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9/12/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 400 block of Treeside Drive Aug. 27; the 600 block of Mull Avenue Sept. 3; the 800 block of Roslyn Avenue Sept. 3; the 1300 block of Frederick Boulevard Sept. 4; the 400 block of Noble Avenue Sept. 4; the 1000 block of Bloomfield Avenue Sept. 5; the 100 block of White Pond Drive Sept. 5; the 1300 block of Frederick Boulevard Sept. 6; the 200 block of Noble Avenue Sept. 6; the 300 block of Portage Path Sept. 6; and the 300 block of North Hawkins Avenue Sept. 7.

A 57-year-old Winton Avenue woman was charged with possession of crack Sept. 1. She was observed getting into a vehicle in a known drug area at Marcy Street and Cole Avenue, according to officers, who recovered several small rocks of crack from the backseat of the car.

Officers responded to a home invasion in the 1300 block of Frederick Boulevard Sept. 4 to find an apartment door had been kicked in. A man and woman were located in a bedroom. The man had a head laceration, and he said he had been hit in the face and head several times, according to the police report. The woman reported they were lying in bed when she heard a loud bang and two men entered the bedroom. One of the men fired off multiple rounds, she said. The man stated he yelled at the men to take his wallet, which was on top of a dresser. Officers noted they observed a shell casing on the floor and a possible bullet in the ceiling. The man said the suspects took approximately $200 out of his wallet before they fled the scene.

A 54-year-old Smithville man was charged with possession of heroin and possession of a drug instrument Sept. 4 after being pulled over in the 200 block of South Rhodes Avenue. A 25-year-old Glenmont man, a passenger, was also charged with possession of heroin.

The same day, an 18-year-old Streetsboro woman was charged with possession of heroin, while a 24-year-old Streetsboro man was charged with possession of heroin, possession of a drug instrument, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. They were stopped at exit 129 on Interstate 77 for a traffic violation, and when officers asked the woman if she had anything illegal in her possession, she removed a baggie of heroin from her bra, according to the police report. Officers also found heroin, needles, metal spoons and a small amount of marijuana in the man’s possession.

On Sept. 5, a 38-year-old White Pond Drive man was charged with complicity to trafficking in cocaine, complicity to drug abuse (cocaine) and drug abuse (marijuana) after being stopped for a traffic violation at Crestview Avenue and Diagonal Road. A passenger, a 51-year-old Goodyear Heights man, was charged with trafficking in cocaine, drug abuse (cocaine and marijuana) and tampering with evidence. Officers recovered a bag containing over 100 grams of cocaine packaged for sale, along with 5 grams of marijuana, according to the police report.

Detectives are investigating a shooting that occurred Sept. 5 around 2 p.m. at the intersection of East Avenue and Diagonal Road.  The victim, a 26-year-old Russell Avenue man, reported he was sitting in a car at the intersection when he was shot in the hip by an unknown male. The victim drove to a hospital, where his injuries were not life-threatening. Anyone with information is asked to call the Akron Police Department at 330-375-2552.

Officers charged a 22-year-old Cliffside Drive man with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of crack, drug abuse and misrepresenting identity Sept. 5. The man was a passenger in a vehicle stopped at Thornton and Broadway streets, and he gave officers false information about his identity three times, according to the police report. When officers placed him under arrest, they found marijuana and a digital scale in his pockets. They also discovered crack between the passenger seat and center console of the car.

In the early hours of Sept. 6, a 35-year-old Michigan man was pulled over on Copley Road near Valdes Avenue for driving without headlights on. While the man stated he had nothing illegal in his vehicle, officers found one-and-a-half Vicodin pills in his pocket and another 18 stuffed in a toy in the trunk of the vehicle, according to the police report. The man said his mother-in-law gave him the pills to keep him awake while he drove.

An employee of a restaurant in the 1500 block of Copley Road reported Sept. 6 a Cordova Avenue woman ordered food for pickup but did not come to get it. The woman later called back and asked for the food to be delivered, according to the police report. The employee said he would remake the food but the woman would be charged for it, according to his report. She allegedly then drove to the restaurant to confront him, throwing a bottle of suntan lotion at the drive-through window.

An Audubon Road woman reported Sept. 7 her son, a 36-year-old living with her, told her he traded her car for drugs.

