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Neighborhood Watch

West Side Neighborhood Watch

7/25/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 400 block of Westerly Road between July 11 and July 16; the 30 block of Sand Run Road between July 16 and July 17; the 200 block of Kenwood Avenue between July 16 and July 20; the 1500 block of Shatto Avenue July 18; a storage unit in the 2200 block of Akron-Peninsula Road between July 18 and July 19; the 1500 block of Peckham Street between July 19 and July 20; the 1000 block of Hemlock Hills Drive July 20; the 200 block of West Market Street between July 21 and July 22; and the 500 block of Colfax Place.

On July 17, officers responded to an apartment on South Rose Boulevard to check on the welfare of the residents. They entered through an unlocked door and found two males — 53-year-old Bryan May and 20-year-old Jeremy Putra, with fatal stab wounds. Police also found one of the victim’s vehicles, a black, 2006 Jeep Liberty, was missing. It was later located in Ashtabula. Later that day, aggravated murder warrants were signed for Robert Pitts Jr., 19, who had been living at the residence for the last few weeks. Shortly after 9 p.m. July 18, Pitts was arrested in Chicago, taken into custody without incident and booked into the Cook County Jail, where he was being held pending an extradition hearing.

A Good Park Boulevard man reportedly entered an unlocked Warner Court home July 17 between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and assaulted the resident. The man was arrested and charged with burglary and assault.

On July 18, a Darrow Road woman was charged with forgery and uttering after she reportedly tried to cash a fraudulent check at a business in the 1500 block of Home Avenue.

A Lincoln Avenue woman was charged with the theft of $71 in clothing that she reportedly took from a West Market Street store and hid in her purse before she was stopped by security July 18.

A Roslyn Avenue woman reported July 18 she gave a $1,600 check to a Russell Avenue man working for a company to do some basement cleaning after it was flooded and to make some other improvements to the home, but he has not done any work.

Also on that day, police responded to a Weathervane Lane location regarding a Wyndham Road man in a silver Chrysler 300 that struck people in the parking lot. Security and witnesses reported that a group of people had surrounded the Chrysler 300 and were yelling at the driver and banging on the car, which backed up, almost striking people, and hit a blue Chevy Cobalt. The vehicle then drove forward, jumping the curb, and down a hill to the next row of parking spaces. He reportedly struck three victims and took off, then ran from the car into apartments on Weathervane Lane. He was apprehended in the parking lot. Multiple witnesses stated to officers that two males were trying to fight with the man and were banging on the car. The driver was charged with driving under suspension.

Police responded to a home on Cliffside Drive July 21 after children report seeing a shadow. It is unknown if anyone was in the home.

A Twinsburg man reported he parked his truck at a West Akron location July 21, and when he returned he found broken glass where his truck should have been. The blue 2008 Chevy Silverado was listed in a database of stolen vehicles.

BATH: Police are seeking the people who used cement blocks to build a barricade across Olentangy Road July 12, completely blocking the road and creating a hazard for motorists. Address markers also were removed, trash cans were overturned and sapling trees were knocked down.

A North Shore Drive woman reported July 12 she received a note on her mailbox instructing her to leave a check taped to her door for payment to have her address painted on the curb. She said she paid for the service last year and never received it. Police increased patrols in the township after they learned many other residents received similar notes.

Employees at a Medina Road emergency center reported an unresponsive woman was dropped off at the front door by two people who then drove away in a black SUV July 13. Medical personnel moved her inside for treatment. Police spoke to her, but she was confused and apparently under the influence of drugs, and she was unable to provide any information.

Police patrolling North Cleveland-Massillon Road July 13 stopped a driver for speeding. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI, released with a court summons and transported to his home. His BAC tested .148.

A San Moritz Drive woman reported July 14 her estranged husband was intoxicated and refused to leave her residence. The male was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Employees of a Montrose cosmetics store reported July 16 a woman concealed perfume and left in a vehicle. They provided a description of the woman and vehicle, and Fairlawn police stopped her at a gas station. She was charged with theft of two bottles of perfume, totaling $148, and possession of criminal tools because she allegedly used a booster bag to conceal the merchandise.

