran several red lights, went the wrong way on a one-way street and hit another vehicle before the car chase ended, officers noted. The man also reportedly had a child in the backseat, who was transported to a hospital. The man reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before driving.

The same day, a 19-year-old Grace Avenue man was charged with aggravated robbery for allegedly robbing a West Exchange Street man at gunpoint following a card game on West Thornton Street. According to the police report, the incident took place nearby on Pontiac Avenue. The victim reported the Grace Avenue man had been discovered cheating at cards and ending up losing money. Following the game, the man demanded $10 from the victim at gunpoint and shot off a few rounds, according to his report. The man also had four warrants on file from the Akron Police Department and was transported to the Summit County Jail, according to officers.

BATH: The driver of a vehicle with a loud exhaust system was stopped on North Cleveland-Massillon Road May 5. The driver and passenger were charged with drug abuse after police found a container of marijuana and a marijuana cigar in the vehicle.

Police patrolling Medina Road at 2:45 a.m. May 5 stopped an erratic driver who exhibited signs of intoxication. He failed a field sobriety test, and his BAC tested .148. He was charged with DUI and released with a court summons.

On May 5, an off-duty police officer reported an erratic driver traveling south on Interstate 77. Police observed the driver swerve off the road and stopped him. He admitted he had been drinking, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released to a friend. His BAC tested .173.

A woman reported she was in a North Cleveland-Massillon Road home improvement store May 6 when she was notified that her car had been damaged while it was parked in the lot. A witness provided information about the incident, and police contacted the suspect, who admitted his shopping cart got away from him in the parking lot and struck her car.

On May 7, security agents at a Montrose store reported they observed a man conceal four belts on his person and switch price tags on household items to purchase them for a reduced price. Police charged him with theft of merchandise totaling $180 and released him with a court summons.

A Larkspur Lane woman reported May 9 her credit and debit cards were stolen by someone who used the credit card to make purchases totaling $1,280 at two Canton stores. The following day, they used her debit card to make purchases totaling more than $500 at locations in Akron and Medina.

Police patrolling I-77 May 9 stopped a driver for lane violations and noticed an odor of marijuana in the vehicle. The driver was arrested on drug charges after a search revealed a pouch containing marijuana, prescription medication tablets, a grinder, rolling papers, a drug pipe and a large amount of cash.

At 3:30 a.m. May 11, police observed a female licking the ground at a location on North Revere Road. There was a medication tablet lying beside her. She was confused and disoriented and agreed to a medical evaluation by EMS, but declined additional medical attention. She was arrested on a warrant and released to the Stow Police Department.

COPLEY: On May 3, a Kendall Road woman reported she received an alert on her computer stating her virus protection needed to be updated and that it could be done if she made a payment to the company. She provided her bank account information to the company and allowed her computer to be updated. While the update was being performed, she saw names and credit card information of other people on the computer screen, and she called police, who determined the call came from China. Officers spoke to a representative who provided an address for a company office in Alabama, which turned out to be a vacant house. She was advised to monitor her credit reports and accounts.

On May 5, officers on Copley Road stopped a driver for traveling 65 mph in a 45-mph zone. She declined to answer questions about where she was going and where she had been, and she denied drinking before driving and refused to exit the vehicle until police told her the vehicle would be towed. The driver exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication, but she refused to take a field sobriety test. She was charged with DUI and transported to her residence.

A Hametown Road man reported May 6 he placed an ad on Craigslist to sell some items and a buyer contacted him and sent him a check for considerably more than the selling price of the items. The buyer requested he give the change to another person, along with the items that were for sale. The seller took the check to police, who determined it was fictitious.

Police are investigating the theft of rent checks from a drop box outside the office of an apartment complex on Fairway Park Drive May 7. A manager reported she is uncertain how many checks were stolen or whether they have been cashed. Several residents called police regarding the theft of their rent checks.

A Copley woman was charged with underage drinking and disorderly conduct May 8 and taken to a hospital for evaluation after she reportedly drank alcohol and smoked marijuana at a bonfire gathering on Minor Road. She was arrested after she caused a neighborhood disturbance.

An employee of a Medina Road vehicle rental business gave police pieces of a weapon found in a vehicle that had been returned May 9. Officers determined it was an inoperable air rifle and disposed of it after unsuccessful attempts to locate the owner.

The next day, police responded to reports of suspicious people walking around vehicles in the parking lot of a Rothrock Road motel. Officers searched for a male and female and found the male in the parking lot of a different Rothrock Road motel. He reportedly provided false information about his identity to police, who determined he did not fit the description of the person he claimed to be. He lied to police several more times before admitting his true identity. He was arrested for falsification and released with a court summons.

Officers investigated a May 10 report by a Knox Boulevard woman who said a man towed her vehicle to his residence and said he could repair it. She said she provided money for parts, but it has been two months and the vehicle is still inoperable. She reported she learned he has sold parts of the vehicle’s engine for scrap.

FAIRLAWN: A woman was arrested for felony theft and taken to the Summit County Jail May 3 after she allegedly shoplifted items totaling $1,274 from a mall department store.

Employees of a Montrose discount store reported May 4 a man concealed merchandise and left the store without paying for it. Police located him in the parking lot, recovered stolen items totaling $183 and arrested the Cleveland Heights man for theft.

