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10/10/2013 -
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 300 block of Greenwood Avenue Oct. 2; the 1100 block of Jefferson Avenue Oct. 4; the 1500 block of Marion Avenue Oct. 4; the 600 block of Roslyn Avenue Oct. 4; the 1000 block of Dover Avenue Oct. 5; the 100 block of Oakdale Avenue Oct. 5; and the 1400 block of Timber Trail Oct. 5.

Two Wildwood Avenue men, ages 25 and 28, were charged with a robbery that took place Sept. 23 at Copley Road and East Avenue, during which the pair allegedly punched, kicked and stole $37 from the victim.

On Oct. 1, a 40-year-old Oakdale Street man was stopped by officers after being observed in a “high drug area” on West Market Street and attempting to avoid officers, according to the police report. The man admitted to having marijuana in his pocket, and officers recovered 11 small bags, according to the report. The man also was in possession of a pipe and joint in his pocket, according to officers. The man was charged with trafficking in marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

A 34-year-old Hemlock Hills Drive man was charged with domestic violence with a previous conviction after being involved in an argument with his live-in girlfriend Oct. 2. The man allegedly grabbed his girlfriend around the neck and threw her down.

Officers attempted to stop a 33-year-old Cleveland man for a traffic violation at Madison and Garth avenues Oct. 2, but he refused to pull over his vehicle, according to officers. After a police chase through nearby neighborhoods, the man jumped out of the car and fled on foot. He was apprehended a short time later, according to officers. However, the man refused to obey officers’ commands and was shot with a taser to gain his compliance, according to the police report. The man was charged with willful fleeing, criminal damaging, obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

A Peerless Avenue woman and Crosby Street man were at an area hospital when they met a male, between 20 and 25 years old, who persistently asked them for a ride Oct. 3, according to the police report. Eventually, the woman told the Crosby Street man that he could drive her vehicle and take the unknown man where he wanted to go, according to the victim. The driver stopped in the 900 block of Jefferson Avenue to grab some clothing, and while inside, he heard what sounded like a car peeling off, according to the police report. When he looked outside, he discovered the vehicle was gone. It was recovered the next day by Barberton police officers.

A 39-year-old Weathervane Lane man was charged with possession of heroin, possession of Adderall, obstructing official business and being in a park after dark Oct. 3. As officers approached the man in the 1000 block of East Avenue, he allegedly dropped a baggie of heroin on the ground, according to the police report.

Officers were looking for a known burglary suspect in the area of Madison and Stadelman avenues Oct. 4 when they located the 19-year-old Jefferson Avenue man they were seeking. The man attempted to elude officers, running behind houses and throwing down his jacket, according to the police report. The jacket contained a charm bracelet, a used syringe and martial arts throwing stars in both pockets, according to officers. The charm bracelet was later identified as one stolen in a burglary earlier in the day, according to the police report. Later, the man’s family members called police to report he had returned home, and officers arrested him and charged him with tampering with evidence, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drug abuse instruments and obstructing official business.

While walking in the area of Copley Road and Frederick Boulevard Oct. 5, a Coventry Township man reported four black males in their early 20s approached him, pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The victim said they took $15 and his bus pass.

The same day a Winton Avenue man reported a black male on a green bicycle asked him for money while he was on Copley Road near Storer Avenue. A short time later, the victim withdrew $40 from a nearby ATM and began to walk home, according to his report. While near the intersection of Winton Avenue and Cadillac Boulevard, he noticed the male on the green bicycle and two other males following him, according to his report. The victim stated he reached his front porch and was approached by the three people, who grabbed him and reached into his pocket and stole the cash.

On Oct. 7, a fifth-grade girl at Portage Path Community Learning Center was discovered hiding in a classroom holding stolen items behind her back. The girl allegedly entered the classroom without permission and took two wallets from a purse belonging to a teacher. All property was recovered and returned to the victim, according to the police report.

BATH: The manager of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road home improvement store reported Sept. 26 a man returned merchandise and was upset because he had no receipt and could only get a store credit. He left the store and met with two males in the parking lot. Police questioned him, and he admitted one of the men stole the merchandise and had him return it to get cash. The store manager canceled the store credit and declined charges against the suspect.

