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6/6/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 200 block of West Market Street May 28; the 300 block of Noble Avenue May 29; the 300 block of Wildwood Avenue May 29; the 1100 block of Jefferson Avenue May 30; the 100 block of Westover Drive May 30; the 1000 block of Seward Avenue May 31; the 400 block of Madison Avenue June 1; the 100 block of South Portage Path June 1; the 800 block of Seward Avenue June 1; the 200 block of Winston Road June 1; the 400 block of Garnette Road June 3; and the 600 block of Wayside Drive June 3.

A restaurant delivery driver reported May 27 she was robbed of money and her cell phone at gunpoint in the 200 block of Norma Avenue. Investigating officers questioned three Norma Avenue juvenile boys, but no charges were filed against them, while a 16-year-old West Exchange Street boy found at his home was charged with aggravated robbery.

On May 28, a 23-year-old Uniontown man sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot in the 1300 block of Vernon Odom Boulevard reportedly admitted to officers he had just finished smoking marijuana. Officers recovered six bags containing more than 146 grams of marijuana, as well as a holstered gun and a bag containing drug paraphernalia from his vehicle, according to the police report. The man, who also reportedly told officers he intended to sell the marijuana for $275 an ounce, was charged with improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, trafficking in drugs, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drug paraphernalia and drug abuse.

The same day, officers went to an area hospital to take the report of a Peckham Street woman and a La Croix Avenue man. The man, who suffered a concussion, dislocated thumb and possible broken knee, was assaulted in the woman’s home by a 35-year-old Nome Avenue man, according to the report. The male victim reported the Nome Avenue man had been waiting in the dark for the female victim to arrive home, and he intervened after the man began arguing and pushing the woman around. The male victim stated he was punched and knocked to the ground unconscious. The woman said the Nome Avenue man, who was charged with felonious assault and drug abuse, had stolen her house keys and keeps coming inside uninvited, according to the report.

A South Rhodes Avenue man reported May 30 someone set fire to the interior of his 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, causing extensive damage.

Also May 30, a Westgay Drive man reported someone smeared feces all over the front of his apartment door.

During a traffic stop at Madison Avenue and Copley Road for a turn signal violation May 30, officers observed the driver, a 23-year-old Deerfield Township man, making furtive movements and removed him from his vehicle, according to the police report. The man surrendered 1 gram of heroin from his waistband, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drugs, according to the report.

A security officer for a grocery store in the 1800 block of West Market Street reported she observed a 27-year-old Barwell Street woman taking steaks May 30. When confronted about giving the steaks back, the woman’s sister, a 29-year-old Seventh Avenue woman, grabbed the security officer and told her to let her sister go, according to the police report. The Barwell Street woman allegedly took the steaks from her purse, set them on the hood of the car and ran away. Officers apprehended her in the 1500 block of Marion Avenue. While security officers attempted to keep the sister and a man accompanying her until police arrived, the man drove the car away, nudging one of the security officers with the vehicle in the process, according to the police report.

While traveling southbound on Wildwood Avenue at Work Drive May 31, officers reported they ran a random registration verification on a 2013 Honda Pilot and discovered the car had been stolen from a Shaker Heights man. The driver turned the car into a driveway in the 400 block of Wildwood Avenue and fled on foot, according to officers. A 15- to 19-year-old male in red pajama pants and a white T-shirt, the suspect was last seen in the area of Kenilworth Drive and West Market Street, they said.

A 46-year-old Hyde Avenue man was charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools June 1. The man, who was found with 26 packs of cigarettes and a box of cigars outside a store in the 100 block of South Portage Path, claimed two men gave him the items and they fled the scene, according to officers. Officers took the man into custody without incident and transported him to the Summit County Jail. Police tagged his shirt and shorts as evidence because they had visible small pieces of glass and blood on them, possibly from a window broken to enter the business, according to the police report.

A 48-year-old Winton Avenue woman was charged with burglary after being found inside an apartment by an officer and K-9 partner in the 400 block of Madison Avenue June 1, and she was transported to the Summit County Jail.

The next day, a Fernwood Drive man reported his 2013 Chevrolet Impala had been stolen from in front of his house. The vehicle was recovered the same day, after an unknown driver ran off the left side of the road with the car and struck a fire hydrant and a utility pole at South Main Street and Russell Avenue.