Also on that day, police stopped a driver for a traffic violation on Shiawassee Avenue and noticed an odor of marijuana in the car. The driver was arrested for driving under multiple license suspensions and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after a tow inventory of the vehicle revealed two drug scales bearing drug residue.

An employee of a mall clothing store pursued a man who wore a pair of shoes out of the store without paying for them May 5. Mall security agents detained him, and police arrested him for theft and released him with a court summons.

Police were reviewing video surveillance footage of a mall vision care store May 6 after employees reported two males placed 20 designer glasses frames worth $3,000 in a collection tray. One man concealed them under a hoodie, and the two left the store without paying for them.

An Akron man and woman were charged with theft May 6 after they loaded merchandise into a shopping cart and pushed it out of a Montrose discount store without paying. When employees confronted them, they returned and paid for the items, but a store representative said the store would pursue theft charges because had the two not been stopped, they would have caused a loss of $132 to the business.

Police investigated a break-in at an alterations business on West Market Street May 7. Unknown persons broke the front door and stole a small amount of cash from a register.

The manager of a Coy Drive group home reported May 8 a card containing a month’s supply of pain medication was stolen from one of the patients.

An employee of a mall specialty store confronted a man who stole two necklaces May 9, and he denied taking them until she said she would call police. He told her if she was going to call police, she needed to give him time to have a friend pick up his “weed.” Within minutes, a male came to the store, and the suspect handed him something. The employee said he might have also given him the necklaces because police could not locate them and she saw him conceal them. The Atwater man was charged with theft, released with a court summons and banned from the mall.

NORTON: Police responded to a disturbance at a Norton Avenue residence May 4 after a man reported a neighbor was pounding on his door so hard he broke the glass. The person at the door told police he was attempting to talk to the homeowner about his wife cursing and using profanity around his children. The man was charged with criminal damaging, and the victim’s wife was charged with disorderly conduct.

An Easton Road woman reported May 6 three handguns and a rifle were stolen from her residence.

Following an investigation, a Norton woman was arrested May 6 on two counts of illegal purchase of pseudoephedrine.

Police went to a 31st Street motel May 6 to speak to a man who left the scene after a vehicle accident at a Greenwich Road plaza. The man was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and arrested for possession of counterfeit controlled substances after police found a bag of white powder that tested positive for methamphetamine in his possession. He was taken to the Summit County Jail.

On May 6, a man reported he was riding a bike on Clark Mill Road when a dog bit him twice on the ankle. He declined medical attention. Police attempted to contact the dog owner and left messages for her to call them regarding the dog’s vaccinations.

Police investigated the burglary of a Taylor Road residence May 8 after a new owner reported a $500 refrigerator, $500 stove and $250 wood burner were removed from the residence after he purchased it.

An Easton Road woman reported a $50 lawn ornament consisting of a gazing ball and stand was stolen from her garden May 8.

Officers responded to a disturbance in a vehicle on Hametown Road May 9 and observed the driver speed away as they arrived. She was stopped for lane violations and refused to get out of the vehicle. Police removed her from the vehicle, but she refused to take a field sobriety test, even though she allegedly exhibited signs of intoxication. The Doylestown woman was taken to the police station, where she failed a field sobriety test. She was charged with DUI and resisting arrest, and was released on bond.

An employee of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station reported May 9 a juvenile who was asked to leave the station threw a frozen treat on the floor. The victim said the youth and his mother were in the station after the entire family had been banned. Police advised the two to leave the station. Trespassing charges were pending a decision by the station owner.

A Norton Avenue woman reported May 10 she took her all-terrain vehicle to a man in Wadsworth for repairs, and when she retrieved the vehicle, she learned the engine had been replaced without her permission.

RICHFIELD: A Streetsboro Road business owner reported April 24 he and his staff members are being harassed by a disc jockey who claims he is owed money by the business. Police contacted the disc jockey, who told police he is owed money. He agreed to stop calling the business and collect the money through legal channels.

An Alger Road man reported April 26 that an unknown driver damaged a mailbox and tree outside his residence between midnight and 3 a.m. Officers determined the driver had attempted to back into the driveway, ran over the mailbox, struck the tree and broke a tail light of the vehicle.

Police investigated an April 29 report by an Alger Road man who said he returned from the hospital to find fuel worth more than $1,000 was stolen from three above-ground tanks in his backyard. He said the fuel nozzles have locks on them, but the tanks have an opening that will permit access to the fuel.

A Streetsboro Road woman reported May 1 a neighbor’s dog killed several chickens on her property. Police spoke with the dog owner and advised the victim to notify the Summit County animal control officer.

On May 1, police responded to a report of an unruly juvenile at a Scotswood Circle residence, where his mother said he threatened her. Officers found the juvenile with a pellet gun pointed at them, and he held a baseball bat and threatened them. Police ordered him to drop the weapons and lie on the floor, and he refused. Officers handcuffed him, and EMS transported him to a hospital for an evaluation. He was charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest. Upon his release from the hospital, he was scheduled to be incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility, according to the report.

At 2 a.m. May 6, police responded to a report of a vehicle in a ditch on Everett Road. The driver was confused and his shirt was on backwards. He admitted he had been drinking and refused to take a field sobriety test after a portable BAC test registered .162. He was taken to the police station, where his BAC tested .187. The Canton man was charged with DUI and released on bond. His vehicle was towed.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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