Around 5 a.m. Sept. 26, police investigated a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road senior facility. The car was unoccupied, and police determined the owner was wanted on warrants from the Macedonia and Stow police departments. Officers learned a theft had been committed at a nearby gas station at 4:40 a.m. Employees reported a man stole a charity canister containing money from the counter and drove off in a car that fit the description of the suspicious vehicle. Officers staked out the parked car and identified a man who approached it as the suspect seen in the gas station video surveillance footage. He was arrested on the warrants and released to the Macedonia Police Department.

A Walnut Ridge Drive woman reported Sept. 27 she has a protection order against a man who sent her text messages and attempted to contact her via social media. She said he moved to Brazil, but she is concerned he might have returned. Police attempted to locate the man at his last known address and called his cell phone, which is out of service.

Police responded to a report of a shoplifter at a Medina Road grocery store Sept. 28, when employees reported a man wearing a red shirt with his hair in a bun stole merchandise and left the store. Officers located the man as he boarded a METRO bus at a stop on Flight Memorial Drive. He admitted stealing meat and socks at the store and taking meat from a Fairlawn market. Police returned the meat to the Fairlawn Police Department, and the market manager declined charges. The man was charged with theft from the Bath store, released with a court summons and banned from all stores in the chain.

On Sept. 28, a North Cleveland-Massillon Road business owner reported he received numerous threatening messages on his business cell phone between 2 and 9:25 a.m. Officers heard a threatening voice message and contacted the caller, who was advised to stop all contact with the victim and stay away from his property or he would be charged with phone harassment or trespassing.

An employee of a Montrose restaurant reported Sept. 28 an unknown person entered her vehicle while she worked and stole her purse, containing cash and identification, and threw condoms and tampons in the vehicle.

Police patrolling Interstate 77 Sept. 28 stopped a driver for running a red light on the exit ramp to state Route 18. The driver’s Kentucky driver’s license had been suspended, and he was arrested on a warrant and released to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

A resident went to the police station Sept. 30 to report he has been receiving letters stating he owes fines for traffic offenses in Dade County, Fla. He said the vehicle and license plate mentioned in the letters were destroyed in a flood in 2010. Police contacted Florida authorities, and they said they made a mistake in the license number and agreed to correct it.

A North Cleveland-Massillon Road business owner reported Sept. 30 she discovered someone used her business credit card numbers to make purchases totaling more than $5,000 in North Carolina. She said the card owner still has the card, and she is unaware how someone got the information.

A Majesty Court woman reported Oct. 1 a rock was thrown through her garage window between 11 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.

Also on that day, police picked up a man arrested by Copley police officers on a Bath warrant and transported him directly to court.

Officers assisted the Akron Police Department in serving a warrant to an employee of a Medina Road business Oct. 1. The suspect was arrested without incident.

COPLEY: Police investigated a report that a large dog running loose attacked a woman and her small dog as they walked on Oakmont Drive Sept. 19, tearing the woman’s jacket and injuring her dog. Police contacted the owner of the large dog, and she apologized and offered to pay for the victim’s jacket and any veterinary bills she incurred.

A patron of a Montrose West Avenue restuarant reported Sept. 19 the window of her vehicle was broken while she was in the restaurant, and her purse, containing a computer and security identification, was stolen.

The manager of a Rothrock Road motel reported Sept. 19 a guest refused to leave his room after his checkout time. Police found the guest in the room and observed a handgun on his bed and marijuana in plain view on a table. He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A man reported he returned to his vehicle from a Montrose home improvement store Sept. 19 and found a shopping cart resting against his vehicle had made several gashes in the door.

Police patrolling Medina Road around 1 a.m. Sept. 20 observed an erratic driver traveling west in the eastbound lanes and stopped her as she turned north on Springside Drive. A man approached her vehicle and told police he had been drinking and his wife was there to pick him up. He said she had been drinking earlier in the evening. She appeared to be impaired and was unaware she had been driving in the wrong lane. She failed a field sobriety test and her BAC tested .11. She was charged with DUI and released with a court summons.

Officers were called to the parking lot of a Rothrock Road motel Sept. 21, when the parents of a woman staying at the motel were arguing in a vehicle and attempting to get her to return home. The female told police her husband punched her in the face. The male denied punching her and said his wife struck him. There were no injuries and no charges were filed. The woman drove home to Doylestown, and the male got a ride to his mother’s home.

