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Neighborhood Watch

West Side Neighborhood Watch

8/29/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 100 block of Beck Avenue Aug. 20; the 700 block of West Market Street Aug. 20; the 300 block of West North Street Aug. 21; the 1300 block of Weathervane Lane Aug. 22; the 200 block of Kenwood Avenue Aug. 24; the 1100 block of Stoner Street Aug. 24; the 800 block of Delia Avenue Aug. 25; the 100 block of Hurlburt Avenue Aug. 25; the 200 block of South Rhodes Avenue Aug. 25; and the 500 block of North Hawkins Avenue Aug. 26.

A 47-year-old Crestview Avenue man was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and receiving stolen property Aug. 20. The man was present while the narcotics unit executed a search warrant on a home in the 300 block of Gibbs Place in the University Park neighborhood, and he had a loaded 9 mm pistol that had been reported stolen in his possession, according to officers. Also charged were a 31-year-old Gibbs Place woman, for permitting drug abuse, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of crack; and a 32-year-old Bettes Avenue woman, for possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A 27-year-old Roslyn Avenue man was booked into the Summit County Jail Aug. 22 on charges of receiving stolen property July 30. The man allegedly stole the victim’s wedding ring while a guest in her Goodyear Heights home and attempted to pawn it.

A Weathervane Lane woman reported Aug. 22 a male in a dark hoodie broke into her third-floor apartment by climbing up balconies while she was lying on the floor watching TV with her dog. The man allegedly punched her in the face and proceeded to steal $5,000 in jewelry and $300 in clothing, before climbing back down the balconies with the items. The woman was transported to a hospital for evaluation for an unrelated health issue, according to the police report.

A 24-year-old Aqueduct Street man was booked into the Summit County Jail Aug. 23, facing charges of aggravated robbery and felonious assault. On June 12, the man allegedly approached the victim from behind, striking him with a revolver and causing injuries. He also kicked the victim, pointed the gun at the victim’s head and threatened to shoot the victim, according to officers.

On Aug. 24, a 27-year-old Kenmore man was charged with drug abuse (crack and marijuana) and domestic violence. Officers responded to a call regarding a domestic fight in the 100 block of Charlotte Street, alleging the man hit the victim in the face. During a search, officers found baggies of marijuana and crack cocaine.

Officers responded to a report of a stabbing in the 400 block of Woodland Avenue Aug. 24. A 26-year-old Corley Street woman was charged with felonious assault, and the victim is the father of her children, according to the police report. She allegedly smacked him and cut his wrist with a razor.

A 38-year-old Cuyahoga Falls woman was charged with possession of methamphetamine and oxycodone and drug paraphernalia Aug. 25 after being pulled over on South Hawkins Avenue near Diagonal Road. Officers stopped her after discovering a warrant and found .2 gram of methamphetamine, 11 oxycodone pills and a straw in her purse.

The same day, a 27-year-old Bittman Street man was charged with drug abuse (cocaine), disorderly conduct and domestic violence. He allegedly slapped and held down his live-in girlfriend while he was intoxicated. During intake at the Summit County Jail, cocaine was found in his pocket, according to officers.

A 28-year-old Wildwood Avenue man was charged with possession of crack Aug. 26. Officers observed him walking in the middle of the street and stopped him in the 800 block of Peckham Street. The man consented to a search, revealing a baggie of crack, according to officers.

BATH: The night of Aug. 15, police responded to a report that a woman was running around in the backyard of an Everett Road residence, trying to harm herself. Officers spoke to a woman and her boyfriend in the yard and interviewed everyone at the residence, but they were unable to substantiate the report or determine who made the call.

An employee of an Embassy Parkway business reported Aug. 16 she received a call at her workplace from someone who identified himself as a man who is prohibited from calling her by a court order. She asked police to document the call and contact the suspect.

Officers in a cruiser at the intersection of Bath and North Cleveland-Massillon roads the night of Aug. 19 observed the driver of a motorcycle with no headlight stop at the light. The vehicle stalled, and when officers approached, they noticed signs of alcohol intoxication. The driver failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the police station, where his BAC tested .192. He was arrested for DUI and having no motorcycle license, and released with a court summons. His girlfriend drove to the police station to pick him up, and she appeared intoxicated. She refused a field sobriety test and submitted to a chemical test, which indicated a BAC of .159. She was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. Both vehicles were towed.

On Aug. 19, police were seeking the persons who shot paintballs at Everett Road property owned by Revere Local Schools and Summit County. Suspects damaged a stop sign, flashing school zone sign and landscaping. Officers found several empty paint cans at the scene.

A North Cleveland-Massillon Road man reported Aug. 20 that a man repeatedly calls him claiming to represent a police charity and asking for money. When he declined the most recent request, the caller became verbally aggressive with him.

An employee of a Springside Drive business reported Aug. 20 a diamond engagement ring was stolen from an office or restroom in the business.

