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8/22/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 100 block of South Walnut Street Aug. 12; the 1600 block of Diagonal Road Aug. 14; the 600 block of Dorchester Road Aug. 14; the 100 block of Rose Boulevard Aug. 14; the 300 block of Silver Street Aug. 14; the 1300 block of Hardesty Boulevard Aug. 15; the 100 block of Hyde Avenue Aug. 15; the 1000 block of Rocky Brook Drive Aug. 16; the 100 block of Byers Avenue Aug. 17; the 300 block of Crosby Street Aug. 17; the 1500 block of Berendo Avenue Aug. 18; the 500 block of Hampton Ridge Drive Aug. 18; the 1100 block of South Hawkins Avenue Aug. 18; the 2200 block of West Market Street Aug. 18; the 1700 block of Treetop Trail Aug. 18; and the 600 block of Ridgecrest Road Aug. 19.

A restaurant owner reported when he arrived at his business in the 1600 block of Diagonal Road Aug. 12, he discovered $1,500 in cash and $2,000 in miscellaneous raw meats missing. No signs of forced entry were apparent, and the business was secure when the owner arrived, according to the police report.

On Aug. 13, around 4:30 p.m., a Cuyahoga Falls woman was attacked and robbed in the 1100 block of Portage Trail Extension, suffering injuries to her right arm and right leg and ankle. The victim reported she was walking to her car in a pharmacy parking lot when two males approached her and grabbed her purse. While she tried to hold onto the purse, the males dragged her through the parking lot, according to the police report. When she lost her grip, the males fled through a wooded area with the purse. The boys were apprehended in a nearby apartment complex, and three of the women’s credit cards were recovered nearby. Officers arrested a 14-year-old Kenmore boy, along with a 16-year-old Waterford Court boy, charged them with robbery and obstructing official business and placed them in the custody of the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

On Aug. 14, a Dorchester Road man reported a book safe containing $42,000 was taken from his home, in the 600 block. He had visitors to his home that day but did not see anyone take the safe, according to his report.

A 26-year-old man with no permanent address was charged with possession of crack, possession of marijuana, obstructing, occupying a drug premise and open container Aug. 14. He was observed loitering in the 500 block of Crosby Street, and officers recovered crack, a cigar with marijuana and crack pipes, according to the police report.

Bryce Ellis, a 24-year-old Aberdeen Street man, was fatally shot during an altercation with a 29-year-old Cordova Avenue man Aug. 15 at Packard Drive and La Belle Avenue. The Cordova Avenue man stated he was robbed at gunpoint and shot twice in the arm during the struggle, according to the police report. He was transported to a hospital. Officers found Ellis on the ground nonresponsive at the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

A 65-year-old Frederick Boulevard man was charged with possession of crack Aug. 15. He was stopped for a traffic violation at Noah Avenue and Bye Street and was driving on a suspended license, according to the report. Officers found a rock of crack cocaine next to the driver’s seat.

A White Pond Drive woman reported Aug. 15 she received a phone call from someone who told her in order for her to receive her new Medicaid Card she would need to provide her bank name and checking account routing number. The victim furnished this information to the unknown caller, according to her police report.

An employee of a business in the 400 block of West Market Street reported Aug. 15, the gas tank on a commercial pickup truck owned by the company had been damaged and all the fuel drained from the vehicle.

An Eastgay Drive man reported Aug. 15 an unknown person used his personal information for electric service in the 100 block of Bachtel Avenue and he was informed of a delinquent bill in his name for $883.

A 32-year-old Raymond Street man was charged with receiving stolen property, drug abuse and drug paraphernalia Aug. 17. Officers found the man behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle in the 200 block of North Adams Street. Officers recovered a small amount of marijuana and a marijuana cigar from the vehicle, according to the police report.

On Aug. 18, around 3:30 p.m., a restaurant in the 1500 block of South Arlington Street was robbed at gunpoint. According to the police report, the robber told restaurant employees, “I don’t want to shoot anybody, but I need your cash.” A clerk handed the suspect an unreported amount of cash, and the man fled, according to the police report. The suspect was later identified, and warrants for aggravated robbery were issued for Travis Washington, 40, of Roslyn Avenue. Washington is a black male, 5 feet, 11 inches tall and 200 pounds. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Akron Police Department at 330-375-2552.