Fairlawn police reported a reckless driver was entering Bath from West Market Street July 17. Police located the driver on Ghent Road, stopped him for lane violations and arrested him for driving under suspension.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a North Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station July 18, when a husband and wife were arguing and the male reportedly took the female’s purse and attempted to drive off and leave her there. She stood in front of his vehicle, which made contact with her, and she fell to the ground, sustaining minor injuries. She declined prosecution, and police drove her to a hotel for the night.

COPLEY: On July 11, the driver of a truck ran over a hose that was connected to a water pump at the South Cleveland-Massillon Road fire station, creating pressure that cracked the engine of the pump. An official of the trucking company agreed to make restitution to the fire department.

Police on Rothrock Road July 11 stopped a vehicle with a loud exhaust system, arrested the driver for driving under suspension, released him with a court summons and had the vehicle towed to an impound lot.

Officers responded to a disturbance at a Burnwycke Court residence July 12, when a woman reported she and her brother had an argument, and he slammed her to the floor. She declined medical attention, and her brother was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A guest at a Rothrock Road motel called police and EMS to his room July 12, when he said he experienced a medical problem. He was uncooperative with EMS workers, and police found empty liquor bottles on the floor and marijuana and drug paraphernalia on his bed. He was transported to a hospital, where he was admitted for a day due to an high blood alcohol content, and police advised him he would be charged the following day for possession of drugs.

Police are seeking the person who threw a rock through the window of a garage at a Plainview Drive location July 12.

FAIRLAWN: Officials of a West Market Street bank reported July 12 that a female used identification belonging to a Georgia woman to open a checking account with a fraudulent check drawn on an account at a Virginia credit union. The incident caused a $1,628 loss to the bank. Authorities have been unable to locate the female, who is wanted on several warrants.

Security agents at a mall department store reported July 12 an investigation of cash shortages during a three-day period revealed the alleged theft of $535 by an employee. The store manager agreed to accept restitution in lieu of charges.

A juvenile who shoplifted a $6 book from a mall specialty store July 13 was charged with theft and released to his mother. The same day, a Barberton man was charged with theft and banned from the store after he concealed a $25 necklace and left without paying for it.

On July 14, a juvenile loaded a shopping cart with merchandise totaling $452 and left a West Market Street grocery store without paying for it. Police stopped her in the parking lot, arrested her for theft, banned her from the store and released her to her sister.

A Medina woman reported she was shopping in a Montrose discount store July 15 when an unknown male bumped into her shopping cart as she reached for an item on a low shelf and stole $65 from her purse, which was in the cart.

On July 15, an Akron man was arrested for theft, released with a court summons and banned from a Montrose discount store and all stores in the chain after he admitted he made a fraudulent return and pocketed $60. The man reportedly entered the store, took an air mattress from the shelf and took it to a service desk for a refund, using a store receipt from an earlier purchase.

Police responded to a report that a dog was locked in a vehicle in a West Market Street parking lot the afternoon of July 16. Officers determined the dog was struggling and lying on the vehicle floor, so they broke into the vehicle to let the beagle out. When the owner returned, the Copley man was charged with cruelty to animals.

Employees of two mall jewelry stores reported July 17 that two males went to one store and one of them attempted to open a credit account using identification belonging to a Brooklyn, N.Y., man. While that request was being processed, the men went to another mall jewelry store, and the same man used the same identification information to apply for a credit account. When they went back to the first store, an employee said there was a discrepancy in the information provided and asked for his date of birth, which he didn’t know. An employee of the store’s credit fraud department contacted employees and told them to keep the men in the store for police, who were on the way. When the officers arrived, the men fled, and police apprehended them and arrested them for obstruction of official business. One man was additionally charged with fraud and forgery, and the other male was charged with possession of drugs, which police found in his pocket. Police reportedly found identification belonging to two people in one man’s pocket and numerous stolen clothing items and cell phones in their vehicle. The men, both from Brooklyn, were taken to the Summit County Jail.