On Aug. 21, police stopped the driver of a truck with an unsecured load, arrested him for driving on a temporary permit without a licensed driver in the vehicle and released him to Summit County sheriff’s deputies on a warrant for failure to pay child support.

COPLEY: A Mull Avenue man called police Aug. 18 to report he saw a woman crying and yelling as she ran down the street. A man who was also yelling pursued the woman, and the two entered an apartment. Police knocked on the door of the residence and told the female to leave the apartment, but the male refused to let his wife leave. He was arrested for obstruction of official business for interfering with the investigation. Both parties said the fight was verbal only. The male was released with a court summons, but he was told not to go back to the apartment until the following day.

Police were called to a Denise Drive residence Aug. 18 by a man who said he had an argument with his girlfriend and she refused to leave his residence. When police found her in the driveway, she refused their order to leave and was uncooperative with officers. She was arrested for obstructing official business and criminal trespassing and told not to return to the residence that night.

A resident of a Sumner Parkway residence reported Aug. 18 two rings were stolen from his room.

Also that day, police responded to a call from a woman who said she was running from a man who robbed her at gunpoint in her room at a Rothrock Road motel. She said he also robbed her friend in the parking lot. Officers from Bath and Copley assisted in a search of the area, but they were unable to locate the man.

A Knox Boulevard woman reported a man was at her residence Aug. 19 in violation of a protection order, and he threatened her and her children and then left on a motorcycle. Police signed a warrant for his arrest for violation of a protection order.

A Montrose West Avenue woman reported Aug. 18 she used her debit card to pay for a meal at a local restaurant and the following day she was notified that someone used the card numbers to make a $788 online purchase.

At 4:17 a.m. Aug. 20, police responded to a report that a man was slumped behind the steering wheel of a vehicle at a Mull Avenue location. Officers observed his foot on the brake and woke him after several attempts. When he woke, he exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test, and he was charged with DUI and with refusal to take a BAC test. He was released with a court summons.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Stonebridge Boulevard residence Aug. 21, when a woman told police her husband grabbed her twice and attempted to shove her face into the bathroom sink, and she ran and locked herself in the bedroom. She greeted police at the door, and they found her husband in the garage listening to music in a vehicle. He said she came in the bathroom while he was shaving and she refused to leave, so he shoved her out the door. His wife made a written statement of domestic violence, and police arrested him and took him to the Summit County Jail.

A Westwick Way woman reported Aug. 21 someone attempted to use her credit account, which has been closed for several months.

On Aug. 22, a Sunnyfield Drive woman reported several rings are missing from her apartment.

Police arranged for a vehicle abandoned at a Hunt Club Drive apartment complex to be towed to an impound lot Aug. 23.

FAIRLAWN: On Aug. 16, police responded to a call from a disabled Dalton Road woman who said her husband had been drinking and struck her, then went into the garage saying he was going to kill himself. Police arrived and found smoke coming from the garage and heard the man call for help. The victim’s wife said it was not possible to lift the door open, and officers kicked in the side door to carry the man outside. He told police he did not start the fire and denied he was trying to kill himself. He was transported to a hospital, and a nurse at the unit was asked to contact police when he is released. Charges of domestic violence and aggravated arson were pending completion of an investigation.

Employees of a West Market Street grocery store reported Aug. 17 an Akron man shoplifted five packages of hair remover and left without paying. Bath officers stopped his vehicle, and Fairlawn police arrested him for theft and criminal trespassing, as he had been banned from the business. He was taken to the Summit County Jail on a Fairlawn warrant and again banned from the store.

An employee of a Montrose discount store reported Aug. 20 that a woman placed a $300 lawnmower in a shopping cart and attempted to push it out of the store without paying. The Akron woman was arrested for theft and banned from the store.

Police are seeking the person who broke into a Jeep outside a Park Hill Drive residence the night of Aug. 21 and stole a stereo, GPS unit and other items totaling $2,450.

A Stanley Avenue man reported Aug. 22 his estranged wife arrived at his home to pick up their child and forced her way into the residence when he attempted to stop her from entering due to a prior argument and a court order. Police were unable to verify a court order, and the female left with the child. The male declined police intervention but requested documentation.

An Akron woman arrested for shoplifting 12 items from a mall lingerie store Aug. 22 was additionally charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after police found three drug pipes and other items in her purse.

An employee of a mall department store who allegedly concealed merchandise in a bag and left it under a cash register Aug. 22, then retrieved the bag after the store closed, was charged with theft. The Akron woman admitted stealing jeans in a similar manner the previous day. She was banned from the store indefinitely.

A Cleveland man was charged with theft of merchandise totaling $168 from a mall department store Aug. 24 after loss prevention agents observed him conceal the items and recorded the activity on video surveillance footage. He was banned from the store and released with a court summons.

NORTON: A woman reported she was driving on Norton Avenue Aug. 17 when another female engaged her in a road rage incident. A witness called police to report the incident, and he said both females were involved and yelling at each other.