A Hampton Ridge Drive woman reported Aug. 18 she saw a man standing in her garage as she was pulling into her driveway. He began to close the garage door when he saw her, and she attempted to open the door again with a remote, according to her report. The suspect, a white male between the ages of 19 and 23 years old, entered the home through the garage entrance and then exited through the front door of the home, according to the report.

A burglary at an auto repair shop in the 2200 block of West Market Street was captured on camera the same day. The suspect is a white male, between 20 and 30 years old, 6 feet to 6 feet, 2 inches tall, between 160 and 185 pounds and was dressed in jeans and a light-colored T-shirt, according to the police report. He allegedly used a 4-by-4 piece of lumber to knock out a garage bay door to gain access to the building, breaking a 20-by-30 acrylic window. The male is seen on video climbing through the window and walking around inside the business, checking the office, front register and extra cash drawer before exiting the building through the broken door, according to the report.

BATH: A worker at a construction site on Sand Run Parkway reported Aug. 10 his wallet was stolen from a lunch box in his truck, which was parked near the worksite Aug. 6. He said the person used his credit cards to make unauthorized purchases totaling $1,200 at various area businesses.

A Ranchwood Road man reported he argued with his live-in girlfriend over her use of drugs Aug. 10, and she got into a vehicle and sped away. He gave police prescription medication he said she had been abusing.

Police responded to a report of a drug overdose at a North Shore Drive residence Aug. 10 and found a semiconscious male. Family members said he abuses heroin and Xanax. He was transported to a hospital for treatment. No contraband was found in his possession at the time of his transport.

On Aug. 10, police patrolling Montrose stopped a driver who pulled out of a parking lot in front of a vehicle on Medina Road, nearly causing an accident. He exhibited signs of impairment, failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. He was additionally charged with two counts of drug abuse when a tow inventory of the vehicle revealed a vial of marijuana and a vial of prescription medication that was not prescribed to him.

On Aug. 13, police responded to reports that a 14-year-old driver was speeding up and down Ranchwood Road. Officers observed the suspect speeding and stopped him after he ran a stop sign. The driver was arrested for driving without a license and cited for traffic violations. He and his 13-year-old passenger were released to their parents.

Police were called to a domestic disturbance at a Boltz Road residence Aug. 13, when a woman reported she took her daughter’s cell phone due to her behavior and her involvement in activities that resulted in police intervention earlier that evening. The daughter attempted to get the phone from her mother’s jacket pocket, which resulted in her arrest for unruly behavior and her referral to a juvenile diversion program.

On Aug. 11, a Fairway Drive woman reported items including an envelope containing $100 were stolen from her front porch the previous night.

Officers were called to a Medina Road restaurant Aug. 14 and took possession of a counterfeit $20 bill. A cashier working the drive-through lane said two males attempted to use the bill to purchase food Aug. 8. When they were told the bill was counterfeit, they gave the clerk a legitimate bill and drove off without their food, then one male entered the restaurant and used the counterfeit bill to make a purchase.

A woman reported someone broke the window of her vehicle while it was parked outside a Medina Road restaurant Aug. 12 and stole her purse.

Employees of a Medina Road grocery store reported Aug. 14 a man who was purchasing a $3 bottle of beer became angry when the purchase was denied because his female companion had no identification. He threw the money on the floor and left with the beer. He was charged with theft and released with a court summons.

COPLEY: A Georgia man staying at a Montrose West Avenue hotel reported Aug. 7 that $50 was stolen from a backpack in his room, and he believed it was taken by a housekeeper.

A Stonehurst Drive woman reported Aug. 7 her estranged husband grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head against a wall during an argument. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail.

An Orchard View Drive woman reported Aug. 8 her juvenile son left the residence without permission and failed to return. While officers were investigating another complaint at Windsor Park Estates, a man approached and said there was a young male sleeping on the sidewalk. Police found the missing juvenile asleep on a sidewalk near Mull Avenue and returned him to his residence. He was given a warning regarding curfew violation and incorrigibility.

On Aug. 8, police responded to a report of a fight in progress at a Mull Avenue residence and found a woman waiting for police in a vehicle. She said her juvenile son assaulted her and she got away and locked herself in the vehicle for safety. The son fled before officers arrived. He was located, charged with domestic violence and taken to a juvenile detention facility.

An Orchard View Drive woman reported someone threw eggs at her house between Aug. 6 and 8, and the aluminum siding was damaged.

Police were called to a Montrose West Avenue restaurant Aug. 10, when a woman reported she parked her car in the lot at 8:15 and returned at 11 p.m. to find the rear window had been smashed by someone who stole several purses containing cash, credit cards, identification and jewelry.