BATH: The manager of a Montrose clothing store reported Aug. 30 she saw a man concealing items in the store and recognized him as a previous shoplifter. He fled from the store, leaving some boys’ clothing behind on a table outside the store, and as he ran through the parking lot, she saw store merchandise protruding from his clothing. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

Employees of a Medina Road cosmetics store reported Aug. 30 they saw a man placing merchandise down the front of his shorts. Police observed the suspect leaving the store with a woman, and they discovered he had men’s fragrances in his shorts, along with a bag of marijuana. After police reviewed surveillance video footage and interviewed witnesses, the man was charged with theft and drug abuse and released with a court summons.

An Olentangy Drive woman reported Aug. 31 an official from her bank notified her that her debit card was being used to make purchases in the Chicago area. The victim said she had the card in her possession, and she believes the card was scammed at a bank machine and a duplicate was made.

On Aug. 31, an Orchard Drive resident reported cash and gold jewelry was stolen from her residence.

Police patrolling Montrose at 2:30 a.m. Aug. 31 were approached by a copy center employee who said several rounds of ammunition were located at the rear entrance of the business. Police found the ammunition and three rounds that were on top of an electrical box near the employee entrance. The ammunition was confiscated and police are investigating.

Officers patrolling Interstate 77 the morning of Sept. 1 found three people sleeping in the grass along the highway near the rest area. A female told police she had been driving all night and needed to sleep. The three were identified and released.

On Sept. 1, police responded to a report that a man had stabbed himself at a Sourek Road residence. Police determined he had attempted to use a bayonet to open a soup can and accidentally stabbed his hand. He was transported to a hospital.

Richfield officers notified police they found a man passed out behind the steering wheel of a vehicle at an Everett Road location Sept. 2. After numerous attempts, police were able to wake the suspect, who stumbled out of the vehicle and failed a field sobriety test. His BAC tested .119, and he was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. His vehicle was towed.

The manager of a Medina Road fabric store found a purse containing items with security sensors attached Sept. 2, and police determined they had been stolen from a nearby clothing store. Employees of the store reported an unknown female was seen concealing the items in the purse and leaving the store, but the incident was not reported at the time.

Police responded to a fight between a Revere Road woman and her daughter-in-law Sept. 3 and observed the resident had sustained visible injuries. After interviewing the victim, officers issued warrants for the daughter-in-law’s arrest, and she surrendered at the police station, where she was charged with assault and criminal trespassing, and released with a court summons.

On Sept. 3, officers searched the area around a North Cleveland-Massillon Road facility for a patient who wandered away. The victim’s family located her in Fairlawn, and police transported her back to the facility.

COPLEY: A Karl Drive man reported Aug. 24 a dog had been abandoned in a fenced yard next door, and no one has tended to it for two weeks. He said he and his wife fed and watered the animal. Police located the property owner, who said the dog belongs to her son’s ex-girlfriend, who has been away. The house is in foreclosure and vacant. The neighbor said he would continue to feed the dog, and police notified the county animal warden.

On Aug. 24, a Warren Avenue woman reported a male and female were trespassing on her property. She said she confronted them when she found them sitting on a pickup truck in her driveway, and they walked to the rear of her property and left.

Police investigated a report that two iPhones were stolen during a birthday party at a Kibler Road residence Aug. 24. One phone was located in a pile of ashes, and the second one was not recovered.

Officers patrolling Copley Road Aug. 25 stopped a driver for lane violations. He admitted consuming alcohol before driving, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI, driving under suspension and released with a court summons.

A woman reported $100 was stolen from her purse while she visited her father at a facility on Chestnut Chase Aug. 26.

A witness reported Aug. 26 the driver of a white pickup pulling a landscaping trailer dropped a gas blower on Paxton Road and drove away, unaware he had lost it. Police removed the item from the road and took it to the police station.

A man reported someone broke into his unlocked truck while he attended a family reunion at a White Pond Drive residence Aug. 28 and stole his property.

An employee of a Montrose West Avenue restaurant reported Aug. 28 someone broke a window of her vehicle that was parked in an employee lot while she worked and stole her wallet, containing cash, credit cards and identification.

Police responded to a Medina Line Road horse farm Aug. 29, when a horse owner reported a black and tan pit bull dog and a beagle were running loose and entered the property. The pit bull attacked a horse and bit the animal, which sustained lacerations on its legs and ribcage. Officers are seeking the dog owner.

The mother of a Copley High School student reported Aug. 30 her daughter’s iPhone was stolen from a school restroom.

The manager of a Montrose West Avenue hotel reported Aug. 30 a male and female with a child checked in last November and left abruptly in March, leaving an unpaid bill of $4,200. She contacted the couple, and the female agreed to come into the business and make regular payments, but she failed to do so. She said the business would prosecute them and that a manager of another hotel reported a similar incident involving the same couple.