A man reported he went to the parking lot of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road childcare center to repossess a vehicle July 17, and the driver came out of the building and punched him in the head and abdomen several times. The driver fled on foot and was later arrested for assault and released with a court summons.

An Akron woman who was banned from a mall in June was arrested for criminal trespassing and again banned after security officers spotted her at the mall July 18 and called police.

NORTON: Police were called to a group home on Burg Street July 13 when a female resident reportedly became aggressive with staff members. She told police if she returned to the facility, she would continue to assault staff members. She was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and then returned to the residence. The following day, police were called back to the residence when the female allegedly attacked a manager. She was charged with assault and taken to a hospital for evaluation.

A Reimer Road woman reported July 16 she evicted two people from an upstairs apartment and they left drug paraphernalia and numerous drug abuse instruments.

Police investigated a report of burglary July 16 after a Shelva Lane man reported someone entered his home during the previous night and stole a laptop computer, digital camera and other computer and photography equipment. Police traced footprints and used a tracking dog to locate the people at an Oak Point Drive residence. Officers returned the following day with warrants for the arrest of the Oak Point Drive resident and his friend, who lives in Akron. Officers found the resident at home and arrested him on a warrant for burglary. His friend hid in the attic, and officers from Norton, Copley and Barberton’s K-9 unit searched for him. The dog located the man and attempted to drag him out of a hiding place, but the man resisted, and the dog fell through the attic floor and sustained an injury, which required stitches. The second man was arrested for burglary and obstruction of official business. Both men reportedly admitted participating in the burglary of the Shelva Lane residence.

A Wilbur Avenue woman reported July 16 her ex-boyfriend used her Social Security number to open a cell phone account, which has a delinquent balance of $150.

The owner of a Newpark Drive business reported July 17 he left some items outside the business due to the storm, and they were stolen. One of his employees saw the person responsible fleeing with two spools of wire and aluminum scrap, and provided a description of the person and vehicle to police.

Medina County sheriff’s deputies reported July 17 they received 59 prank 9-1-1 calls coming from Norton. Dispatchers said the callers harassed them and used foul language. Police located the source of the calls at a Greenwich Road residence, where three children ages 8, 9 and 13 were using disposable cell phones with no service to make the emergency calls. The children and their mother were warned about improper use of 9-1-1 calls and cell phones. Officers confiscated the phones.

An Oak Crest Drive woman reported July 18 her son was playing games on the Internet when an unknown male solicited her son and convinced him to send gift cards totaling $90 to him.

On July 18, a Weyrick Road woman reported she received a call from a male who said he works for a collection agency to which she owes $138,000. Police advised her not to provide any personal information to the caller.

RICHFIELD: Police are seeking the person who removed the street sign from a post at the corner of Dewey Road July 5.

The manager of a Brecksville motel reported July 10 he checked a vacant room that had been reserved by a family and it was empty and ready for occupation. When the family arrived and went to the room, they discovered an adult male and a young boy were in the room lying on two beds. The manager told the two to follow him to the office, but they left in a vehicle. Police checked the area and were unable to locate the man and boy or their vehicle. The manager said there was no forced entry into the room, but the adult male had a handful of key cards.

A Harold Drive man reported July 11 a young male trespassed on his property on several occasions. Police located the youth and spoke to him and his family about his being on the property without permission, and he agreed not to do it again.

A Southern Road woman reported July 14 her father moved to Ohio from Florida, and she noticed there were some unauthorized charges to his bank account. Bank officials are investigating, and police advised her to contact them if she notices any more fraudulent charges.

On July 14, police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Berkeley Drive residence and found several family members arguing. One woman reported she has power of attorney for her father’s medical issues, and she wanted her mother and sister to leave the residence because their arguing was upsetting her father. The women did not want to leave. Police advised the two women to go to the other side of the house, away from the patient. His caregiver returned to help care for him.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Maria Lindsay, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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