On Aug. 10, officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a male and female at a Rothrock Road motel and arrested the male for possession of 1 gram of marijuana found in the room during a consent search.

Police responded to a vehicle crash on Wright Road Aug. 10 and found the unoccupied vehicle on its side in a ditch. Officers located the driver walking on Kendall Road and found him to be intoxicated. The Copley man was arrested for DUI and released with a court summons.

A Hunt Club Drive resident reported Aug. 12 the side mirror was stolen from his truck, which was parked outside his residence. The part was later located near a trash receptacle.

FAIRLAWN: On Aug. 7, security agents at a West Market Street grocery store reported a man left the store without paying for 34 items. He admitted stealing the merchandise, and police arrested the Akron man for theft, advised him he is banned from the store and released him with a court summons.

Employees of a West Market Street hotel reported an intoxicated male was causing a disturbance at the hotel bar Aug. 11 and he refused to leave. Police escorted him from the bar, and he refused to be transported to a detoxification center. He was charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. He could not be incarcerated at the Summit County Jail due to his level of intoxication. The California man was taken to the police station and held until he could be released to a sober party.

A shopper at a West Market Street drugstore reported Aug. 11 her cell phone and wallet were stolen from her purse, which was in a shopping cart, when she turned away from the cart momentarily.

An employee of a mall repair business reported Aug. 12 his $625 cell phone was stolen from the counter of a mall kiosk while he worked. He traced the phone to a Detroit address, and he gave police the new phone number that was assigned to it.

Police responded to a report of burglary in progress at a Chamberlain Road residence Aug. 14, when a woman reported a female showed up at her residence to collect money she owed her. She told the woman she did not have the cash, and the female forced her way into the residence. Officers interviewed the female, who gave conflicting information. The victim declined charges, and police advised the female not to return to the residence or she could be charged with trespassing.

Police responded to a report of forgery in progress at a West Market Street grocery store Aug. 15, when a man was attempting to cash a counterfeit $497 paycheck drawn on the account of a Cleveland employment agency. The man told police he got the check from an unknown male who promised to pay him $100 for cashing it. He admitted attempting to cash two other checks within the past week.

NORTON: Police responded to a rear-end collision on Greenwich Road Aug. 10, when a North Canton woman ran into a vehicle driven by a Wadsworth man. Both drivers exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication, both failed field sobriety tests and each was arrested for DUI and released with a summons. The female’s BAC tested .236, and the male was charged with refusal to take a BAC test despite having a prior conviction for DUI.

The manager of a Greenwich Road store reported a woman came in the store multiple times Aug. 11 and purchased several bags of food on each occasion, although she appeared to have no ride home. Police spoke to her and realized she was experiencing mental health issues and had not taken her medication. She was transported to a hospital for evaluation. Police took her purchases to her home and found the doors were wide open. Officers put away her groceries, secured her residence and made a referral to Summit County Adult Protection Services for her welfare.

On Aug. 11, officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a Mark Lane residence after a couple’s daughter ran to a neighbor’s house to report that her mother and father were fighting and there was a gun in the home. The parties assured police the argument was verbal only, and the male said he did have a gun and a permit to carry it. Police took his weapons for safekeeping and found that they were loaded and one had been fired. The male was arrested for discharging a firearm in prohibited premises when he admitted he fired a shot out the back door to relieve frustration during the argument.

A Mamie Street woman called police after finding a rifle on the floorboard of her vehicle Aug. 12. She believes her 17-year-old son had handled the weapon and told police his behavior has been confrontational and unruly. Police said they would refer him to Summit County Juvenile Court for unruly behavior when he returned to the residence, and they took the weapon.

Police patrolling Barber Road the night of Aug. 13 stopped a driver of a vehicle with no headlights or taillights for lane violations. He appeared intoxicated, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and released on a signature bond. His BAC tested .160.

On Aug. 13, officers were called to an Inas Drive residence where a woman reported her foster child broke into her bedroom. Police noticed the lock on the door had been tampered with and the door was open. The juvenile was referred to Summit County Juvenile Court for unruly behavior.

The owner of a 31st Street business reported Aug. 13 someone broke into the cab of his tractor-trailer parked outside the business. Nothing was reported missing. Someone broke into another truck parked at the location the same night and stole numerous items.