On Aug. 30, police investigated a report by a school bus driver who said an elementary school student might have a weapon in a backpack. At a location on Raleigh Boulevard, officers searched the backpack and determined the student and his younger brother found a harmless toy while on the way to the bus stop and discarded it on a lawn before boarding the bus.

Officers assisted Norton police officers who found a group of juveniles and young adults drinking at a campsite just across the Copley border Aug. 31. The campers parked their vehicles on Laurie Lane in Norton and walked north into Copley to set up camp, saying they had the property owner’s permission. The owner was not home, and police could not verify that report. Two juveniles were released to their parents, several young adults were identified and released and all parties were warned about underage drinking and trespassing and told to clean up the campsite and remove all tents and belongings the next day. They were told they needed written permission to use private property for camping.

An employee of a Medina Road restaurant reported Aug. 31 she parked her car in the employee lot around 4:30 p.m. and returned later that night to find the window had been broken and her purse stolen.

A Crestmont Court woman reported Aug. 31 an unknown female knocked on her door and asked to come into her house, saying she was taking a political survey. Once inside, she asked to use the bathroom. When she emerged from the bathroom, she left abruptly, and the woman found she was missing $300 from her purse. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. They advised the woman to monitor her bank and credit accounts for identity theft.

Police investigated a suspicious vehicle in a Montrose parking lot around 1:30 a.m. Aug. 31. The driver appeared disoriented and was attempting to turn off a car alarm. When he saw police approaching, he drove away, and officers motioned for him to stop, but he kept driving. Following a traffic stop, the driver produced an Ohio identification card, and he allegedly admitted he had no driver’s license but said he was not planning to drive far. He failed a field sobriety test, refused a BAC test and was arrested for DUI, refusal and driving without a license due to a suspension stemming from a refusal of a BAC test on a previous occasion.

FAIRLAWN: Police responded to an incident at a location in Montrose Sept. 2, when a man was behaving violently and setting household items on fire. Before officers arrived, the suspect fled and was last seen running north on Rothrock Road. Officers from Copley and Bath assisted, and the suspect was located at a Medina Road gas station by a Copley officer, who apprehended him. The suspect struggled with the officer, and a Bath officer assisted in subduing him. Police placed two sets of handcuffs on him while holding him for Fairlawn officers, who placed him in the back seat of a cruiser, charged him with possession of drugs and transported him to a psychiatric facility.

On Sept. 2, officers responded to a domestic dispute at a Chamberlain Road apartment where a woman reported her estranged husband was not welcome at her residence but he was there. She said she was seeking a protection order to keep him away. The husband was gone when police arrived, and the victim was advised to call if he returned. Officers were called back to the residence and found him in the driveway. He was advised to leave and not return or he would be charged with criminal trespassing. After the Akron man left, the woman reported he assaulted her on a previous occasion. Due to conflicting information, no charges were filed, and the female was advised to report any future problems at the time they occur.

The manager of a West Market Street jewelry store reported Sept. 3 an employee advised her that an $80 ring was missing from a display tower. She reviewed video surveillance footage and observed a woman cut a security wire and take the ring. In the video, the woman was carrying shopping bags from other stores, and police were able to obtain her name where she had made a purchase. Officers went to the suspect’s home in Bath and found her wearing the same clothing she was wearing in the video footage. She was charged with theft, released with a court summons and advised she was banned from the store.

Employees of a Montrose discount store reported Sept. 4 a man loaded merchandise into a shopping cart and pushed it out of the store without paying. Police apprehended the man outside the store, returned the merchandise, totaling $234, to the store, charged the man with theft and advised him he is banned from the store. He was released with a court summons.

On Sept. 4, an employee of a West Market Street restaurant reported the window of her car was broken and a credit card was stolen while the vehicle was parked outside the restaurant between 1 and 10 p.m.

NORTON: On Aug. 28, police investigated a report from Norton City Schools that stated a furnace, hot water tank and garage door were stolen from a vacant house on South Cleveland-Massillon Road. The house is owned by the school district.

A Houston Road man reported Aug. 28 his daughter was attacked while she was riding her bike on Houston Road by two neighborhood dogs running at-large. The child sustained minor injuries. Police were unable to locate the dog owner, who was not home.

On Aug. 30, a Middlehurst Road man reported two men attempted to open his garage door. He said no entry was gained and nothing was missing.

Employees of a Wadsworth Road gas station reported Aug. 30 a white male filled an SUV with $88 in fuel and sped away without paying.