A Rothrock Road woman reported Sept. 21 she received a call from a male who said she won money and a car in a lottery and told her to go to a store and purchase a $500 gift credit card and call him back for instructions. An officer called the male and spoke to him for several minutes before identifying himself as a police officer, advising him not to call the woman again. The male quickly hung up.

A lawnmower was stolen from the side yard of a Wright Road residence the night of Sept. 21.

Police were called to a Rothrock Road motel Sept. 22, when a male broke the window of an office and fled in a vehicle. Officers stopped the vehicle on South Cleveland-Massillon Road and arrested the male for driving under suspension and criminal damaging. He was additionally charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia found during a tow inventory and carrying a concealed weapon after police found a handgun under a seat. A female passenger told officers the male offered her $5,000 to put the gun in her purse as police approached, but she refused and he threw it under the seat. He was taken to the Summit County Jail.

On Sept. 22, police were seeking the persons who entered a Summit Road garden center between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., cut the lock off a cable securing equipment and stole three tractors, a tiller and a garden trailer.

Officers investigated a Sept. 22 report by a Sedgewick Drive woman who said her 19-year-old daughter has been missing for a week and she was last seen with her boyfriend. She drives an orange or beige 1998 GMC Sonoma pickup truck with a temporary tag.

The manager of a Montrose home improvement store reported Sept. 22 a female entered the store empty-handed and was later seen returning 10 bundles of roofing shingles for a cash refund of $277. Police observed a woman fitting the description walking on Springside Connector with a male who had a dolly. The manager identified the female as the suspect. The male denied being in the store, although he had a plumbing auger, which the female had purchased for $21 with money from the fraudulent. Both were wanted on warrants from other communities, and they were placed in a cruiser while police investigated. The male admitted he entered the store earlier and placed the shingles in a cart, then gave the female an old receipt from a previous purchase, which she used to make the return. Both were charged with theft and released to other communities on their warrants. Police confiscated the plumbing auger and the remaining money from the return.

On Sept. 23, police patrolling South Cleveland-Massillon Road stopped a driver for traveling 58 mph in a 35 mph zone and crossing lane lines. She failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the police station, where she refused a breath test for BAC but provided a urine sample. She then contaminated the intake area of the station by spitting and refused to stop. She was placed in a cruiser to be transported to the Summit County Jail, and she allegedly repeatedly kicked the rear window. When she arrived at the jail, she refused to get out of the cruiser and reportedly tore the arresting officer’s shirt. She was additionally charged with resisting arrest and criminal damaging, and booked into the jail.

Police investigated the theft of a vehicle Sept. 23, when a man reported he parked the vehicle outside a Montrose bar the night of Sept. 21 and then left the bar and went to a friend’s house for the night and the following day. He returned to the bar the night of Sept. 22 and stayed for a while. At 2:30 a.m. Sept. 23, he was going to get a ride home from an employee, went to his car to retrieve some items and found the vehicle was gone. According to bar employees, the vehicle was there the morning of Sept. 22 when they arrived at work. Information about the car has been entered into a national database for stolen vehicles.

FAIRLAWN: Employees of a Montrose discount store reported Sept. 29 a woman loaded a shopping cart with $218 in items, pushed the cart out of the store without paying and loaded the items into her vehicle, which was illegally parked in a space reserved for handicapped people. Officers reviewed video footage to identify the vehicle and driver, and the suspect was apprehended a short distance away. The Akron woman was charged with theft and receiving stolen property, released with a court summons and banned from the store.

On Oct. 1, the manager of a West Market Street automotive business reported 12 tires totaling $1,480 had been stolen from the business during the past three weeks. He said he would prosecute the perpetrator.

Employees of a West Market Street grocery store reported a woman put groceries into a shopping basket Oct. 1, concealed other items in her purse and left the store without paying. The Cleveland Heights woman was arrested for theft of merchandise totaling $52, which was returned to the store. The woman was released with a court summons and banned from the store.

An Akron man stole merchandise from a Montrose discount store Oct. 1 and fled from the store, activating security sensors. He ran toward a bus stop on West Market Street, where a Copley police officer spotted him and detained him until Fairlawn police officers arrived. They found a prepaid cell phone worth $40 in a nearby trashcan and arrested him after he admitted stealing the item. He was released to the Akron Police Department on a warrant.