Also June 2, a Copley Road man reported he was assaulted by three unidentified black males between the ages of 20 and 28 at Wildwood Avenue and Bye Street. He reported the men jumped him with a board, kicked him while he was on the ground and took his money.

A 22-year-old Richfield man was charged with criminal mischief June 2 when officers responded to a report of a suspicious person spray-painting a wall in the 600 block of West Market Street. The man tried to run away, but officers apprehended him without incident, according to the police report.

BATH: Police responded to reports of an erratic driver on Interstate 77 May 26, observed the driver swerving across lane lines and stopped him. He exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test. Police arrested him for DUI, and the man attempted to provide a breath sample for a BAC test, but he was unable to, and a urine sample was sent to a hospital for a BAC test.

A customer at a Montrose store reported May 27 her wallet and credit card were stolen from a shopping cart. A witness who saw the incident provided a description of the suspect, and police located her at a Fairlawn discount store. The witness identified her, and she surrendered the victim’s property to police. She was charged with theft and released with a court summons.

On May 27, police discovered someone had spray-painted a school zone sign, flashers, Ohio Edison electric cables and two trees. The incident occurred in an area where graduating Revere High School seniors painted a ceremonial rock.

Police patrolling Medina Road May 28 stopped a driver for a traffic violation and charged him with possession of a marijuana pipe found in the vehicle door. He was released with a court summons.

Officers were called to a North Cleveland-Massillon Road parking lot May 29, when a suspicious male was seen walking around and looking into vehicles. Police observed him pull open the driver’s door of an unoccupied vehicle, enter the vehicle, place his backpack inside the vehicle and close the door. He was arrested for criminal mischief and possession of drug abuse instruments found in his possession.

COPLEY: Employees of a Copley Road medical center reported May 22 a company van was stolen and abandoned on Copley Road. The ignition had been removed, but it was replaced, and the vehicle was driven back to the center.

Also on that day, police responded to a report that three males were sitting on a bench outside Copley-Fairlawn Middle School drinking alcohol. Officers found them walking on Trumble Avenue, arrested two of them for underage drinking and referred them to the youth division and released all three to guardians.

Police investigated the burglary of a Ridgewood Road residence May 23 after someone entered the residence and damaged a skylight. Nothing was reported missing.

A contractor working on a vacant house on Keystone Boulevard May 23 reported 30 feet of copper and an outside air conditioning unit were stolen from the residence.

Police responded to a report from Bath officers May 23 regarding an erratic driver crashing into a wall on Interstate 77 in Richfield and driving south on the highway into Bath. When police learned the vehicle license plate was registered to a Massillon address, they went to state Route 21, where they observed the driver enter the highway and swerve across lane lines and into the grass in the median. Once out of the vehicle, the driver lost his balance and was unable to complete a field sobriety test. He was charged with DUI and carrying a concealed weapon after officers found a loaded gun within reach of the driver’s seat. His BAC tested .170.

A Jacoby Road man reported May 23 a female pounded on his front door, stood on his porch and refused to leave. At his request, police contacted the woman and told her not to call the victim or trespass on his property or she would be charged with criminal trespassing.

Officers stopped a driver for speeding on Flight Memorial Drive May 25 and arrested him for driving without a license. His vehicle was towed to an impound lot.

On May 27, police patrolling Medina Road observed a driver speeding on Hametown Road and attempted to stop him. He sped away, and 10 minutes later police clocked him speeding on Copley Road. He allegedly admitted to drinking six beers before driving and he sped away from police on Hametown Road to prevent being arrested. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. His BAC tested .145.

Police investigated a May 28 report that three cell phones were stolen from a display at a Medina Road phone store.

An official from an Aberth Road church reported May 29 someone entered the church and ransacked an office and cabinet. Nothing was reported missing.

A county prosecutor reported May 29 he was looking for an address on Columbia Avenue when he saw a man in an open garage dressing a deer carcass. He called an officer from the Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR) and police to the scene. The ODNR officer said it is illegal to kill a deer out of season. The suspect said he shot the deer with a rifle because it was in his yard, where he was going to plant a garden. He was charged with hunting deer out of season, and the rifle was confiscated by the ODNR, pending release from a judge.

A man reported he dined in a Springside Drive restaurant May 30 and then left his jacket on the back of a chair. He returned for the jacket and it was gone. The manager told him video surveillance footage showed a woman take the jacket. Police were working to identify her.

FAIRLAWN: A Fairlawn Service Department employee found a remote controller from a model airplane on a soccer field May 24, and police placed it in the property room.