Police patrolling state Route 21 Aug. 30 stopped a driver for traveling 76 mph in a 60-mph zone. The Barberton female was charged with possession of an open bottle of liquor found in the vehicle and possession of marijuana. She was released with a court summons.

Following a registration check of a vehicle on Woodbine Street Aug. 31, police arrested a Norton woman on a warrant for failure to pay a fine for speeding. She was released on bond.

A Clubside Drive resident reported Sept. 1 an $80 child’s basketball hoop was stolen the previous night.

The manager of a Greenwich Road business reported Sept. 2 someone removed an electric meter outside the business, cut two wires and replaced the meter. Police requested video surveillance footage, and the manager said it would be provided when the owner returned.

The city park superintendent reported Sept. 3 someone damaged a barbecue pit behind a large shelter in Columbia Woods Park.

Also on that day, a Hametown Road woman reported six vials of Clonazepam were stolen from her home. She said the family was away on several occasions, and a neighbor told police investigating the report that there had been several parties in the residence during the time of the theft.

Police responded to a domestic dispute at a Johnson Road residence Sept. 4, when a man reported his estranged wife knocked his cell phone out of his hand. The female told police she was struggling to place their child in a car seat for her visitation and the male attempted to bribe the child into staying with him, then used his phone to videotape the struggle. Police advised the parents to control their behavior around their child.

The owner of a Whipple Drive residence reported Sept. 5 a dirt bike and lawnmower were stolen from his garage. He said the house is vacant, and he is living elsewhere due to recent water damage.

An employee of a Wooster Road lounge reported she opened the business the morning of Sept. 6 and noticed the lock on a door leading to a liquor room had been broken and the door was open. She said $500 was missing from a box inside the room. Police found two pool sticks behind the bar.

PENINSULA: On July 3, an officer was dispatched to an Akron-Cleveland Road business for the reported theft of a mobile travel trailer.

An officer took a theft report from a man at an Akron-Cleveland Road business July 9. The man said he noticed two extendible aluminum ladders and one A-frame ladder had been stolen from the shop when he arrived for work that day at approximately 1:30 p.m. The man said he last saw the ladders at approximately 8 p.m. on July 8.

On July 9, two police officers were dispatched along with Valley Fire personnel to state Route 303 for a report of a semi truck with its brakes on fire. The fire department extinguished the fire, and the truck was moved off the road while the driver worked to get a tow and transportation.

An officer received a radio assignment to Akron-Cleveland Road July 10 in reference to a goat on the roadway. Upon arrival, the officer was able to locate the goat.

On July 11, an officer was advised of possible illegal dumping at a location on Akron-Cleveland Road. Upon arrival, the officer found three people in a red pick-up truck who were unloading dirt. The officer asked the driver whether they had permission to dump the dirt there, and the man said they did not. After the three people loaded the dirt back into the truck, they were advised not to trespass on the property again.

An officer was given a wallet that had been found in a Main Street restaurant July 14. The officer attempted to contact the wallet’s owner but was unsuccessful. The wallet was placed in police property.

On July 18, an officer received a radio assignment to a Whaley Road location regarding a possible burglary. The officer spoke with a man, who said he noticed his front door and sliding door had been damaged and the screens had been removed from several of his windows. The man said nothing appeared to have been stolen at that point, but noted that the break-in occurred between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. The police officer told the man he would speak to the neighbors and create a police report.

An officer received a call from dispatch July 20 regarding a wallet found at a private residence on Riverview Road. Upon arrival, the officer met with a female resident, who said she found a wallet containing money on her patio. She said she had sent an email out to the rest of her family but had yet to get back a response. She decided to keep the wallet until she could determine whether it belonged to one of her family members, and the officer advised her to call the station if they could not locate the wallet’s owner.

On July 22, an officer read three letters addressed to the Peninsula Police Department. In the first two letters, the writer alleged to have been threatened by “spies” who are patrons, owners or managers of a local hotel. The letters were accompanied by photocopied letters addressed to the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C. The first letter was postmarked July 16 from Nashville, Tenn., and the second letter was postmarked July 20 from Columbus. In the third letter (also postmarked July 20 from Columbus), the writer apologized for “all the letters” and blamed another individual, who “started all this.” The writer said he was sending a letter to the FBI and Jesse Ventura.

An officer was dispatched to Stine Road July 22 regarding possible telephone harassment. The officer met a female resident, who said she had met a man on a dating website, and she had become concerned after he sent several “off-putting” text messages. The woman said the man had not made any threats, but noted that she did not want any more contact with him. The officer said a police report would be created and told her to call the station if the man continued to try to contact her.