The owner of a Gardner Boulevard business reported Aug. 15 a $7,000 open trailer was stolen from outside his business. Police were reviewing video surveillance footage from a nearby business, which might contain information about the incident.

PENINSULA: On June 2, a Peninsula police officer received a complaint of alleged cruelty to animals from a Whaley Road resident. The woman told the officer she believed her neighbor had shot and killed a cat and then placed the dead body on his driveway. The officer informed the woman that this would not be an animal cruelty case if the cat was killed on the neighbor’s property. The officer then met with another Whaley Road resident who said that the neighbor in question has been killing cats on his property and “displaying” the dead bodies on his driveway and yard. The man said the dead cats were creating a nuisance for the neighborhood. The officer spoke with a woman at the address of the man in question and advised her it was a violation of Ohio Revised Code 3767.16 to keep dead animals on their property. The woman agreed to refrain from putting any more dead animals on the driveway or the surrounding area and to dispose of them in the appropriate manner in the future. No further police action was taken.

On June 6, an officer received a radio assignment in reference to a suspicious person at a Boston Mills Road address. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a woman who said she had seen a man on her porch looking through the window. The officer did not observe anyone in the area who matched a description given by the woman. He advised the woman a police report would be created.

A police officer responded to a Kendall Park Road address June 11 for a breaking and entering report. The officer spoke with a man who reported that one or more unknown persons had entered through the rear window of the unoccupied garage and removed property, including a 10-foot set of aluminum ladders, iron bars for farm equipment and a stainless steel tub.

Valley Fire District personnel and a Peninsula police officer received a radio assignment June 20 to a Truxell Road address in reference to a juvenile male with a pair of scissors stuck in his abdomen. The officer assisted as necessary. No further police action was taken.

Two officers were dispatched to a Whaley Road address June 25 to investigate a dispute between neighbors. Upon arrival, the officers interviewed the person who had called in the report. The man said his neighbor was screaming at him about his outside security lights. The reporting party said his neighbor was annoyed by the lights and allegedly yelled, “This is war.” The man said he felt threatened by the remark. The officers interviewed the neighbor, who admitted to yelling at the other man because the lights shine right into his home, but he said he made no threats of violence. No further police action was taken.

On June 27, an officer took a report at the police station of a suspicious person. A Boston Township man told the officer he met a woman on Facebook who said she was from Jacksonville, Fla. The woman has since been calling the man and asking him to lend her $1,200. The man told her he would not lend her any money and said he no longer wanted to speak with her. The officer said he would call the woman and tell her to cease attempts at trying to contact the man. The officer also told the man that if the problem persisted, he could file a police report for telecommunications harassment.

A Boston Township trailer park resident told an officer June 27 that he was approached by a man claiming to be associated with DP&L Energy. The resident said he was concerned that the man was trying to gain personal information to use illegally. The officer located the man in question, who said he and his associate were in the area by the request of FirstEnergy Corp. and that they did work for DP&L Energy. They provided the officer with identification, and the officer verified that they were representatives of a legitimate power company. No further police action was taken.

RICHFIELD: An employee of a Congress Parkway business reported Aug. 9 his vehicle was stolen from the parking lot. He said the vehicle was locked, and he told police he suspected a Parma woman to whom he sold the vehicle. He said he took the vehicle back and gave her back her deposit when she failed to pay the remainder of the money she promised, but she refused to relinquish the second set of keys. Police entered information about the vehicle into a national database for stolen vehicles, and theft charges were authorized against the female. Police were unable to contact her by phone, and Parma police said they would attempt to locate her at her home.

On Aug. 9, a caretaker of a vacant house on Rainbow Lane asked police for assistance in locating the owner of a vehicle that was apparently abandoned in the garage. Officers tracked the vehicle to a construction company and spoke to the vehicle owner, who said he would remove the vehicle in five days. The homeowner was given the phone number of the vehicle owner.

A Streetsboro Road man reported Aug. 9 his ex-wife was evicted from her residence several months ago, and he allowed her to stay with him temporarily. He said she has made no attempt to find another residence, she has substance abuse issues, and she recently purchased a gun. Out of concern for his family’s safety, he asked her to leave, and she packed her things, sat in her vehicle in his driveway and refused to leave, so he went to the police station for assistance.

Police patrolling Streetsboro Road at 3:30 a.m. Aug. 12 stopped a driver for traveling 70 mph in a 45-mph zone. He exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication, admitted he drank several beers before driving and failed a field sobriety test. He was charged with DUI and booked into the Richfield Jail.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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