A Bancroft Road woman reported May 24 that during a period of time when she was having work done on her home, several items — boots, a tent, running shoes and a hookah pipe — were stolen from her bedroom.

On May 25, employees of a Montrose discount store reported a man placed eight cases of Red Bull beverages and four cases of soda into a shopping cart and pushed it out of the store without paying for them. Security officers stopped him outside the store and gave him a chance to pay for the items. When his credit card was declined, the Elyria man was arrested for theft and released with a court summons.

Two Akron women were arrested for theft May 26 after they concealed baby clothing in their purses and left the store without paying for them. Officers retrieved clothing worth $20 from one woman and clothing worth $128 from the other. Each was released with a court summons.

Employees of a mall boutique reported May 28 a woman concealed a purse inside her purse and exited the store. She admitted taking the purse and allegedly stealing items from four other mall stores after police found the merchandise in her possession. The Akron woman was charged with theft and banned from the mall.

NORTON: Police on Wadsworth Road May 25 stopped a driver of a vehicle with expired plates and arrested a passenger on a warrant. She was additionally charged with drug abuse and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle after police found marijuana and an open container of liquor and she admitted possession. She was released to Wayne County sheriff’s deputies.

The night of May 25, a Bliss Drive man reported a cement soldier was stolen from the end of his driveway and a Greeenwich Road man reported a $200 wagon wheel decoration was removed from a post at the end of his driveway.

Officers investigated incidents at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road location May 27, when a woman reported a large window of her residence was broken, as well as three windows of a business on the property by someone who threw rocks at them during the previous weekend.

Police patrolling Wadsworth Road May 28 observed a Norton man stumbling into traffic lanes, causing motorists to swerve around him. He was extremely intoxicated and had an empty bottle of vodka and a can of beer in his pocket. He was charged with disorderly conduct and having an open container of liquor in a prohibited area and evaluated by EMS, who transported him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

A Norton man stopped for driving erratically on Wooster Road the night of May 29 stumbled out of his vehicle and failed a field sobriety test. Asked whether he had been drinking, he replied, “I’m drunk.” He was charged with DUI and refusal to take a BAC test after a prior conviction for DUI and driven home. About 30 minutes later, police received a call that he had driven another vehicle away from his residence after an argument.

Officers investigated several reports of vehicle break-ins on Tapper Road May 30. One resident reported two unlocked vehicles on his property were ransacked and a knife, checkbook and other items were stolen. Another resident reported two unlocked vehicles on her property were ransacked and $120 was taken from a wallet in one vehicle and a purple 18-speed bicycle was left behind. Another resident reported two unlocked vehicles on her property were ransacked and money was stolen. Police are investigating, and they advised all residents to lock their vehicles.

RICHFIELD: A man who recently moved out of a Motor Road residence went to the police station May 15 to file a report of a stolen tractor. He said he stored the tractor lawnmower at the residence while he stayed there and the last time he saw the tractor was May 12, when he was arrested for causing a disturbance on the property. Police spoke to the Motor Road property owner, who said she was unaware there had been a tractor stored on the property, but due to a dispute with the victim, who failed to remove items from her property, some items had been taken to the curb. Police were unable to locate the tractor on the property, and they asked the victim to provide more information, including the serial number, to assist them in an investigation.

An employee of a Kinross Lake Park business reported the driver of a PT Cruiser stalked her in the business parking lot May 15 by following her in the vehicle, yelling at her and making an obscene gesture.

Officers responded to an incident at a Brecksville Road travel center May 17, when the driver of a tractor-trailer crashed into another truck, damaging both vehicles. Police assisted the drivers in exchanging insurance information and documented their statements.

Police were called to a Brecksville Road travel center May 19, when a Pennsylvania woman and a Michigan man exchanged custody of their children. Both parties explained that the father has full custody of the children, who were refusing to get into his car and go home with him. The custody agreement is not through the Ohio court system, and police advised them that their dispute was a civil matter. The children eventually went home with their father without incident.

A Streetsboro Road woman reported May 20 her husband’s narcotic pain medication is missing from her home and she fears someone has been stealing it.

On May 28, a Brush Road resident reported a woman in a Jeep knocked over a speed limit road sign and the vehicle’s side mirror landed on his property. The driver came to his residence to retrieve the mirror and said she was not speeding at the time.

Police are investigating a May 30 report that three computers booked through a Henry Road delivery business never reached their destinations.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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