Around 5 p.m. Oct. 2, U.S. Postal Service employees reported several juveniles were setting off bottle bombs in the parking lot behind the post office. The juveniles were gone when police arrived, and officers searched the surrounding neighborhoods. They located several juveniles in a garage on Pembroke Road. The juveniles told police how they made the bomb and admitted they placed it in the post office parking lot and waited a safe distance away for five minutes to watch it explode. Charges are pending against the three juveniles, who were warned of the gravity of their activities and released to their parents.

Police confiscated a counterfeit $20 bill and are reviewing video footage to identify a woman who used the bill to make a purchase at a West Market Street drug store Oct. 2.

Employees of a Montrose discount store reported two female shoplifters were in the store Oct. 3. Police arrested one woman for concealing merchandise totaling $165 in a backpack. A second woman was arrested for concealing store items worth $188 in a diaper bag and stroller. Both Akron women were banned from the store.

A Mogadore man was arrested for theft Oct. 3 after he reportedly stuffed two steaks and a bottle of steak sauce down the front of his pants and left a West Market Street grocery store without paying.

NORTON: A Woodlawn Drive man reported Sept. 28 someone poured an unknown chemical on his lawn, killing the grass. He provided police with the name of a suspect.

The owner of two commercial buildings on Whipple Drive reported Sept. 30 one of the tenants changed the locks on the building and refuses to allow workers in the building to make repairs. She was advised it was a civil matter, and she requested documentation.

On Sept. 30, a Shellhart Road woman reported someone entered her vehicle during the previous night and stole a $10 bill. A 5-gallon gas can also was taken from her property.

Barberton and Norton police officers performing a warrant sweep Oct. 2 went to a Helmick Avenue residence to serve a warrant to a man. His mother answered the door and told police that he was not there. She provided consent to search the house, and she was advised she would be arrested if she lied about his whereabouts. During the search, officers found the man hiding in a bedroom closet with several firearms. The weapons were confiscated, the man was arrested on the warrant and his mother was charged with obstruction of justice and released with a court summons and court date.

On Oct. 3, a Golf Course Drive man reported $3,500 in unauthorized charges on his credit card statement.

Police were called to a Hametown Road residence Oct. 3, when a man was reportedly yelling and screaming outside the residence. The suspect was arrested on a warrant.

A Doylestown woman reported she was shopping at a Greenwich Road grocery store Oct. 3, and when she reached the checkout, she realized her purse, which contained an envelope with $540 cash for her rent, was missing from the shopping cart. She later found the envelope on the floor and the money missing.

RICHFIELD: On Sept. 20, a man went to the police station to report items were stolen from the bed of his truck while it was parked at a Broadview Road location Sept. 14.

A Streetsboro Road woman reported Sept. 25 that two people who live in Richfield are making slanderous allegations regarding her and she would like to pursue charges. She said one of the perpetrators agreed to come to her home the following day to discuss the matter, and police advised her to let them know the outcome of the meeting.

A Southern Road woman reported she discovered five unauthorized transactions totaling $359 on her bank statement Sept. 27. She contacted her bank and police advised her to contact credit reporting agencies and place a fraud alert on her accounts.

A Richfield man went to the police station Sept. 27 to report his estranged wife violated a Trumbull County court order prohibiting her from having contact with their children. She had spent the night at a Richfield residence where the children were visiting their grandmother. Police signed a warrant for violation of a protection order and went to the residence, where they arrested the woman on the warrant. She was charged and released to Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on an outstanding warrant.

On Sept. 27, police observed a male in a vehicle at the intersection of Five Oaks Drive and Motor Road and questioned him. He said he was watching the driveway and that he was in the process of filing a report of vehicle theft with the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department, which confirmed his information. He told police the stolen vehicle was behind a Five Oaks Drive residence under a blue tarp. Officers observed the tarp covering what appeared to be an SUV and asked the resident if they could see what was under the tarp. She responded they could not see it without a warrant and said it was wood. Police requested a search warrant, but it was denied due to lack of evidence. Officers advised the victim to continue working with the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department.

Officers investigated a report of a dog at large at a Streetsboro Road residence Sept. 29. When officers were unable to locate the dog, the homeowner said she took photos of a German shepherd that was on her property that morning. Officers went to a nearby residence, where they observed a confined German shepherd. The owner said his dog had been locked up all day.

A Streetsboro Road man reported Sept. 29 he saw his neighbor trespassing on his property and he wanted the matter documented.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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