On July 26, an officer was dispatched to the Peninsula Police Department to take a report regarding a stolen or lost iPad. The officer met with a woman, who said she had left her iPad and a charging case on the hood of her car at her Kendall Park Drive residence when she drove away without thinking about the computer equipment. The woman said she retraced her route from a bank in Hudson to her home but was unable to locate the device. The woman said she contacted Apple to freeze her account, and the officer instructed her to notify her bank.

An officer received a complaint from Mayor Doug Mayer July 30 about panhandling on North Locust Street. The officer observed a small box on a stick with a sign on it soliciting donations for parking. The officer attempted to contact the homeowner but was unable to do so. No further police action was taken.

On July 31, an officer responded to a call to Akron-Peninsula Road regarding a reported theft. The officer met with a resident, who said he receives his medication through the mail. The man said a shipment had been due July 27, and when he did not receive what he had ordered, he called the company responsible for sending him his medicine. An employee told the man the medicine should have already arrived and provided a tracking number. The man called the post office, and when he provided the tracking number, he was informed the package already had been delivered.

A 51-year-old Peninsula man was charged with drug abuse (crack) and drug paraphernalia Aug. 24. Akron Police Department (APD) officers stopped the man for a traffic violation on North Arlington Street when they noticed a rock of crack cocaine in plain view on the driver’s floorboard, according to the APD report. Officers recovered .2 gram of crack cocaine, a marijuana crusher, scouring pad and push rod.

RICHFIELD: Police patrolling Deer Path Trail at 2:30 a.m. Aug. 25 observed a 14-year-old riding his bike. They transported him home and advised his father the juvenile was out past curfew. 

A Southern Road woman reported Aug. 26 an unknown male stopped at her house and asked if she wanted free mulch, and she said she did. He returned and mowed her lawn without her permission, and when she paid him, he said he would return every week and mow the lawn. She spoke with neighbors, who told her not to trust him, and now she does not want him on her property, but she said she did not want police intervention at the time.

On Aug. 26, officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic dispute at a Whitetail Court residence, where a woman said she and her husband argued, and he threatened to get an ax and chop everyone up. She took the children and left the residence. Police asked her if she wanted to sign domestic violence charges and she refused. After speaking with her husband, who said he threatened to get an ax and chop up the house, police arrested him for domestic violence by menacing and took him to the Summit County Jail.

Police investigated a report of a stolen pickup from a Brecksville Road trucking company Aug. 27, when an employee reported he parked the truck next to his personal vehicle at 4 p.m. and noticed 45 minutes later the truck was gone and the door of his vehicle was open. The following day, the victim called police to adjoining property, where a suspicious man had been driving a Bobtail truck. The suspect was gone when police arrived. Officers determined the Bobtail had been reported stolen from North Canton and are seeking the man.

A Medina Line Road man reported Aug. 28 he woke at 4:30 a.m. to find all the interior lights in his vehicle were turned on. He said nothing was disturbed or missing from the vehicle.

An employee of a Wheatley Road gas station reported Aug. 29 that the driver of a Toyota pickup truck pumped $30 in fuel and left without paying.

On Aug. 30, police assisted officers from the Ohio Investigative Unit as they issued citations to the owner of a Streetsboro Road bar. The citations were for violations including allowing the removal of alcohol purchased for on-site consumption.

Police on Streetsboro Road the night of Aug. 31 stopped a driver for lane violations. She said she just got off work at a nearby bar, where she had two beers and a shot of liquor before driving home. Officers learned she got off work more than two hours before she was stopped. She said she was unable to complete a field sobriety test due to a medical condition. Her BAC tested .197. She was arrested for DUI, driving under a DUI suspension and a noncompliance suspension and released on bond.

A Motor Road woman asked police for assistance in removing an unwanted houseguest Aug. 1. Officers advised the woman to leave the residence and not return, and took her to the police station to await a ride from a friend.

On Aug. 2, police responded to a report that two dogs were killing chickens at a West Streetsboro Road location, where a woman said a German shepherd and a pit bull entered her yard and killed her chickens. She said this is not the first time this has happened, and she said the dogs belong to a neighbor who runs a rescue operation for aggressive dogs. Police spoke to the neighbor, who denied the attacking dogs were his, said all his dogs were inside his residence and stated that none of the aggressive dogs he rescues are on his property. He said the woman approached him with a gun and threatened to kill him. Police spoke to the woman, and she denied threatening him, but admitted she fired the gun to scare the dogs off. Officers were unable to locate the owner of the dogs that attacked the chickens and advised the victim to call if they return.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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