An Oak Crest Drive woman reported Aug. 18 her husband was drunk and breaking items in the home. She wanted him to leave and stay away until he was sober. Police provided her with information regarding her options to have him removed from the residence.

A Norton man who reportedly ran a red light on Wadsworth Road Aug. 18 admitted he had been drinking. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and having an open container of beer in a vehicle.

Employees of a Wadsworth Road gas station reported Aug. 19 a white male pumped gasoline worth $62 into a white truck and drove off without paying.

On Aug. 20, a Long Drive man reported a camera, GPS unit and buck knife were stolen from an unlocked vehicle outside his residence.

Police investigated a report that an ATV was stolen from a locked storage garage on Summit Road Aug. 20. There was no sign of forced entry into the garage.

A man reported Aug. 20 his brother has been stealing items from their mother’s house on Krancz Drive. He said coins, a catalytic converter and portable saw have been stolen recently and that other items have been stolen over a period of time. Police advised him and his mother to make a list of missing items for officers.

On Aug. 22, police investigated a report of burglary at a Clark Mill Road residence where a woman said a rifle, stereo and tortoise were stolen. She said she owns the home, but due to illness she is staying with a friend and checking her residence often. Police found tire tracks outside the residence and determined someone was driving a vehicle around the property.

A Norton Avenue woman reported Aug. 22 a license plate was stolen from a vehicle outside her residence.

Police investigated the burglary of a residence on Clubhouse Drive Aug. 22, when suspects broke in and stole credit cards, two flat-screen TVs, video games and other items.

RICHFIELD: A Brush Road woman reported Aug. 9 her grandson was using profanity and refused to return a bicycle that belonged to her husband, who was in the hospital. Police attempted to contact the juvenile’s father and spoke to the youth, who reportedly was disrespectful with police regarding his grandmother. He said a friend had the bicycle at Richfield Woods Park and he could not retrieve it. Police drove the child to the park, where he retrieved the bike. Officers advised him of laws concerning incorrigibility and his disrespect for his grandmother while he was staying in her home.

Police patrolling Southern Road Aug. 10 observed a driver pull his vehicle to the side of the road and asked him what the problem was. He said he saw police and knew they would stop him, so he pulled over. He exhibited signs of intoxication, failed a field sobriety test and had pennies in his mouth. His BAC tested .132. He was charged with DUI and released on bond.

On Aug. 12, a Hawkins Road man went to the police station to report vandalism of a well drilled on his property in April of 2011. He said the well did not conform to county standards and it was not capped, and the well driller is now harassing him.

A woman went to the police station Aug. 14 to report her sister-in-law has been sending threatening text messages to her and her brother. Police had her file a report, and they said her brother must also file a complaint so they can investigate both complaints.

A Kingsbury Trace man reported Aug. 14 he is missing 200 pears from trees in his organic garden in a fenced area. The previous day, he noticed the pears and knew they needed to be picked. Police increased patrol around his residence on all three shifts.

On Aug. 14, police investigated a report by a park worker regarding vandalism in the men’s room at Richfield Woods Park on Broadview Road. It appeared a firecracker had been set off in the men’s restroom and a fire was started in the women’s restroom.

A man went to the police station Aug. 15 to report his wife heard gunshots Aug. 13 and he feared someone fired a bullet that landed on his property. Police advised him that if anyone at his residence hears a gunshot, they must call police immediately in order to have the matter investigated.

Officers patrolling Richfield Woods Park Aug. 16 observed several young juveniles they had seen walking on Wheatley and Brecksville roads earlier. The boys said they were walking home from their friend’s house, but they did not know where he lived. A half hour later, police returned to check the park, and the juveniles were still there. Due to recent vandalism in the park and because the juveniles had covered a lot of ground that day, police transported four juveniles to the police station to be identified and released to their parents. One juvenile whom police transported to the park to retrieve his grandfather’s bicycle Aug. 9 was in possession of several smoking devices containing tobacco residue.

Following a traffic stop on Interstate 77 Aug. 16, a man was charged with driving under suspension and released to the Solon Police Department on a warrant.

The next day, police responded to a report by a woman who said she is house-sitting at an Everett Road home and she found that a suspicious person sprayed paint on the driveway, windows and outside of the home. She said she did not believe the person gained access, though she found a bloody cell phone in the residence. Officers determined the paint was actually blood, and it was splattered around the outside and inside of the residence. Officers increased patrol around the residence. According to the same report, police responded to a vehicle crash on Interstate 271 around 4 a.m. and found a blood-spattered vehicle, but they could not locate the driver. Several hours later, police responded to a call of a suspicious person covered with blood walking on Everett Road and found the man standing in front of a house on Everett Road and took him to the fire station to be evaluated. Police suspect he was the person who attempted to gain access to the Everett Road home.

Following a registration check of a vehicle on Broadview Road Aug. 22, police stopped the driver and charged him with driving under suspension. He was released with a summons.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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